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Change of Horses, Farnborough

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user reviews of the Change of Horses, Farnborough

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I use the pub regularly and always find the staff and management very friendly and attentive, the rugulars? are a good bunch,friendly banter at the bar and all putting the world to rights,the beer selection is good Harveys,Abbots, Doombar, Courage best oh and lagers and wine for the ladies. the food is good honest pub grub with local produce used, my wife and 2 kids enjoy the food there and it is reasonably priced,nice garden at back although no children allowed after 9pm unless eating which is a good thing as most pubgoers go to the pub to avoid children i know i do and the wife! overall an excellent traditional pub.
gubbsy - 25 Jul 2011 21:16
Nic pub in a nice village. Good beer and food. Bar staff, need training. Some of the rugulars need training. But all in all a not bad pub. Its a locals pub not a destination pub.
memeoryloss - 11 Dec 2010 21:14
Been here twice this week, it is a very popular pub with excellent food and good portions too. The separate restaurant/function room is bright and cheery and much improved since removal of the pillars.

The garden is a great place for children to play and a covered area for the smokers to hang out. Decor wise is not too bad, show me a pub that doesn't need some attention.

They have an adequate choice of beers in particular a well kept Abbot, which I do love when not driving.

I could definitely recommend the Change of Horses to my mum and friends for an evening or meal out.
stevejennings - 27 Aug 2010 15:17
Looks to be going downhill fast.

Used to be a nice place to while away an hour as the kids played in the garden. Food good and a seperate airy room that even my mother liked.

Now the pub is full of grim parents watching their feral charges run riot whilst they glug stella.

Oh and the standard of food has gone down.

Beer still ok but not as good as the Woodman over the road, if only the Woodman did better food.......................
orpingtoneagle - 6 Aug 2010 19:37
Decided about a year ago to stop complaining about short measures, it never seemed worth the agro. But after last Mondays visit here I'm back on the warpath, the hard faced manager stood and looked at me ignorantly as he delivered what was at most 500ml of Harvey's to me, I can't believe I chose to keep my gob shut its been eating away at me all week. His 68ml head cost me 37p at £3.10 a pint, will be going back there soon for a confrontation. Apart from that, the beers good the pubs very shabby.
beerandpaperman - 10 Jul 2010 00:50
Decent enough place with passable ale. No bad.
nickthefish - 26 Aug 2008 19:52
I have been going here for about 4 years. I live in blackheath london but travel all the way to attend the folk club in the back room every thursday. The beer is good, but a little expensive. The landlord peter is a really nice guy. there is a nice garden. Foodwise I've only had the odd roll - but they were loverly!
folkman - 17 May 2008 16:14
Went here today after an absence of nearly three years. We stopped going then, as the food was awful and the pub seemed to have gone done the spout.
However, on the recommendation of some friends, went back there today and found everything to be first class for the type of establishment. The unpretentious menu and food were very good and my jacket potato with prawns was excellent in fact the salad garnish was almost overwhelming!
Thank goodness I have found an old favourite that has, like the Phoenix, risen from the ashes.
HHGTTG - 28 Mar 2008 15:24
Did a good job over the FarnFest - bit more rough and ready than its neighbour The Woodman, but beer was in good condition.
Dynamo1 - 6 Jun 2007 14:29
I recommend a change of name to "The Travellers Rest"
anonymous - 8 Mar 2007 21:38
I didn't like this pub at all, I thought the staff were generally unfriendly, but maybe that was maybe because I am female and a stranger. The rougher element of the clientele on the other hand, showed me so much unwanted attention, I will never go there again
slammer - 8 Mar 2007 21:23
I want to like this pub, it is very close to home but it never makes me feel very comfortable or want to return in a hurry.

Lots of space but the decor is real old school, bar staff have the all too common indifference they reserve for non regulars, almost central london prices, a proper clique corner around the TV so don't even think about trying to view any sport. Nice garden is a plus butvnormally full of spawn being allowed to run riot, thus spoiling the pleasant outlook.

Just one of those places best forgotten, which explains why it always is nearly empty as i go past.

halfbee - 14 Feb 2007 15:18
they sell asahi beer here. something of a bonus. but there is also plenty of ale here as its a sheperd neame pub. though the lager tasted just as good as the ale. decent atmosphere. fairly lively. does not seem like the pub people order fosters on a regular basis
aleman - 3 Feb 2007 01:43
This is my work local and I have to say I rate the place highly. Good fish and chips, perfectly adequate selection of beers. It's spacious with a good sized beer garden. Most of all it has a quiet relaxed feel which makes it more like a country pub than a suburban London one. 4 visits so far and all fine.
marty71 - 14 Jun 2006 14:38
Yer pays yer money and yer takes yer choice. I don't know where some of the previous reviewers have been eating, but it would not appear to be in S.E. UK. I found the prices reasonable, the quality acceptable and the surroundings understated and pleasant. There was no sign of the local thugs, although my visit was on Sunday lunchtime, perhaps before they got up.
All in all an unpretentious pub, with well kept beer and with staff as friendly as a large and demanding clientele would allow.
Raimundo - 31 Jan 2006 14:25
No doubt about it, this is a locals local.

I found the staff to be pleasant enough although it took a little time to get served. The landlord was a friendly fella.

The decor feels like a bit of a throw back to the late 70's, even though I wasn't old enough to experience pubs back then.

Although it's not a great boozer I've experienced worse, much much worse.

My brother loved it, he said it felt like a real pub. Personally I'm not so sure but I wouldn't shy away from another beer in there.

I've yet to try the one over the road though.
Guzzler - 17 Jan 2006 22:22
On the one occasion I was unfortunate enough to walk into this place I found the staff to be rude and obnoxious and the clientele looked like the sort of bunch I would expect to see at a bare knuckle fight.

If you want a friendly village pub - stay well clear.!
anonymous - 2 Jan 2006 14:59
Unfortunately my experience of this pub was soured during a pleasant Sunday lunchtime pint of well-kept Old Speckled Hen when a fight broke out between a couple of local thugs, who proceeded to wreck a bench & shatter a window. Otherwise the beer was good, service friendly, back garden pretty & secluded & the benches (that are left undamaged) out the front overlook a rural setting not too far removed from any far-flung village centre. However, you can't handpick your clientale can you?
young_camra_collectiv - 24 Aug 2005 16:11
Describing the Change of Horses (CoH) as the second best pub in Farnaborough isn’t too much of an insult when one considers that there are only two pubs in this suburban haven up the backside of no where and furthermore that its competition is the 10/10 Woodman just up the road.

Indeed the CoH has many admirable qualities. The décor, if a little bland and bare, at least has the feel of originality and not that of a conveyor belt which lets face it is the increasingly depressing experience of any wandering drinker with half a brain cell of taste. The tap selection is relatively wide, especially with regards to the ale rack (though no where near as extensive as the Woodman) and the prices fairly reasonable for Kent. The human element is also pretty good, with fast and efficient staff, and a clientele that is a pleasant mixture of the middle class no matter what time of day you go in (though obviously this means it isn’t a place you`d describe as particularly “lively”).

Oddly enough the only sense in which the CoH does let itself down massively is in the one area where it could exceed its close by rival: Catering. The Woodman provides only basic grub, yet the CoH goes for a full restaurant section, a pretty big menu and a battery of waiters. This sounds pretty good, but like shagging a close female friend you’ve wanted to have for ages, the actual reality is a bit disappointing. The food is OK but nothing more, the portions small and the overall cost is very pricey – hence I`ve never once seen it that full.

Still, if were judging the CoH as a pub it must score an above average 7/10, but it lacks the quality to be rated higher than that.

anonymous - 29 Jun 2005 16:12

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