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Stanhope Arms, Brasted

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December 2021 - hallelujah - a free house, with new owners, new managers, and a total makeover.
12 of us are and drank there for a pre Christmas get together.
3 courses each, great food, great beer and great valu.
We were there from lunchtime until 10pm. We are and drank what we wanted and the bill oy just came in at about £50 a head - amazing value
I popped in again just for a drink and to make sure that it wasn't a one off.
The second time around,I was equally impressed.
4 real ales with interesting and tasty choices to choose from and new ones due to come on making me want to come back The Larkin's porter and old dairy Uber brew were particularly good.
Matt the new manager keeps a cracking good pint and knows his stuff.
Add in a choice of 4 lagers, 2 ciders, a craft beer and Guinness and the choice is amazing.
I also met Ana who runs the front of house and who cooked possibly the best sausage roll I have ever tried.
This whole place has has a top notch makeover and screams out that it is a quality country pub.
Like all newly refurbished places, it still needs to develop some character but as Matt explained , that is not just about putting rubbish up on walls, it will take time and he also explained the plans for adding some booths inside.
I looked at the garden which is going to be a paradise in the summer and I understand that there is also a kids play area being built.
Even more exciting was the rotisserie chicken machine which will be added some time next year and exciting things like schnitzel that may be added to the menu and which will keep dragging me back. I only wish that I lived a little closer. You would never keep me out..

Mutzinutz - 23 Dec 2021 08:42
Good coverage about new people at The Stanhope Arms in recent issue of Sevenoaks Chronicle.

Let'sall give a warm welcome to Adrian and Sarah and wish them well.

Charles Ransten
Ransten71 - 8 Jan 2014 13:29
New tenants have been in for two weeks and it's like night and day compared to the last disastrous tenants. They are very welcoming and friendly and there was a definite buzz about the place on Friday for the first time in a long time. Four handpumps on, slightly overambitious at this early stage I thought bearing in mind this place has had hardly any custom for 12 months. But they were all in good nick as I tried them all - currently GK IPA, Abbott, Ruddles County and seasonal Rocking Rudolph. Having said that, if they build the custom up as fast as they've done in 2 weeks, they should be able to turn the beer over. By the way all the clutter has been cleared so there's room to move around and sit down.
brasteddrinker - 23 Dec 2013 08:44
The Stanhope Arms has finally got new landlords who are fantastic, good atmosphere, good beer and exceptionally nice people - welcome to Sarah and Adrian and thank you for coming to Brasted and making this your new home and giving this village our pub back after the last awful landlords and the worst year in this villages history.
LadyPenelope1 - 16 Dec 2013 13:28
Been past a few times recently, at different times of the day and evening and it seems very, very quiet. In fact having driven past twice this week, once in the evening and once mid-afternoon on different days and it looked closed both times.
Perhaps they have decided to call it a day: poor reviews aside, it can't be easy to run a pub in a place where you're clearly not very popular for whatever reason.
Such a shame, it could be a charming little place: given the other very over hyped options in the area, a small local like this should be at least ticking over.

PEP - 11 Oct 2013 06:52
I would also like to add that the ex-landlord of this establishemnt and who also claims (to be the landlord of the Bottle Inn -not!!) also writes in Tripadvisor as "Hawkchurch Tim". What a loser! Please be warned if you are a landlord and looking for a tenant to open a closed pub - do not look at this man!!!
Polly111 - 10 Oct 2013 11:12
I would have nothing to do with this man who is running the pub - he is nothing but a con man and is unable to run a pub (look at his history) and cannot get on with anyone. He leaves a trail of debt and deceit wherever he goes! Be warned!!
Polly111 - 4 Oct 2013 13:41
The landlords have obviously gone into hiding to their other pub, I seem to remember the landlord bragging about it once. It's called 'The bottle' at Marshwood in Dorset. After reading these reviews and if it wasn't for the fact I like the pub, it would be almost comical...I've never known anyone so hated in all my life.....In his previous pub in Wiltshire the residents put leaflets all around the surrounding villages to tell them to abandon the pub. .

Anyway it seemed like a good idea to see what was going on in Dorset, so upon reading things on the internet he has been causing trouble with the owners there too. No surprise there! I won't spoil the surprise i'll leave it to you all to check it out.....

Hilarious, friends of the landlords want to take the pub over.....they're doomed before they've started!!!!
amazingrace - 29 Sep 2013 20:09
Don't usually leave reviews, but having read all the other comments I made a point of looking at this pub on the couple of times I have visited recently.
Apparently the people there at the moment are covering for the landlords who have gone away, or so I heard one of them tell another customer. These people are friends of the actual landlords and are thinking about whether to take it over from the landlords or not. Apparently the actual landlords have had problems with some of the locals and these stand-in people reckon that they are very experienced and could turn the place round. Not sure that being a friend of the current landlords is something they should be advertising given the fact that the landlords seem to have upset so many people in the short time they have been there.
As far as I can recall, the stand-in people have been there nearly a fortnight now so presumably they would have had time by now to stick some bleach down the loos and move the manky towel in the ladies but no, the loos still looked mucky and the towel looked like it was in exactly the same place as it was last week and the week before.
The place was again very empty for a sunny Saturday afternoon, the garden was a real mess with rubbish all over the place and considering they were not busy it's a mystery why dirty glasses were left on several tables, attracting wasps and flies. The stand-in lady came out in the garden a few times but perhaps she has a phobia about dirty glasses as she certainly didn't collect any.
The chef at the moment seems to be one of the stand-in people too but he also doubles as a singer apparently and is doing a 'turn' tonight in the pub. Maybe he could put a pinny on and give the place a clean for his next trick, or put some washing on and maybe wash the manky towel in the ladies, or collect some dirty glasses up.
This could be a lovely pub but has no atmosphere either with the actual landlords or the stand-in people in charge - neither couple seem to have an idea about the local area or local people and seem fixated on passing trade rather than also keeping regulars happy and coming back.

PEP - 31 Aug 2013 20:15
I have been here before and trod in dog poo in the garden, but just thought that may be unfortunate, until I met the staff, awful people that have no idea how to talk to or treat their customers, let alone run a pub, I too was treated rudely. I will not be going back and I will be telling all my friends who live locally not to go there, although by the sounds of the previous messages that will be most of Kent.
amazingrace - 30 Aug 2013 17:40
Went for a drink last night , and thought shall we go back to the stanhope , it was weird the last two times we visited but had only been open a few months so put it down to the fact that the landlady was new to the process and was just finding her feet .
My girlfriend had decided during the day to have a quick look on the internet at the menu and stumbled across the review below.
So an honest opinion , the landlady is seriously odd , on the first visit , they had been open a few days , she was right in our faces . The second time she stood at an empty bar but didn't serve us . I think she feels the actual bar work is beneath her . she wants to be front of house , chatting with the customers , like it's some fancy restaurant she's seen on the television . Well the stanhope isn't that , the menu was dissapointing considering on our first visit how she boasted how fantastic it was all going to be. And she doesn't have the charm or wit to pull off the front of house thing either . Plus it's a pub not a dog kennel . all in all quite poor , and i can believe the review below , and am not at all surprised by the rude and sarcastic response from the odd ball landlady , which was in no way meant to be humourous .
Hitmanhearn - 1 Aug 2013 13:56
I am local to this pub and thought good changes may have been made but sadly not as I too have been treated rudely by staff that seem somewhat strange in their manner.
An elderly lady tripped over their obstructive chalkboard in the village and has complained to the local council and I see they have been advertising for a chef on the chalkboard mounted on the wall of the Bull now closed these last few months.
I invest a lot of money in the local area and provide many jobs and am not impressed by what I hear.
I fear recent actions by the Stanhope Arms have yet added to their unpopularity.
locallandowner.wrd - 25 Jul 2013 10:01
What hope is there for Syria?
eddybeer - 25 Jul 2013 09:34
Many of us - in Brasted, and elsewhere - are following this 'debate' for many reasons.
brewmason - 24 Jul 2013 22:42
I do believe that you may have breached the BII code of professional conduct as you are a BII member I will be speaking to them today. By the way what is Mary Rose sauce? Is it sunk like the Stanhope Arms?

BII expects that:
1. Its members will at all times conduct themselves and their business in a
socially responsible and lawful manner.
2. The establishments for which its members are responsible will be operated
according to the best practice and standards of the industry, and in
particular, that the health and safety of customers and employees will be
3. Its members will not act in such a manner as to bring themselves, their
profession or BII into disrepute.
4. Its members will take a responsible interest in keeping up to date with new
developments and enhance their own professional knowledge.
5. Its members will take an active interest in assisting the professional
development and technical education of those persons in their business for
whom they are responsible.
6. Its members undertake to pursue business and employment practices that
do not knowingly tolerate any form of unlawful discrimination with regard to
age, sex, race, disability or any other unlawful discrimination as defined by
7. Its members must seek to maintain the highest standard of personal
conduct and ethics, ensuring that they uphold the principles of fairness and
equal opportunity, and undertake not to knowingly collude with any person,
persons or organisations engaged in unlawful discriminatory practice or
other unethical or unlawful behaviour.
Any breach of this Code of Professional Conduct will be dealt with by
the Council, as it deems fit and proper, in accordance with Byelaw 16.
Disappointedcustomer - 24 Jul 2013 07:57
Well, where to begin?
What a fabulous "own goal" by the Stanhope (no hope) Arms!
This personal, vindictive attack gives a priceless insight into the personalities of these individuals and the hostile welcome you may receive, let alone the slating you will get afterwards. This is not your standard professional business reply of " We are very sorry you felt you had a bad experience and we urge you to come back and have a chat with us and give us the chance to put things right, your custom is highly valued", this is more of a "F**k off! You are too fat for our pub because we can't think of anything more constructive to say. How dare you have your own opinion?"
I have complained to Greene King regarding this personal attack and they are investigating the matter
Let’s go over a few points;
• You are not welcome unless you are the perfect ten? Overweight people not welcome and not catered for, forget it if you have a beer belly, no room for those in this pub.
• You must use the French term for tartare sauce not the British way, you must say tartar like that awful stuff some people have on their teeth. Google, Wikipedia, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, Nigel Slater, Heinz and Colman’s all use "tartare".
• Maybe all those books cluttering the restaurant, creating a fire hazard, don't include a dictionary amongst them, there are at least 13 spelling mistakes in the reply passage. How many 'b's in ciabatta? How many ’t’s? It’s a minefield eh? White bread is much more straightforward to spell.
• At no time did I say there was not much choice I just said there was nothing we fancied, is that a crime too? Stanhope Arms missed the point that we were making, that we stayed to be polite just to go through this abuse.
• Why is it true that the lady should be served first? Are both sexes not equal in the Stanhope arms? Obviously not. If someone was ordering a Guinness it makes sense to order that first so it can stand.
• I guess if the Stanhope doesn’t even notice how many doors they have what chance do they have of spotting spiders? I do believe there are two, possibly three entrances to your dining room, one via the hall by the kitchen, one via the bar and one from the garden. If you want to get technical I do believe there is another door in there too, not sure what it is, maybe a cupboard? Maybe brush up on the counting as well as the spelling?
• I can see why your new chef walked out after one night.
• A good chef can cook a ribeye medium rare or even rare. Jamie Oliver pulls out the larger pieces of marbling fat, breaks them up and pushes them into the steak. A fast high heat does the job. Your “chef” (and I use that word in the loosest term possible) cooked the steak how “you saw fit” and it was still tough as old boots. You don’t have to be a “culinary genius” to know that.
• Apparently I am lacking in the humour department. Maybe my Dad dying in hospital may have taken that hilarious edge off me. Not happy with my inner self? I’m pretty happy I’ve just battled cancer for the third time and won.
• If the landlady asks you if you want white or brown bread never say “white” because this is a trick, obviously this is a direct reflection of your social standing and class and absolutely nothing to do with the fact you may need a lower level of gluten because of health problems.
• If you’d have looked out the window you would have noticed the Bentley Turbo doesn’t fit through a drive through. Even if you are vegetarian you may get accused of eating “big macs”. You never know who anyone is or whom they know and should always be a little wary of this.
• I had stated that I was at the Stanhope Arms with my “friend” who they have decided to call my “hubby”. This is quite bizarre as my friend (whom is in fact 5ft 10” and not 6ft 4”) is very gay and suffers from arthritis so your “joke” of him being into martial arts/ kickboxing is pretty sick. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. Maybe the heterosexual world of the Stanhope Arms can’t cope with the concept of gay people and they too are not welcome? My husband will be coming to see you and write a comment in your book. He is 6ft 4” incidentally and works for HMRC hence my next point.
• The Stanhope Arms is not yet VAT registered so please bear this in mind if you are having a business lunch or dinner and wish to reclaim.
• It would seem that someone’s build dictates their level of sensitivity. Larger people can obviously take as much abuse as you can give without feeling the tiniest bit hurt or intimidated. Whilst the Stanhope Arms is so preoccupied with height I am 5ft 1” tall and the teetotal possibly otherwise intoxicated (or tea total as you say) landlady ( or landlay as you like to call her) is 5ft 2”.
• The tomato sauce may not be the cheapest but it’s not far off I suspect. If you want to strip the varnish from your windowsills just ask for some, it’s not Heinz that’s for sure.
• The Stanhope Arms are obviously proud to be compared to Fawlty Towers where the staff are rude and incompetent and the whole thing stuck back in the seventies. Congratulations you are certainly on a par with them.
• You knew there was a problem with the fire which is why you came out of the kitchen to look at it then did nothing; maybe you are used to smelling that way? You had the dessert board re-written after our fleeting glance at it.
• We never cleared our plates as some of the food was inedible.
• An earlier review stated there was a dog poo problem outside in the garden of the Stanhope Arms, I would like to add there is a bulls**t problem indoors.
• A failed landlady? I’ve never failed at anything thank you. Maybe it takes one to know one? Flight to Malta maybe?

Disappointedcustomer - 23 Jul 2013 22:08
A response from Basil Fawlty..
Oh dear, this lady is clearly not happy with life or her inner self.
Clearly in the humour department there is room for improvement, passing a comment that the lady should be served first was just that, humour but true. As for a ticking off the landlady is only 5'2"...this lady customer is somewhat 'large' in staue and would not be intimidated as her partner would not have been who is 6'4" and as he informed the landlady is a martial arts expert..kick boxing was mentioned.
Well our menu consists of over 30 dishes ranging from homw made soup, a choice of 10 pate, tempura prawns, mussels, spring rolls, smoked salmom, fish cakes, crayfish and a lot more, 12 mains including poached salmon, gammon, green lipped mussels, game sausages with cheesy mash, beef stroganoff, lasagna, cottage pie, choice of 4 curries, cassoulet, the offending scampi and steaks, lamb shanks, fish and chips and morw...if these customers 'sruggled' to find anything they fancied then quite clearly they took the wrong turn from Biggin Hill and ended up in the Stanhope Arms instead of Mcdonalds! Back to the landlady again, very clever to be popping in and out of various doors, the illusion was at least amusing and fooled them, there is only one door leading from our dining room, very clever landlady. Perhaps the landlady is a martial arts expert as well, 'railroading' this coupleof large proportions into having ciabatta with balsamic dip...we give this out as a complementary don't have to eat eat. Normally the crayfish cocktail comes with a large piece of homemade ciabbata with olives and sun dried tomatoes, really yummy as all our discerning customers comment...the lady did however receive her bread, white as requested instead of granary, but as for cheap margarine, we only buy Kerrygold butter...our cold room is open to inspection at any time, we do not use margarine and normally not white bread!
As for the steak,the chef cooks his cuts as he see's this case as obviously these 'culinary experts' have overlooked a rib eye steak is marbled for flavour and to ensure that this marbling is cooked through steaks are cooked to medium...if anything under the fat marbling will not be cooked through and the steak may appear tough...lets move on to the scampi, the homemade tartar the way no e on the end, something else to note, did not 'cover' the scampi, it is placed on a couple of pieces on the edge of the plate and if you dont like something just mention it when tartar sauce please, quite easy! Now we come to the tomato sauce, we do not buy the cheapest, customers have commented how nice it is but they do not take it with scampi, they take tartar sauce by choice. Ah, this clever landlay...another illusion, vanished into thin air as if by magic so did their drinks, ran dry but at least they had been topped up once so you could not have been totally ignored by the 'illusionist landlady' the chairs...not one single customer in eight months has complained about the dining room chairs ( as they have not about our food), all of which are upholstered...the table the customer then moved to just happened to have the largest open sided chairs in the dining room...with out doubt more obliging for the task in hand! Even the fire is not immune from this ladies attention...filling the room with has never happened and will never happen, if it did then we must call back the alarm engineer who had very recently serviced the certainly worked when he tested it, in fact it is so sensative to smoke it is surprising no one heard the siren! We can only appologise if the empty plates were not wisped away as if by magic and if the barmaid 'hurled' a chalkboard at you she must have been testing hubbies quick reaction marshal arts defence. 'About' two desserts on the blackboard...not really sure...there are in fact five, perhaps it was just a blur as the chalkboard flew past you...
Now the Stanhope Spiders, clever little things to think about making their web on the ceiling if they did, our loos are cleaned and vacuumed every day but these clever spiders wait until the morning routine has been completed...they must have been terried finding themselves in close proximity with this lady in small cubical as we have not seen them since.
Back to the landlady illusionist who 'had had a bit to drink'...another clever illusion, Sybil is in fact tea total or she was until this lady came into the pub...waved a piece of paper in front of you, perhaps it was that magic wand again. Back to the tomato sauce...vile and ruined her dinner...did she smother her food with it just like it was smothered with tartar for thought indeed!
Back to the humour, dont mention the war, sorry the vile tomato ketchup...yes we do have a comments book here at Fawlty Towers...customers can write in it what they wish, good or bad, so far no adverse comments only glowing praise but this lady did have the opportunity to pass comment over her ordeal at the hands of Basil, Sybil and Manuel but chose not to...and what about this awful meal, they cleaned their plates and said absolutely nothing at the time.
Sybil very invasive and controlling...then think yourself lucky you are not Basil...and by the way we would not welcome you back...suggest you stick to those 'big Macs' in future.
Oh by the way, Basil thinks he has met your type before...are you a failed landlady by any chance.

Basil, Sybil and Manuel.
aby123 - 4 Jul 2013 17:02
Been meaning to visit this pub for a long time, finally got around to it but was sadly disappointed. The pub changed hands 8 months ago and I must say has been decorated in such a way that makes it feel very homely. We walked in and said we had a table booked and my friend ordered his drink then asked me what I wanted only to be told the lady should be asked and served first and that this really annoys the landlady who was serving us!! After the ticking off we were shown to the restaurant which was stunning but totally empty, we were told we could have any table because there were no bookings(on a sat night? ) the first table we sat at was by the food board and we struggled to find anything on there we fancied, we contemplated leaving then but to be polite we stayed. We had full attention of the landlady who was very chatty and popped in and out of various doors much to our amusement. I asked for bread and butter with my crayfish cocktail and was being railroaded into ciabatta and oil by the landlady, I said no I just want bread and butter which did come but was sadly bread and cheap margarine, and we were told we were getting the ciabatta as well whether we liked it or not !!! Very friend had steak (which was very poor) and he said he wanted it medium rare and was told he would get it how the chef saw fit to cook it ( the chef being her husband). We were pretty shocked by this. My scampi came up smothered in tartare sauce which I don't like I was pretty gutted. I asked for tomato sauce and put some on my chips the sauce was the cheapest sauce I'd ever tasted and was so vinegary it stung my mouth! Our drinks ran dry twice and I had to call out for the barmaid, the landlady now vanished. We moved tables because the chairs were so uncomfortable and sat by the fire with a smouldering log in it, no flame, just filling the room with smoke, we stunk when we came out. The empty plates sat on the table for ages and then finally the barmaid came out and hurled a minute chalkboard at us with about two desserts on it , neither appealing and one written on each side which was bizarre! We waited for someone to come so we could ask for the bill but no one came. The restaurant still empty (8.30pm) but a few people now in the bar. I went to the ladies and it was beautifully decorated but I am terrified of spiders and ther were two in EACH cubicle of the toilets with cobwebs on the ceiling. I ventured out to the bar again and was ignored but saw the landlady across the room having a drink herself, finally someone noticed me and the barmaid called the landlady back who then dealt with another customer before us ?then she waved in front of me a piece of paper with a scrawled figure on it, I asked for a breakdown as the figure seemed high, I didn't get one neither did I get asked if I had enjoyed my food but I was so upset by then I did say that it was the most vile tomato sauce I'd ever tasted and that it ruined my dinner. Not sure if the landlady had had a bit to drink but she argued with me that it didn't ruin my dinner ??? Then had the ordacity to ask me to write in the visitor guestbook adding "dont put about the tomato sauce though" !!! The nerve ! I can't have my dinner how I want it neither can I write the truth! I found her extremely invasive
and controlling! We just walked out but it was an expensive meal and I begrudged every penny.I was very disappointed. I wouldn't go back there if you paid me!
Disappointedcustomer - 25 Jun 2013 08:40
I visited The Stanhope with a walking group, without realising it had been closed for a while. The new brooms have certainly been sweeping clean. The decor has been transformed into a cosy cottage style that is very easy to settle into. When we set off on our walk we had warned the landlord that we would be back for lunch and although the kitchen was not fully up and running yet, he went out of his way to provide some sandwiches and hot snacks for us. The barman was friendly with an urbanity that suited our mood and the beer is well kept. Once the restaurant side is operating again, this promises to be a good place for an evening out.
brasherman - 30 Oct 2012 16:24
Popped in for a drink on Saturday to find pub full and buzzing with pre wedding crowd from beautiful church next door. The Stanhope has changed beyond recognition since our last visit...and in every respect for the better! We swore we'd never return after a poor meal and rubbish service last time but heard lots of good things recently as it's under new management. We were not disappointed. The Stanhope has gone back to being a 'proper' country pub. Great atmosphere and an old world charm. Green King beers reasonably priced and nice wines. Considering the hectic time we arrived the staff were fantastic; polite and served quickly! Apparently the restaurant will be open in a couple of weeks and we will definitely be returning to give it a try. My new (almost) local I think!
westerhamdane - 22 Oct 2012 13:53
Went for sunday lunch 3 adults 4yr old neice and 2 big dogs. Dont think ive seen such an immaculate pub in all my life. We sat in the bar in big comfy chair and sofas with a gorgeous glass of house red. Landlady and landlord welcoming and creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Menu is mouthwatering and backs up its promise on every aspect. We sat up to a lovely oak dining table and Had mixed roast with pork lamb and beef with the fluffiest roasties ive ever eaten. Vegetables and gravy were perfect. The love and pride that goes into making a roast like that does take time so dont go in here expecting a conveyer belt dinner cooked a few days ago and nuked in a microwave by a spotty teenager. I was halfway through my second glass of delicious house red when the landlady came and let us know our dinner was 5 minutes away. We had gorgeous christmas ambience with decorations and music. Toilets were spotless and had lovely toiletries on offer. This pub is a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle, A rare gem to be treasured that has been here for a long time and i hope a long time to come.we will definitly be back very soon.
Wolfgirl - 12 Dec 2011 14:13
It was unfortunate that the posting below visited the stanhope arms during a short period when we had circumstances beyond our control, these have now been rectified and continuity has now been restored. I believe hohesty is the best policy and at least customers have a choice to dine elsewhere if they are informed of a long wait. I don't believe It is good business sense to keep taking orders and not able to provide a service. This unfortunately put pressure on the staff and no intention was meant to cause rudeness. I am aware we had a time when people had an hour wait when it was not busy, we had equipment failure at that time and tried our best to work around it until the problem was resolved several days later. This did cause long delays and my apologies to those people that may have been affected by this inconvenience.

The Landlady.
Stanhope - 20 Sep 2011 22:47
What a pity. Whilst house sitting for daughter and son-in-law, we walked to this pub from their house around the corner twice in the last week and both times we were met with a most unfriendly and unwelcoming person. They are short-staffed in the kitchen apparently and this meant they would not even take our lunch order for an hour and then we would have had to wait for another long period to get our food. The first time this happened we had a drink and then left and put it down to bad business sense on the part of the person in charge. The second time we visited this same person saw us walk into the empty pub, and whispered to her co-worker "We're not taking any orders for meals now". She then spoke to us and said yet again that they would not even take our order for food for about an hour. She showed us her order book with just five orders in it. Seeing the empty bar, empty restaurant and practically empty garden, we were feeling pretty paranoid and just left again. At the very least this is bad for business - my daughter had asked us to try the pub as they had not had the chance to do so. I did visit the ladies whilst there and can report that they are indeed rather wonderful. More than we can say for the attitude of this particular member of staff.
Ivory - 1 Aug 2011 13:38
Overall quite impressed with the revamp. Garden is indeed lovely, and the beer (Green King) was fine. Pity we had to ask to be served while one barmaid(?) just stood chatting to a customer, despite looking straight at us several times.
PBS - 27 Jun 2011 09:08
It appears the FriendlyGiant is not so friendly...perhaps he should drop the R, seems more appropriate and for those who live in glass houses...dangerous occupation throwing this not the FiendlyGiant who fell off a stool in a Wetherspoons pub and thinks he can get some damages because he has not been able to work since! He must have a 'Doppelganger' also without crutches, sure i've seen him working in the kitchen at the Stanhope for the last couple of years! Cheers Stanhope.
stinger. - 12 Apr 2011 13:20
Please let it be known that the latest comments from 'friendlygiant' are from our ex-chef, Anybody that has eaten here in the last 2 years will know who this is. He obviously doesn't like the fact that we now have an excellent 'Qualified' Head Chef with fine dining experience. Please read 'friendlygiants' very own comments for this pub in Feb and March 09 when he was chef. Whoever employs him now will not be given a reference from us as fortunately he resigned just before he was 'let go'. As for his comments about our pub please come and see for yourself, we pride ourselves on cleanliness and our kitchen and toilets are spotless and the beer is well looked after. It's sad really, we thought he was a nice person, but it just goes to show how wrong you can be.
Stanhope - 5 Apr 2011 22:06
overall a bad expeiriece.

Rubbish Beers
Rubbish food and the old lady didnt even know what i ordered lol
Toilets really dirty
un-freindly staff
the landlords were drunk
freindlygiant - 25 Mar 2011 16:34
THe Landlords are IDIOTS
freindlygiant - 25 Mar 2011 16:31
Overall, this is probably one of the nicest village pubs i have ever been to, it ticks all the boxes for me, my first impression was the cleanliness and the friendliness on arrival and leaving. The food was the icing on the cake though, i could tell it was fresh food and not microwaved rubbish like the larger restaurant chain i could mention along the highstreet! I first came here last summer when the garden was at in full bloom, it was gorgeous, a gardeners paradise, i would say the best pub garden i have seen by far and a real pleasure to sit in, I'm also looking forward to seeing it this summer. The ladies toilets were a treat, so clean and free toiletries too. I would highly recommend this pub to anybody.
amazingrace - 1 Mar 2011 09:59
Nice pint of Greene King IPA.
supaken - 7 Oct 2010 16:40
Very friendly pub serving excellent food from an extensive and varied menu. Highly recommended
Guinness_Gut - 10 Sep 2010 09:08
This is a pub with good beer and a friendly atmosphere. Its crowning glory is its food which is the best pub food for miles around. Please God, don't let their chef escape. - 3 Sep 2010 19:29
My husband and I got married in the church next to the pub recently and we had drinks and nibbles in the pub garden after the service. I grew up in Brasted but I hadn't been into the pub for years although my parents are reasonably regular visitors.

Jim and Tracy went well beyond the call of duty in looking after us, they seem down to earth, fun and generous people who know how to create a great pub ambience, which isn't necessarily something you will find in every pub in the area. I wish them every success and will definitely visit again soon, it's great to see a pub being run as it should be, in an inclusive, fun way - putting it back at the heart of the community. The garden is also fantastic, living in London as I do I sometimes wonder whether people local to pubs like this realise what they have on their doorstep, I for one am jealous!

wobblymoth - 2 Sep 2009 13:36
Choice of three decent cask ales.
Excellent meal and plenty of food.
Gorgeous blond barmaid (Landlady?)
Excellent polite service.
Snooty locals. (But I am not proud, I will speak to anyone, so said "hallo" to them!)
Well worth going to for a pint or a meal. I will be back there again.
somerstown - 19 Aug 2009 15:34
Went in here at the weekend, very quiet, very well decorated, the beer wasn't quite right. We left after a half, may be an 'off' day but we probably won't be going back.
nll225K - 2 Jun 2009 19:10
The beer must be good and strong with 8 spelling mistakes in 2 posts from my brother
BiggerFriendlyGiant - 28 Apr 2009 10:50
anonymous - 1 Mar 2009 09:07
new Chef
The Food is Execelent
the atmosphere is great

reccomend to everyone
anonymous - 16 Feb 2009 22:08
good people,excellent food.Well worth a visit
peter flight - 27 Jul 2005 11:19

got anything to say about this pub?

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