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Ship Inn, Styal

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user reviews of the Ship Inn, Styal

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Looking for a place for a Sunday Lunch meal for the family and this was perfect. Great food, great service, upper end of the pub dining experience, price wise.

Wasn't on the beer today but did see Black Sheep and TT Boltmaker. It was hard to order a lemonade but a 100 mile car journey beckoned.

Would recommend.
Mappiman - 30 Jun 2019 19:27
Popped in for a cheeky one while walking past. A lot smarter than I remember it the last time I went in. At least 5 ales on, mainly local ones but I went safe I'm afraid to say and had a Black Sheep. Difficult to form an opinion over one pint but seemed a nice enough place.
kip2011 - 1 Jun 2015 10:51
Attempted to call in for the last half hour 22.30 Tues 6th August 2013 to find the car park empty and the front door shut.

The attitude of the staff has been poor recently but not even opening for your advertised hours is appalling.

Give this place a miss until they appoint decent staff!
Crusoe - 6 Aug 2013 23:49
My wife and I visited the nearby National Trust Style Mills on Sunday 30th October 2011.
We decided that we would call for a Pub Meal, what a mistake! The Ship Inn looked fine from outside. We went inside and ordered drinks and meals at the Bar. I ordered Broccoli and Cheese soup followed by Grilled Salmon with Jacket Potato and salad.
My wife wanted Italian Chicken as a main, but with Mash and not chips as advertised. With a little hmm it�s not usual but I will see what we can do the order was taken. My wife also ordered a sweet, Jaffa sponge with ice cream. The waitress/barmaid took the payment. We then went to sit down and noticed that the surroundings were not as clean as we had initially thought on entry. The upholstery on the walled bench seating was greasy and sticky at the edge of the seat, the wall were marked with damp in places with some of the paint leaving the wall. Looking around the glass on the pictures frames was filthy. The carpet had sticky patches in different areas. The whole place looked as if it was ready for a makeover and good clean right through.

I had ordered Theakston�s Bitter which I drank slowly, although it definitely was not the best that I had ever had it was only slightly better than the worst. My good wife had her usual a medium sweet white wine which was her usual type and said it was ok. There is no too much that you can do with a branded bottled wine but beer is a different matter.

After 20 minutes the soup arrived it was like water, you know the type that�s dried and cones from a packed, but too much water has been added. There was no taste of any cheese at all and to make things worse the accompanying sliced hot dog roll was warm but as dry as a board. It was so hard the knife could hardly cut it.

The main courses arrived. The grilled Salmon was unlike anything I had ever had before, dry like a ships biscuit on the outside and a grey colour on the inside. I separated the fish with my knife and it fell apart lengthways revealing what looked like 2 very thin slivers of fish placed back to back and then grilled. Perhaps it had not been defrosted giving rise to the dryness on the outside and raw on the inside. It tasted awful, the little I had eaten left a lingering taste in my mouth for the rest of the evening. The jacket potato was hot and the only thing I enjoyed in the meal. The salad leaves looked as if they had seen better days and had just been woken by being tipped out of the bag. My wife faired a little better and said that the Italian chicken was not too bad. To be fair she also said that the Jaffa sponge was tasty.

Very near where we sat were a young couple who came in and ordered a meal but I did notice neither of them got very far with it, both eating only half and covering up the other half on the plate with the opened serviette so they would not be spotted. It reminded me of one those old films where they cover the body up with a sheet because its dead.

The staff seemed as if they all had the cares of the world on their shoulders and were there because they were forced to be. A smile and a cheerful word cost nothing. People don�t go out to be miserable they go out to have a good time and enjoy themselves.

All in all I would never ever recommend visiting this excuse for a Pub / Restaurant. I feel sorry for saying this because I did feel that it had the makings of a really good pub given the correct care and attention and some �Customer Relations Training� for the staff.

Davy Boy.
Outfortheday - 3 Nov 2011 20:51
We went today, not for the first time to this place because of it's picturesque surroundings and seemingly very reasonable value food.

Being the only people in the pub we assumed well attended to food wouldn't be too taxing. We ordered four meals.One request to swap chips for mash (fish chips and peas dish) was met with a refusal by the manager-cum-chef on the grounds that it was on special offer. Fair enough maybe, but it wasn't much to ask.

Twenty minutes or so later we got cold plates of cold food. We borrowed salt and condument from the other empty tables as there were none on ours and the shakers were empty. The dozen or so chips on each plate were limp reheated leftovers, quite badly burnt and cold. The fish was burnt dry, looked rancid as if it was cooked in old oil, and was just inedible so the dish was sent back.
The chef-cum-manager looked more concerned with nattering to his barside chums and smirked away to them as we complained and asked for a refund for the untouched fish dish. The whole thing was alleviated by the at least warm burgers and pie and the professionally-apologetic veneer of the waiter but not enough to negate this place's terrible managership.

Nice to know from previous reviews that the manager/chef not only makes casually discriminatory remarks against women, but also sees fit to pick and choose when they are a pushover himself - namely the customers.
newging - 5 Jan 2011 23:28
Appalling. Two of us arrived on 30.10.2010 afternoon and ordered a meal and a drink each. Cost of �15.47 apparently failed to deliver on promised 2 meals for �10, but never mind. Waited for 25 minutes and when food didn't arrive, we asked the manager (the place was not busy at all) who said he'd check. Another ten minutes and nothing happened. We approached the bar and asked for a refund, at which point a woman appeared and said the food was ready. After another ten minutes we got freshly but not entirely de-frozen chips with the dishes, both of which were obviously factory produced. We complained to the waitress but were ignored, so we left, only to be chased outside by the angry manager accusing us of 'confronting a woman because she was weak' (he forgot that we had confronted him twice but to no avail). Avoid this place; it can spoil what is otherwise a lovely day out in a lovely spot.
yaron - 31 Oct 2010 01:19
Not a bad pint of Bombardier served by a misery-bottom of a Landlady. Looks grubby compared to what I remember it being like 20 years or so ago and could do with a bit of a tidy up, especially outside.
Gola - 19 May 2010 21:26
I went to the ship inn with my partner in september 09 and would never go again as the service was appauling. I had a pint of larger that was flat and cloudy, which through experience happens because of dirty lines or dirty glasses. The landlady was just so rude as i tried to complain and was told there was nothing wrong with it. When I suggested there clearly was something wrong with the drink, she just looked in disgust at me and didnt even offer to change drink and went on to serve another customer. I got the impression, as I wasnt a regular, it didnt really matter what we thought and she was more occupied in chatting away to her bar staff, not caring less about what her customers thought.
ataylor2003 - 2 Apr 2010 11:37
This is a characterful pub but never quite seems to live up to its potential - possibly due to being pub company owned. On my visit I had a good pint of Taylors Landlord, the other beers available being Theakstons Best Bitter and Wells Bombardier. I didn't eat on this occasion but the menu seemed very much standard pub grub.
Heatonian - 31 Jan 2010 22:36
I have never actually written and posted a review on anything on the internet, however, this pub has provided the "inspiration" I have clearly been lacking. Here goes.
We arrived at the Ship Inn on Saturday afternoon after a lovely walk in the woods and surrounding areas ready for a nice hearty sandwich and cold drink. We ordered two tuna baguettes and one portion of chips to share, along with two pints of lime and soda, one of us being pregnant, the other driving. The fact that the sandwiches and chips arrived within about two minutes of ordering should have started alarm bells ringing.
The tuna baguettes arrived on those baguettes that one would normally find in the freezer section of the supermarket in a plastic bag marked as "part-baked". The bread was what can only be described as plastic-y in texture and it seemed raw somehow. The filling was less than appetising; consisting of five parts mayo, one part tuna and having been sprinkled with a few rubbery pieces of grated pale yellow cheese. The side salad consisted of a piece of lettuce and soggy Doritos. The portion of chips consisted of a small bowl with about ten lukewarm chips in it.
However, being hungry after a long walk, we tucked into the baguettes with our usual enthusiasm. After a few bites and while I had a mouthful of the said baguette my husband asked me "what do you think THAT is?", pointing to a blue spot on his bread. I looked closely at his sandwich and confirmed it was mould. I turned over my sandwich and was greeted with at least five or six spots of blue/green mould on the underside of my own baguette.
I returned these mouldy sandwiches to the bar and when I finally managed to get the attention of the supervisor who was deep in conversation with the member of the bar staff about what frolicks they had enjoyed the previous evening, I was met not with surprise, not eoth shame, not with an apology and not with an offer of a refund, but a simple "well they were fresh in this morning. I'll get you another". I politely declined and asked if we could perhaps just have our money back. I was refunded the cost of the sandwiches only (we still had to foot the bill for the uneaten chips and two pints of lime and soda) and still no apology. We left without "enjoying" any more hospitality from that establishment.
Mould aside, which was surprising and more than a little revolting to say the least, the service, or lack of it, was the most disappointing aspect of the visit to the Ship Inn. Mistakes can be made in a kitchen, however, one would expect those mistakes to be remedied by an apology, a refund, even an offer of a free meal perhaps but most of all a bit of embarrassment and shame. Part-refund aside, none of these were forthcoming. Needless to say we drove all the way home with the windows open in an effort to keep the mouldy baguettes firmly in our stomachs.
PatandLu - 1 Sep 2009 16:21
Think the previous reviews are a little harsh judging by my experience. Called in on a Saturday night after visiting Quarry Bank Mill and the village (both recommended). I can understand why many would say the pub feels chainy as all Spirit Group pubs do. Unfortunately it just seems to be the trend these days, and a pub is better than no pub. Bombardier was first class, and was available along with Theakston's. The food was typical pub grub, and the perfectly friendly gave away a �5 for two meals voucher- which represented excellent value considering the choice. Food was fine, hardly restaurant standard but then that's not expected. The pub itself is multi-roomed, and features a few original features from it's history as an alehouse for the purpose-built industrial village of Styal, now a very pretty place. It is heavily modernised, but I would still recommend it for the beer quality and excellent value food.
Carlurmston - 30 Mar 2009 14:58
Called in at the Ship on Sunday 8th March 09 around 1-00pm after a good walk in nearby Styal. On entering the pub, the Chef / Cook (possibly the landlord) made a comment about where we would have to sit !! We were 2 steps into the pub !! The Nachos for two at �4-95 were very disappointing as they were mostly broken into small bits and the melted cheese was non existent, only grated cheese on top ! The chicken baguette and chips was of a poor standard, the chicken being very dry as if it had been re-heated over again! The Beer was ok but the brewery supplies that so little to go wrong ! Overall we had seen the Ship Inn at its worst as we have drank and eaten here many times over the years ! In the current era of a recession you would think both the service and quality of the fare would be top notch to win custom !
macca6969 - 9 Mar 2009 16:08
A very average sort of pub, which according to the small print on the back of the menu, is owned by the Spirit Group. I admit that the Bombardier was pretty good, (the other real ale choice being Theakston�s Bitter), but other than that it is difficult to find much else positive to say. The staff did not seem at all interested, except for one very pleasant and helpful young waitress.

For food, we opted for sandwiches served with chips and salad garnish, which I have to say, were like the pub � VERY ordinary. They were made from bog standard sliced bread, which seemed less than fresh, and they were served with only about a dozen chips and a few bits of salad that were smothered in dressing.

I wish that I had checked out the BITE reviews before visiting. Does the Post Office opposite, still do fantastic bacon butties ???

steve2905 - 4 Jun 2008 05:20
We came to this pub to enjoy a nice late-lunch. We found ourselves incredibly dissapointed with the service. We were told that, as it was busy, we would have half an hour wait. After an hour our food had still not appeared and we had to ask where it was. We were told that it would be about 10 minutes. 5 minutes later a waitress told us she had just seen our burgers being put on - about an hour and ten minutes after having ordered. Our food finally arrived after a wait of nearly an hour and a half. When we commented on the lateness of the food, the lady in charge was sent over to us. Instead of apologising for the delay, she rudely accused us of exaggerating about how long we had been waiting, treating us as though we had no right to complain. All this would still not have been a major issue, if the food we were served was actually enjoyable. The chips were undercooked, one of the burgers was not served in a floured bun as stated in the menu, but rather in a cheap bap. The tomato relish which was also promised in the menu had to asked for, and when it arrived, it looked as though someone had simply put some lumps into cheap tomato ketchup. The burger itself was adequate but nothing special.
Alibi - 6 Apr 2007 18:23
Absolutly Faboulous friendly local pub welcoming visitors to Styal Park, Manchester Airport and surrounding areas... Coaches and Large parties are welcome by prior arrangement

Food Served 7 days

Now Open Longer

11.30-11.00 Monday - Wednesday
11.30-12.00 Thursday - Saturday
11.30-11.30 Sunday

Please see local press and read our faboulous reviews

Beers: Theakstons, Bombadier, Johs Smiths, Smoothflow and a minimum of 2 guest ales changing weekly

Largers: Stella, Carling and Fosters (At only �1.95 per pint!! Fosters only)

Large selection of wine starting from �5.65 per bottle

Bottles largers and other drinks also availible

Children Welcome if Accompanied by an adult up to 9pm

Beer Garden to rear and Carpark with 50 spaces

Function room with bar availible in upstairs room at very competitive prices (�60 for the night including bar)

Call For more details on 01625 523 818
anonymous - 25 Nov 2005 12:24
Great village pub,good selection of real ales.
nice location across road from Styal Country Park,lovely on a warm day to sit outside (front or back).
Good Menu ,but is outdone by the post office across the road,that does fantastic bacon butties.
hangarman2k - 12 Aug 2005 19:51

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