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Tigers Head, Bromley

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user reviews of the Tigers Head, Bromley

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While this pub is under new management it doesn't mean that it is now a good place to drink.....

In 12 years of drinking in Bromley on Friday night I had an incident that upset me more than I have ever experienced courtesy of the new manager in this pub

On trying to return a spoilt pint of amstel (it was truly disgusting) I had to wait about 5 minutes for the manager to come down - he took one look at the pint and stated "It's fizzy, it must be ok..." When I insisted he at least smelled it he pretended to do so and stated "You don't want it then" and poured it away and disappeared treating me like a criminal for questioning the quality of his terrible draught lager

I have no doubt that this comment will be deleted as was my factually correct comment from last night but I will keep posting it!!!
crazyjimmy - 18 Jun 2011 00:45
Your prayers have been answered, the Tigers Head is now under new management....

Not a lot has changed yet but give them a chance and I'm sire it will improve. I had a nice beer with Keith and Lee and they seem to have some good ideas such as Poker evenings that should help.
malkythealky - 10 Jun 2011 18:52
If you enjoy a pint of watery larger with one brain celled chav’s, this is the place for you………step this way.
FlyBoyFly - 4 Apr 2011 14:14
Went there about 6 weeks ago, and pushed the Thai food to the limit, Just could'nt cope with 12 people eating. Notice that the Thai food is no longer available so might have just tipped them over the edge. Bar was not very busy, mostly men, and one rather foxy female, every time she walked down the bar the whole pub just held thier breath. Beer average, must be the sort of place where the youth get tanked up at the wetherspoons down the hill, then come here for the last half an hour to have a game of pool with an optional puncg up/
Shagnastie - 18 Dec 2010 19:50
This pub is absolutly rediculous! Me and a few of my close friends have been going in there over the past few weeks to play pool and have a quiet drink and it has always been pretty empty, And then tonight we went in and I decided I'd rather not drink as had abit of a boozy weekend but when the manager heard I didnt want to drink he asked me and my friends to leave and never return! when asked for a reason for his decision he refused and said he didn't need a reason! He continued to be very rude and offensive toward's us even tho we have never had any trouble before and have always been very respectable to the pub and its occupent's! I think this kind of treatment is disgaceful! And the sooner it comes under new management the better!
Jordanbromley - 28 Nov 2010 23:59
This place is still damn awful... appalling draft lager and chav-ridden. If you absolutely must drink in Bromley South, even Wetherspoons is better than this place.
juliatheakston - 13 Sep 2010 18:38
I used to drink at Jayne & Richards old pub & miss them terribly!
I have only been to the "Tigers" once as sadly, I dont live in Kent!!!
I had a brilliant evening & wish them all the success & love in the world!

petahomewood - 10 Feb 2010 15:08
I wish Jayne and Richard all the very best in their new venture; I am sure they will succeed in their new pub as they are both very talented in what they do. Good luck and lots of success you both deserve it.
linnieloobie - 6 Feb 2010 23:08
It is great that the couple running the pub are making an effort to make this pub work. Furthermore it is great to see that they have made the effort to inform us on this site.

I have been there a few times lately. The last time it was the busiest I have seen it since being redecorated. The refit looks good and it is pointing the pub in the right direction as being a traditional local pub. I think it could have gone much further though. The refit looks very nice but it lacks a memorable character. It now looks a bit like the kind of pub you would get attached with a Premier Inn or Travel Lodge. Trying so hard to be everything we want from a local pub. Perhaps the interior is too perfect. Odd refurbished second hand furniture could have helped perhaps.

I would stress that they get 3 good real ales on. But as usual the only ale available is the dull John's Smiths. If the pub got a good selection of real ales on they would attract more customers and the clientèle would be much more diverse than the usual football watching larger drinker.

If the managers believe in this place and put the hard work in then it could become a great pub. So think 'character' and 'choice'. Get some good ales in.
TheDaleks - 6 Feb 2010 18:03
Jaynewhite - I wish you well in attempting to turn this pub around. I was in here a few weeks ago, and there was no real ale on tap, I am glad to hear that you have changed this, the problem was that there was no customers! Glad to see you have spent some money on the decor, and hope the average Bromley neanderthal doesn't wreck it like they have done for many years. I hope you can turn it around and make it the best pub in Bromley, like your comment states, be aware it shouldn't take too much to achieve your goal.
enjoy_a_pint - 3 Feb 2010 14:08
Richard and I would like to welcome you to the Tigers Head! We took over the management of this very well refurbished pub mid December and would like to thank all our customers and friends for their support in the time we have been here. The Tigers Head is a fantastic pub and we hope that you will come and see us soon. We have a new menu including traditional Thai food cooked by the one any only Bee, a new dart board, lots of TV screens for Sky including the Rugby Six Nations and the World Cup of course (we will do some good value for money grub), 2 pool tables, great staff (come and meet Amy, Henry, Zara and Debbie), a pretty descent landlord Richard and me Jayne. We have Poker night every Tuesday which is great fun, good food, some drinks specials, real ale, shots, laughter and above all its a lovely enviroment with some really nice people just enjoying their evening. We would love to see you..... your comments would be most appreciated... no one is perfect... although I think the Tigers Head is now the probably the best pub in Bromley!
jaynewhite - 1 Feb 2010 23:06
A roadside pub of little note, The Tigers Head has undergone a refurbishment since my last visit a couple of years back. Very little has changed interior-wise, with perhaps, a general smartening-up being the only real change. The main hub of the bar is quite spacious with very little to really catch ones attention. Old town prints go a little way to adding a touch of character, but otherwise, it’s just a couple of pool tables and plasma televisions which catch the eye. Background music was aired at a reasonable volume - even if this reviewer didn’t quite appreciate the Arctic Monkey’s My Propeller and the German Bundesliga football being aired simultaneously. Seating is plentiful, though the traditionalists may bulk at the sight of cube-style seating and the oh-so-popular high stools. Choice at the bar is limited, with just the regular keg selections and three redundant hand pumps. My pint of Guinness was served in poor condition and, at £3.15, is a little a little pricey. The barmaid on duty was pleasant, however. To conclude: a Bromley hostelry with scope for improvement, though as things stand, not a place to go out of your way to visit.
HTM69 - 4 Oct 2009 15:09
The Tigers Head has very recently reopened after refurbishment. i popped in there last week and the interior is much better. it has been done up much more traditionally with pictures of old Bromley darker vanish and more comfortable seating. this could be a really good pub if more people go there. the pub is now more of a laid back place. it was however limited on the choice of ale and larger but there a lot of spare pumps ready for new beers. this could be a great local.
TheDaleks - 7 Sep 2009 19:33
This place used to be very busy when they had a late license, but then the knuckle dragging Bromley chavs had a few punch up's over who was the most stupid, and the license was revoked to a normal pub license. It's been on the way down ever since, the furniture is falling apart, the toilets are filthy, the food in un-edible, and not a single real ale for sale. No atmosphere at all, the only positive thing is the pool tables, but they have gone up in price to £1.50 per game. Struggling to say anything nice about this place at all, so I won't. One to walk past as quickly as possible.
enjoy_a_pint - 7 Aug 2009 08:27
Went on bankholiday weekend, staff were slowest i'd seen, had no interest, closed at 10:30 sunday ( of bank holiday weekend)!!! because they obviously wanted to go on the tear themselves later that night. atmosphere wasn't that great, toilets were filthy wouldn't recommend it at all!!!! dump . . . .
ssrs2000 - 5 May 2008 00:10
Sadly I can confirm that this pub hasn't yet met a well-deserved demise. Full of chavs playing pool, swearing loudly over the crap blaring music and drinking chavvy lager. Please - can we have just one decent pub at the south end of Bromley rather than all chavvy fight venues?
Get_me_some_Old_Tom - 1 Mar 2007 13:48
It's not closed. It was open last week when i drove past.
You got my hopes up there though, it's dire.
Arthurguinness - 15 Nov 2006 09:39
Pub is now shut.closed down..apparently sold to developers. Better a pub than a block of Chav abodes
jka94036 - 22 Oct 2006 15:22
Never quite felt at ease here, and although it's got a big screen which is good for the footy and what have you, you can't really have a quiet drink in there without shouting over the crap MTV or whatever it is. No real ales either to my recollection which is a big thumbs down in my book.
man_of_kent - 9 Apr 2006 18:57
Pub seems to have calmed down, good atmosphere and pretty laid back. Lack of cheap beer probably keeps the idiots away - thank God!
anonymous - 18 Nov 2005 09:37
Typical Bromley mainstream crowd, so the toilets are half-destroyed and there's usually a punch-up in the car park. Music deafening, beer second-rate more pool tables than sentient customers. Think Sports Bar.
juliatheakston - 31 Jul 2005 17:06
Went there one, won't again. Under average beer and full of single mums with prams full of scraming kids. No what I want for a lunchtime drink.
Les - 23 Sep 2004 10:36
Easily branded as another Pamphillon or Bell but in actual fact is okay in small doses!

Nice number of pool tables, and just about the only place left that hasn't opted for pre-school sized tables that cost 50p extra! Prices are good, good range of food and drink.

Only bad points are when everyone crams in post 11pm, but then they do an admirable job - you still get served pretty damn fast and are able to have a good time!
mus0 - 2 Jun 2004 15:07
Musically, a cross between the Pamphillon and O'Neills, pretty darn perfect. Staff and bouncers are nice, however bouncers easily persuaded by short skirts and high heels. Although sauna-like once people start dancing, a nice atmosphere generally, unless the Burberry advertisers are there. A good one for a girls night out.
Jules - 20 May 2004 19:07
Just started going back here... and now love the place, the DJ dont play Sean Paul all night anymore, and there are some lovely birds in there!! But VERY HOT.... why dont they open some windows??
Daniel Vincent - [email protected] - 26 Apr 2004 10:16
I dont think tigers is that bad, i am happy to end a friday night down there. Great old school classics, a bit of groove is in the heart, some greace, YMCA... nice, the dj knows how to spin the right tracks. Drinks r quite cheep, girls r nice, i have not seen that much trouble there, just don't look at any one funny. altough it is quite hot in there coz its usally packed, and the pool tables r a bit too near the dance foor. go on... its worth a try.
Ace - 14 Apr 2004 17:00
i used to go here on a friday night, just when it got all done up!! But since then it is just far too busy in there on fridays, bouncers need to say no to people, way too hot and not enough birds dancing!! Dj needs to learn to play somethin other than Sean Paul!?
Daniel - 6 Feb 2004 15:09
Yeah, well, I used to drink there years ago and it was a local's local (God bless Dave the old landlord who pinched all the furniture and got about 10 miles from Dover before he got nicked!) but now it is like most other pubs in Bromley in that it is full of kids getting beered up and then wanting to fight. Nice.
Davey - 11 Dec 2003 21:41
good music and atmosphere but maybe you could try opening some windows once in a while....can you say sweatbox??? also, i agree about the bromley idiots. this town is turning into some sort of meat market with naked 14 year olds invading our pubs! solidarity, people!!
Natalie - 17 Nov 2003 22:03
Sorry but this pub is awful. It's full of typical Bromley idiots in Rebok Classics and shaved heads looking to wrap a snooker cue around someone's head! plus, it's just full of see you next tuesday's
anonymous - 19 Oct 2003 00:18
A bit better since they did it up, loads of pool tables, but dear to play. Full of youngsters in the evening, decent beer at a decent price (i imagine to compete with 'spoons down the road). Always looks like there'll be bother but there never is. Friendly staff. You could do a lot worse in Bromley.
Paul - 3 Oct 2003 02:11
The atmosphere is great, the staff and management are brillant. And ur garenteed to of left meeting new friends!
Joe (who works there) - 17 Aug 2003 10:46
Full of young peps! U r garunteed that ull find someone u know in there!!!
Kelly - 15 Aug 2003 15:48
its a wicked pub, i go ther every tuesday for karaoke, its te best pub in the world
Karen P - 5 Aug 2003 13:36
who is graham pile? the bloke who owns that gaff is paul
martyn - [email protected] - 9 Jun 2003 14:15
Open till 1 on fridays and saturdays and 12 on Thursdays , a great pub to dance, play pool and generally have fun
Graham Pile - 18 Apr 2003 14:34

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