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Royal Standard, Blackheath

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user reviews of the Royal Standard, Blackheath

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Located on the Vanburgh Park roundabout, no nearby train station but on numberous bus routes so can be reach from all over SE London. Had a pint of London Pride at £4.10 and was superb - one of the best I've ever had outside Fullers own pubs. Ordered a Ghost Ship to see if that was as top quality but it wasn't on. Staff did remove beer pump afterwards. Gastropub, Egg and Chips for £9.75. An Avocado burger costs £12.50. Mix of age ranges/groups. Free Wi-Fi.
Remember thinking that the gents toilets had obviously been designed/decorated by a woman.
southlondonbeero - 20 Nov 2016 11:39
Really enjoyed this place when popping in for a quick bite and a pint on a Wednesday lunchtime. As per a few other reviews the bar staff weren't particularly welcoming but otherwise this is a great pub. Handsomely overlooks the road, two decent outside areas to sit in and the food and beer were of a high quality. Not an area I know well or visit often but I would definitely return and recommend it to others.
AlistairVonLion - 3 Oct 2016 20:39
It seems the staff still haven't improved since my last visit.

Arrived and went to the bar; no staff actually at bar serving; long haired beardy manager stood at corner, clearly more interested in chatting to his mates than serving customers; eventually a girl turns up behind the bar, but rather than look for customers to serve, decides to have a chat with someone she knew at the end of the bar; ended up leaving 5 minutes after walking in having not so much as got within touching distance of a beer.

Much better pubs close by.
Se3 - 16 Jun 2016 16:40
have been here several times over the years. mainly after an evening match at the valley.

they have recently done it up. quite a bit has changed. still not brilliant. before it was a pretty average large sports pub. Now it's kind of like an average Blackheath style gastro pub with quirky decor. Lots of 50s fashioned adverts occupy the walls. old marmite and coca cola ads.

there is one part of the bar where there must of been a difference of taste when it comes to furniture so as a compromise they ordered every type of chair and table going, problem is none of them look that comfortable. especially the stools facing the wall. why not have them at the bar I don't know.

the other areas of the pub are a bit less hectic with furniture and is similar to what it was like before. just cleaner and less mice running around.

the drinks are ok. Camden hells and London lager should give you an idea on what kind of pub they are. lots of shiny pumps, lots of choice, most you haven't heard off, and all at a high end of price.
when I was in there 4 beers were on. I had the ghost ship which is a fav of mine.

The loos have improved drastically. instead of there being several urinals out of action with black bin bags covering them up it now actually has the plumbing in working order.

Out the front they have really pushed what makes this pub attractive. the building itself. with bright spotlights and a lick of paint they have made it a real standout.

I used to call the pub the sub standard (as you can tell I'm a funny guy) now its just become the standard. which is an improvement at least.

donetomuch - 26 Oct 2015 14:29
Since refurbishment the Standard certainly looks and feels more comfortable, although this is reflected in the price increases seen. The number of ales on has not changed, however there is a wider range of lagers and 'craft' beers. However the problem is the staff, who seem to have no experience of running a bar; I can just about put up with regularly having to ask for my pint to be topped up, but find it unacceptable to be continually ignored at the bar by staff who are unable to look at any other part of the bar than where they were last stood; tonight, not for the first time with this pub, I decided to leave (when quite happily settled for a few pints) rather than have to fight to part with my money in this establishment.
Se3 - 23 Oct 2015 20:32

***Closed for refurbishment until 6th May 2015***
lezford - 1 May 2015 10:33
Second pub of the day and we were waiting outside for this pub to open at 11am. This is a landmark pub in a strategic position in this area of Blackheath. There were a few ales, but no dark ones and no real ciders either. The selection was Fullers London Pride, Hackney H, Cottage Resolution, Brains The Rev James & Brockley Pale Ale. This is a large pub, with plenty of TV screens. Music is played through extremely crackly speakers. The many pump clips attest to the fact that they may have a better selection of ales at other times and possibly a real cider too.
blue_scrumpy - 1 Feb 2015 18:48
Sometimes you just don't know if you want a pudding after a Sunday roast until after you eat the roast. You had better know in advance, though, if you plan on visiting this curious establishment. I don't get why you have to order a pudding and Sunday roast in the same transaction to get the discount. Normally a pudding is 3.95, but with the roast it's 2.50. I paid for my roast in cash, bought a pint, had both, and still felt a bit peckish. Went up to the bar to get my 2.50 pudding...NO! You have to pay 3.95. Why? You didn't ring it up at the same time, said the smirking manager. Fine, but it's a bit petty. Next time they'll have me pay for my pint with direct debit or I can't get extra gravy. Avoid this fascist joke of a pub if you have a shred of democratic spirit.
Andrew.Maddox - 21 Oct 2012 18:23
Good selection of beers on this week, Black Sheep Best and Spitfire as well as the usual London Pride. Theres an unusual brew from the Ha'penny Brewery (based in Aldborough Hatch in Ilford) called London Stone coming tomorrow and more interesting brews on the way.

BruceW73 - 8 Mar 2012 20:39
A very male orientated pub obviously big on sport, I'm a regular pub goer but felt uncomfortable at the bar. The decor is awful. On the plus side the food looked great & I am going to come back to try it out. Watch this space.
Heathernurse - 23 Oct 2011 18:37
Ignore my previous review. After a couple more visits and experiencing the rude and unwelcoming staff, I won't be going back. Not worth it.
bananaco - 5 Feb 2011 22:36
Pubs don't get much better than this. Good food and fantastic Sunday roasts. Great for sports on the 3D TV and child friendly. A good atmosphere even when it's quite with friendly staff.

Best of all there is always a great selection of proper ales to choose from that are kept well and always taste fresh.

A little gem of a pub with a Sunday pub quiz to boot. All it's missing is a meat raffle!!!
Hitchcock77 - 17 Jan 2011 21:13
Went here for a pre Christmas drink with some friends having got fed up of the rubbish pubs in the village. This place is much better - its the first time I've been here so I can't say anything about its past, but if the other reviews are accurate you can tell a lot of effort has been put into improving the place. Decent (if small) selection of ales including a fine beer from the Acorn brewery in Barnsley, and its cheaper than pubs in the village too, presumably because of its location. The food was good too - decent pub fare at reasonable prices for the area. Would definitely recommend, though if you go on a cold day don't sit near the door opposite Barclays as it sticks open!
bananaco - 31 Dec 2010 12:24
As previous reviewers have said, this place has had a bit of a dodgy reputation in the past but the current management really turned things around. Nice atmosphere, lots of seating, really well kept beer with some really interesting guest ales. It looks like it's doing well. The decor isn't exactly to my taste but this is a good solid local pub.
ooblyboo - 16 Dec 2010 15:23
It's had a chequered history including seriously rough periods in the past, but the current management are doing really well with this place. A small selection of ales, but well-kept - a terrific, flavoursome London Pride and a decent Adnams Broadside on my last visit, and also currently selling a rare Cottage Marathon Hound. As Raistlin said, the guv'nor knows his ales and is keen to chat about them.

All sorts going on here as far as I can tell - quiz, most football shown etc - so not always the quietest if that's your thing, but service always seems good and the rare lairy customer I've seen has been handled calmly and effectively. Being in such a prominent place in the area, the Standard has always had the potential to be a blight or an adornment to the neighbourhood depending on how it's run; right now it's definitely the latter.
alesofsummer - 26 Mar 2010 14:46
Good pub quiz on a Sunday evening. Have been a few times during the day (mainly Saturdays) and always seems to be relaxed and pleasant; I think the place has improved since Charlton have been falling down the divisions !
lennie384 - 13 Sep 2009 17:27
popped into the Standard on a very hot and humid day!!!, atmosphere was great, as is the different locations within the pub. Beer was cold and food was lovely. staff pleasant and frindly, will definitly be back for more. Must comment on the Secret Garden, did not know it was there, but it was great.
icer85 - 27 Aug 2009 12:30
I visited the pub afterreturning my grandchildren to there mother
It wass years since I had been in the standard but I was very impressed with thier ales and their food
we had a pleasant afternoon in the pub the bar staff are freindly and service was prompt
it was nice to chat with the Manager about the ales the serve and some I had missed recently but the salty seadog was in fine form .
I wil be returning again to this pub for food and ale
Raistlin - 18 Aug 2009 00:39
The Royal Standard is a nice pub. I only visited it by chance, I waiting for a bus and none had come past and so I thought I would have a quick pint, in which I am glad I did.
Kerrminator - 9 May 2008 11:11
Visited on a Saturday lunchtime. This is a reasonable sized pub on the outskirts of Blackheath that has to cater for a range of customers. Has several tvs (usu with sports channels on), and at least one fruit and quiz machine. Tends to have two real ales on tap which vary, and the usual range of other drinks. Beers on were Pride and Youngs (Special, I think?) which are not my favourites, but they have had Rev James, and Black Sheep in the recent past. Quality is OK. I would say the same about the food. Gastro-menu which looks good, and does offer variety, but the quality doesn't quite live up to how it sounds. Decent enough though, and fair sized protions. Happy to drink here.
Mercurial - 15 Apr 2008 09:14
I only visit the Standard on football days and on my last visit I was more than pleasantly surprised. The big pizza oven had disappeared and the place had been more than tied up. It has lost a bit of it traditional pub feel and is more of a bar/caf feel however, the beer was of more than an acceptable standard and quality and 4 real ales were available. Hopefully this level will be maintained as most of the other pubs in the area are dreadful.
davetheaddick - 29 Nov 2007 14:49
Another refurb and more of an emphasis on food. Time will tell... Like its neighbour the Oak, an underperforming pub given its location and the quality of the building.
pubinspector - 3 Sep 2007 16:52
anonymous - 23 Nov 2006 11:50
Seems to be alot better since the new guys have been there, cleaner, safer, advertising not 3 weeks out of date, much better than it was!
anonymous - 13 Nov 2006 16:16
This pub has changed dramatically over the last few years. Chavs still abound but at least have a sense of humour for the most part! Food is excellent and the new manager & his team (only there for the last 3 months) are making it a much better place to be. Karaoke and DJ nights mean it has much more atmosphere than most pubs in the area - a lot less snobbish than most places in Blackheath... a welcome change!
Emmalou32 - 9 Aug 2006 09:33
This is the nearest pub geographically to my house and it's a total pit! Even with the refurb nothing has changed - it's still full of smoke so thick you can hardly see the bar (although this may change with the anti-smoking legislation next year) and the clientele are mainly neanderthal to say the least.

It does have some reasonable wines but the beers are pretty unexceptional and the prices are average for Blackheath.

I'd best describe it as a down-at-heel Walkabout full of chavs, thugs and brickies, and as such it is best avoided. Given that both The Princess of Wales and The Vanbrugh are both within easy walking distance, there really isn't any point bothering with the Royal Standard.
Torquemada - 13 Apr 2006 13:21
Paid a return visit recently (used to live across the street). Still a dire bar. It's handy if you're passing and need a pee or a quick pint, but thats about all.
Roballe - 17 Sep 2005 16:03
My last visit saw the pleasure of mass brawl after England lost to France, which sort of gives a you a rough idea. Shame really, good pub with a lot to offer and fine for a drink when there's no football on.
bazil - 20 Dec 2004 17:17
bring back cy,the ex assistant manager.she really made the pub light up
dave &kerry - 16 Nov 2004 20:45
It's been my local for a few years now as there seems not be anywhere else in the vicinity to go, and it's ok overall. Before the refit it seemed very threatening and they tried to clear out the rougher elements of the clientele. now the pizzas and big sofas have been introduced and it can be very pleasant, my tip is go round the 'quiet' side away from the bar, the pool table area is best avoided as that's where the footy crowd hang out. The menu's not bad if a little limited, but the 2 for 1 pizza deal on Monday nights is good value. Sausage and mash I really enjoyed though. Some saturdays are afflicted by karaoke nights so best to go elsewhere and I couldn't get a seat when the football was on a couple of weeks ago. But for most weeknights and a Sunday pint it's a decent enough meeting place.
dave - 28 Apr 2004 14:04
Dropped in for a flying inspection a couple of weeks ago.. Guinness off, no ash trays emptied / glasses collected despite a plethora of staff. Landlady still a Rottweiler by the looks of it. Have got to do the full Fri / Sat night survey with girlfriend yet. Hoping for better things. Tip: Don't look at your patrons as though you want to punch them.
The Verderer of Cank - 16 Mar 2004 10:50
Great atmosphere, cool airy dcor, friendly staff. Good place to hung out and get merrily drunk on a Friday evening and good food for a mid week meal. Pizzas very good value for money. Land Lady is very cool and funky!
Rob - 26 Jan 2004 10:02
I have enjoyed myself on every occasion that i have visited this pub. I have often visited this pub with family and friends and all have loved the comfy sofas and welcoming staff. I have never had reason to complain about the standard of service I have recieved and continue to visit there. One thing that could be improved on, is during the day children should be allowed in.
Kirsty - 25 Jan 2004 17:53
Its a lovely plaqce either during the day to chill, or at night to be a lil more crazy! and the staff and land lady are ver welcoming!
nic - 22 Jan 2004 11:06
One of the warmest and most welcoming of pubs my wife and I have ever had the pleasure of relaxing in. The Landlady and her team are a credit to the trade, good food and drink always served with a smile.
David - 22 Jan 2004 10:09
What a fantastic pub this is!! The landlady is so nice and welcoming. it is a pleasure to go in.
Well done!
Emma - 22 Jan 2004 09:56
Bring back the late licence! Always good on a Friday and Saturday night although never tried it in the week but you old boring f*ck**s, who made all the other comments, must try it at a weekend and I'm sure you'll change your mind.
John - 21 Jan 2004 21:28
Thursday nights are our girls nights - with 2 for the price of 1, cocktails this pub has got us going back every week. The friendly atmosphere and helpful staff always make sure that we are well looked after but not harrassed. Its the best place to chill after a hard week although Friday is when things start to liven up, the weekend starts here! For you men out there Sunday is the day for you with all the football you can handle (my husband and the boys love it).
Karen - 21 Jan 2004 21:08
Congratulations to the Labdlady of this pub. What a fantastic job she has done to reform such a notorious pub. Having friends over at the weekend we ventured down to the royal standard for the evening, On entry we was welcomed with a huge smile from the girl behind the bar, we ordered our drinks and the bubbly barmaid chatted to us.

The atmosphere of the place was great. We were entertained by the kareoke, there was some real talent and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

My friends and i enjoyed a great evening and would definately recomment this pub to others wanting an great attitude free night out.

Thanks to all thestaff at the Standard

steve - 21 Jan 2004 18:21
Has been my local for nigh on ten years now, not that I drink there too often. Recent change of decor has done it no favours and has stripped it of any hint of an atmosphere that it once possessed - maybe they should have tried cleaning it for once before embarking on its total ruination. Watch out for the one or two mentally and hormonally imbalanced regulars who will undoubtedly eye you aggressively if you're an unknown. To the brewery: 'If this is the best you can do with a potential goldmine-pub then you may as well let the ants take over and start making the decisions for you.' Truly abysmal. Food shit. Staff on tranquilisers. Eugh.
The Verderer of Cank - 10 Dec 2003 11:57
Top the chosen watering hole of those male pin-ups from Oldsmiths FC.
Ed - 15 Sep 2003 14:32
I strongly recomend that you do not visit this pub.
Last night myself and five friends decided to go out for a meal at The Royal Standard,WHAT A MISTAKE! the food was lousey and the attitude of the blond overwieght bar/chef person (as she was doing both jobs badly)was appauling.After being told to hurry up and order as she wanted to close the kitchen early.She waited untill after we had decided our order before telling us all the things things she had run out of.
There was no cutlery ready to use, and on asking, she rudely snapped, that was getting it alright!
My chicken cezar salad consisted of some shredded lettuce and non existant chicken? soft croutons and a dribble of salad dressing on asking why the salad was so poor she braught out som over microwaved strips of leathery chicken and a whole lot of attitude.The rest of the meals were of a simular poor standard we left promptly never to return.
mrs Panteney - 14 Sep 2003 11:39
Strangely soulless, especially considering it's the only pub for a good half a mile or so.
Darryl - 11 Aug 2003 13:00
I decided to check this place out ( before the refurb ) with a couple of friends, we'd just finished a band rehearsal and was in good spirits so we thought we'd try this place as it could've been a decent local. HOW WRONG I WAS! The look of the place was dirty with a shitty atmosphere, no music playing and just some skanky locals dotted around the tables looking sorry-arsed in the main bar and an occassional couple of wide-boy types wondering in from, I guess where the pool table was. ( NOt a place to have a nice pleasent drink with a girl/boy friend. Aditionally, there were one or two ol'fellas in ( "I used to be a wide-boy" ) mode, and ( "I still like to pretend I'm a bit of a lad with my Georgio tracksuit even though I'm knocking on 60yrs old! ) among the few. So, we ordered a round, which came with with some free attitude from the plank behind the bar, then sat down with our drinks and thought we'd try adding a touch of atmosphere and WARMTH to the place via a few tunes on the juke box, as the mood in there was noticeably DULL. We did this, but for some reason our selection didn't register with the machine and came out as Sinade O'conners "Nothing Compares", the one where she cries, ( played at an unaudiable level. ) We had a couple of pints each, awaiting our tunes and just chatting amongst ourselves, trying to have an enjoyable time. This was soon ruined by an old fella and his piss-head misses sitting behind us who thought he'd try to impress his washed up looking, pissy tart of a misses and some other old geezer who appeared dead already, ) by blantently aiming a few snide comments at us. I was honestly miffed at this, as it was totally uncalled for and I wanted to be sure he was talking to us. I could tell by my friends expression, who was facing them that we were being slated for no reason. So, I made a comment of my own which seemed to shut him up, on top of that the barmaid with an attitude came over and switched off the juke-box! ( before we'd heard our selection. ) Making it clear we weren't welcome. Enough said. WHAT A SHIT HOLE!
Mike - [email protected] - 3 Jul 2003 05:52
We live within walking distance of this place and when we saw it was being converted looked forward (naively) to a new place to drink. Having been there once though I can very safely say that we will never go there again. After having spent a decent amount of money on our 3 course meals and several drinks one weekday night, my boyfriend and I (both fairly 'professional-looking' people in our mid 30s and, I'd say, unlikely to come across as troublemakers) were hassled nine times by the plethora of security staff on the premises (always a bad sign) to 'finish up our drinks and leave please' between 10.45 and 11.00 - drinks which we were clearly drinking up and since we only had one each and were unable to buy anymore anyway, would soon be gone. We were far from the only people in the place at this point. On the stroke of 11.00, some stuck-up barmaid came over and told us that, unless we finished our drinks THERE AND THEN she would get security to throw us out. She was not interested in the fact that we had just spent the evening (and a fair bit of money) there, or that we would never go back. She went round saying the same thing to everyone around us and we all left determined amongst strangers never EVER to go there again. I hope they go bust.
Sarah M - 27 May 2003 20:11
two words. shit and hole. pizzas are ok when they eventually turn up. the funny thing is this pub used to be a lot rougher before the refurbishment but was actually better then
Jason - 2 May 2003 12:06
refurbished into "pool & Pizeria Pub" has 1 Pool Table (used to have 2) has open plan kitchen so you can watch your pizza being cooked. You can also see the cooks messing about and stuffing their faces while you wait for your food. they don't bring your food to the table they give you a vibrating buzzer! which don't seem to work. We went in at weekend intending to eat but saw all the pizzas stacked up uncollected saw the barstaff lounging about doing nothing saw the tables littered with dirty glasses and full ashtrays and decided to leave it well alone. Used to be good place to watch sky sports but now has big screen that shows MTV. When they do switch to sport at last minute they don't put the sound up but have terrible loud dance music (ok for Friday Sat night but Sunday lunchtime?)No sign of manager seems to be run by hung over staff who are still on a downer from nightclubbing.
arturo.morales - 1 Apr 2003 12:12

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