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Rose and Crown, Wimbledon Village

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user reviews of the Rose and Crown, Wimbledon Village

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"three pints of mixed please" A - "What's that?" It's a Youngs pub for christ's sake, that should be essential training for all staff!!!!
Wilson_MacDonald - 18 Jun 2017 16:38
Youngs range with some guests. Rustic interior; also has a garden. Large restaurant area. Advertising a Christmas menu disappointingly early in the year. Not cheap at £2.25 for a half and well over a fiver for a white wine spritzer. It is OK.
BitterShurn - 16 Oct 2016 19:02
Number 5 on the Wimbledon 8 and although this was a nice enough place, there's little here to make it last longer in the memory.

Youngs Special. Again. £2.10 per half. Call the monopolies commission, there is price fixing here.

Some photos at my walking blog -
Mappiman - 15 May 2016 13:50
A light and bitter in the afternoon sun watching people park huge cards badly.
Friendly service and good beer.
terenced - 5 Oct 2015 09:13
I used to visit this pub regularly but over the last couple of years it has gone downhill. The beer is very poorly kept so I suggest you avoid the ales on tap which are usually flat and tasteless. The staff are reasonably friendly and the place is OK if you want a bland lager and a table outside in the sun. As with most Young's pubs this place is average at best.
johndadams77 - 15 Aug 2012 18:51
Apart from overpriced food, I always liked this pub...went there reguarly for a couple of years, friendly atmosphere, good beers & all round nice vibe to this place.
chalkey79 - 7 Mar 2012 14:48
Next exterior hides spacious and rather bland interior typical of many Youngs pubs these days. Beer - Young's Bitter - again pretty average. Can't say I'd want to come back, but as as the place was pretty busy I am perhaps in a minority.
simontheeditor - 21 Aug 2011 08:53
Yet another Youngs pub in Wimbledon, this one seemingly doubles as a hotel. There was nothing particularly inspiring about the pub, which had an island bar at the front and a large dining area at the rear. The place is dog friendly, but the two dogs present on my visit didn't appear to best of friends themselves! Beers are dispensed from handpulls on 3 sides of the bar, and are not all the same. So it pays to make a quick circuit to see what is on. Youngs Ordinary, Special, London Gold & Wells Bombardier & Banana Bread Beer were all on yesterday. There is no cider of note. A reasonably pleasant place. But nothing to recommend it over any other London pub.
blue_scrumpy - 20 Feb 2011 13:19
Good Beer. The central large island bar allows for a lot of areas to stand/sit, creating a very good traditional pub atmosphere.
Wilson_MacDonald - 17 Oct 2010 17:52
Went there back in February, I was surprised to see some bad reviews about the food because the Sunday lunch was really nice. A bit expensive but good. The place itself is nice and big inside with various nooks and crannies- my kind of pub. A bit of an "up it's own arse" feel but then that's Wimbledon Village for you, the kings on the hill looking down on the filthy minions of lower Wimbledon.
followedthrough - 31 Jul 2010 11:01
While it has a slight feel to it of nothing outstanding compared to the other pubs in the area, this ones quite a friendly winner. A good selection of drinks/ales available, with a good crowd in. some of which had babies in tow, not to everyones tastes but in this area is really unsurprising
As a few have pointed out, alot less pricey and poncy as the Dog & Fox over the road, and a much more homely (and less cave type) feel to it.
Good recommendation
the_original_rawnsleys - 22 Mar 2010 13:10
One of the unruined Youngs pubs, though not especially characterful and rather busy - well it is at the end of Wimbledon's main drag if you can use such a phrase for wellheeled Wimbledon Village. Had Ordinary and a club sandwich which was OK if not outstanding. Still it's better than the other local Youngs pub which has been stripped out entirely.
rainlight - 23 Dec 2009 08:27
The Rose and Crown is an attractive old pub which proudly displays a blue plaque outside declaring it the Evening Standard Pub of the Year in 1970. A lot has changed since then, not least Youngs moving out of London and modernising most of their boozers internally to the chagrin of some older patrons. This is probably my favourite pub in Wimbledon, and even though its a fair walk away it counts as my local. Three Youngs ales plus Bombardier and Tribute are kept in good condition and the place is always pleasantly busy without being packed out, although I'm told come Tennis season you can barely move. I'm not surprised - its a pretty good drinking hole.
ChrisP87 - 16 Dec 2009 20:06
Went to this pub for the first time on Sunday. Had a nice couple of pints of Ordinary in pleasant surroundings - much preferred over the nearby Dog & Fox. I've taken note of those reviewers with regards to the food but, to be honest, if I want to eat I'll go to a restaurant - I've always found Youngs pubs to be a a bit hit-and-miss when it comes to food.
PDWR - 1 Sep 2009 16:03
A pleasant looking pub, with over worked staff. Area Manager please take note?
Pleasant sitting outside front in the Sun with well poured pint. Sticky, unwashed table however. Could do a lot better.
Princemonolulu - 29 Jun 2009 23:03
Shame about this pub, it used to have a good kitchen but over the last year it has really gone downhill. Last time I was in I order the ham egg and chips as have been disappointed with the other food I've had. I got one egg (fried till it was burnt), one piece of cheap ham and a few soggy chips. All that for almost 9.

It is a nice pub and the quiz is good, but they recently whacked the prices up so expect to pay 3.50 for a bog standard lager. Needs the management to take control of this place again and sort the kitchen and pricing out.
wobble - 26 Jun 2009 16:33

Took my family to the Rose for a quick meal on Sunday. After an hour of watching a few other tables being served and paying their tabs, I asked where our 4 burgers were.

When they finally arrived my childs burger was literally covered in salt! I suspect this was sabotage from the kitchen. I was outraged especially when the manager accused my child of pouring the salt himself. This upset my four year old into tears.

JBinc - 27 May 2009 16:00
We recently took my elderly Mother out for a treat to the Rose & Crown for lunch and regretted bitterly doing so. From the start the service was surly and indifferent. We decided to ignore that and order lunch as that had been the purpose of the visit. We have never had such awful food. It was inedible. My husband could not touch his fish and chips and my Mother's dish was swimming in grease. We eat out the whole time and had never had such terrible food. Avoid at all costs.
jasmine260 - 25 Jan 2009 13:05
Thankfully a Youngs pub that is unchanged; this has a roaring fire, groups of regulars chating away, in well modulated tones mind, and good staff. Its a pub that knows its locals and fair enough. Perfectly civil to me too - my 1st time in -on NY eve lunchtime. A good pint of Youngs special to see the daylight hours of 2008 out. There was a good old style feel from this pub, suited to the gentrified area of SWLondon that it is part of.
I will be back whenever working in the area, cheers!
gonetolunch - 2 Jan 2009 14:46
It's all said in the comments previously: This little worn down dump is all about the snooty locals who all sit in the corner at the entrance and guard their kingdom. To the rest of us, the staff is incredibly rude. Some of the male waiters act like a premenstrual bundle of beefed up hormones. If you're into nasty British culture, this bar is a find. I've witnessed on several occasions now how they toss out people right before closing hours without letting them finish their beer, while the locals sit comfortably in the corner sipping from full glasses, laughing at you as you pass them on your way out.

The Dog and Fox or Firestable up the road has better food, better beer, better service and a lovely guests. Stay away from this hell hole.

Lilia - 9 Nov 2008 23:52
Pleasant and comfortable if rather well heeled village pub. An island bar but the space around is now all one, likely to have been anything between 2 and 4 areas once I'm guessing. A more modern conservatory at the rear with a garden beyond. The main bar remains traditional in style if rather plain, and seemingly has so far avoided the "Youngification" of many of the stable. The usual Youngs beers but most pleased and a little surprised to find St Austell Tribute too. This may be a permanent fixture rather than a guest as they have a supply of Tribute marked glasses too. I am however surmising.
Maldenman - 8 Oct 2008 17:08
This used to be a great local pub and now its turned into chav city! Went in a month ago and walked in one door and out the other,people are blaming the tram link from Croydon for the demise of the village but who knows, a real shame.
runninghampster - 7 Apr 2008 18:33
Great little "As traditional as Wimbledon gets" pub with 13 bedroom hotel on the back. Good outdoor space in the back. Classic young portfolio of beers and wines, the Bitter was OK. Expensive however. The Food looked good but amazingly expensive for what you get. Tasted OK but nothing special - hearty pub grub.
If you want to feint ask the price of the draught Pimms and Lemonade ....
anonymous - 2 Dec 2007 12:44
Bar staff were fine when we visited. They topped up pints without being asked and we never had to wait long to be served.

There was a problem with one of the meals - they gave us the wrong one initially and it took some time to get it replaced. The manager came over, apologised for this and gave us all free desserts and coffees. In the past we had no problems with ordering food (they do good sunday roasts).
youngs_ter - 5 Aug 2007 07:30
Nice enough pub with a traditional feel about it. The bar staff were terribly rude and slow though.
anonymous - 31 Jul 2007 10:37
anonymous - 25 Jun 2007 20:46
Nice pub although can be a little crowded on a Tuesday night for the quiz goers that used to frequent the Dog and Fox for the quiz on a Tuesday. Food is good although the portions are sometimes a bit lacking...
Good pub to go to around Christmas time.
anonymous - 14 May 2007 21:55
Top place - really good, traditional pub. Watch out for out-of-work actors, though. They can really bend your ear!
anonymous - 15 Feb 2007 14:22
I really like this place. It is probably the only real pub left in the village and I find it a really welcoming place to have a pint. I was in the other day and recognized a couple of bar staff from the old Dog and Fox which can't be a bad thing. I got talking to this chubby looking barman from Zim' and he was a smashing bloke, really friendly and helpful.
Each time I've been in the manageress says hello, the beer is lovely and the food is top notch as well. Unfortunately I can't afford to live in Wimbledon Village but if I did, the rose and Crown would definately be my local.
jaspermonster - 11 Feb 2007 05:22
Distinctly average. A run of the mill Young's pub that feels it can justify massively inflated drinks prices purely because of its location. Nice enough though, if you don't mind the "villagers" packing it out. Probably not so much now it's gone over-21's, though.
pintofstrongbow - 11 Jan 2007 22:27
Great for weekdays and weekends. The menu choices and indeed the meals superb. Friendly, hard working staff make it a joy to be there. Always good to see the little 3 legged dog as well! Fully recommend for friends and family.
anonymous - 6 Oct 2006 12:15
Lunched there with the family.

Very impressed, not by what they got right but what they did when they got things wrong (which can always happen anywhere). When one of the party had the wrong dish delivered a second time (only slightly wrong, nothing serious), the manager came out unbidden, apologised, and offered either to provide the meal free or give us a round of drinks free.

Can't beat that, it's the sort of treatment that would make you return. The really impressive bit was that *he knew*, and we didn't have to complain to him, he came to us. Obviously good staff training as well as good management.
Biggles - 9 Aug 2006 17:17
An enjoyable pub, although the high percentage of public schools types can be a little tiresome at'd think mummy would make them frequent somewhere else.

lawrence17 - 14 Jan 2006 19:25
Went here recently (with a toddler in tow)
Fantastic outside area, food was wonderful - really!
The haddock with chive mash has to be tasted to be believed.
Elderly lady who served us was a miserable old wotsit
but they DO provide crayons and a picture to colour in (woppy doo)
Food (though not cheap)made it worth it & we will go again
I might spit at grizzly 'elderly' lady
anonymous - 12 Sep 2005 00:33
first pub ive seen with pimms and lemonade on tap!
kalessandram - 20 Jul 2005 12:41
I stayed in the hotel part of the pub for 2 nights recently, so naturally I drank there. The Special and Ordinary were up to scratch, and even though it was extremely busy on the Friday the staff weren't fazed by my order of a coffee for the sister-in-law. The Rose & Crown seems a bit 'nicer' than the Dog & Fox just down the road, where they had HP sauce on the tables.

The food is pretty good for pub food, (my wife thought that the sauce on her kedgeree was unexpected, but tasty), they have a large seating area (inside and out) and do barbecues as well - but there are loads of restaurants in Wimbledon village so the competition for eating must be fierce.

As far as the hotel part of the pub is concerned, the rooms are very good (despite being over the pub, it was very quiet) and the breakfasts are excellent.
Trequites - 24 Jun 2005 16:23
i had the chance to literally live in this pub -- it has 14 rooms -- for 3 weeks this spring. this pub is all about the regulars. they form the most unique and cohesive subset of wimbledon village dwellers you could imagine.

if you don't know this group, or don't like them, this pub will seem unexceptionable. certainly the food is only a little better than average, and if you're staying at the hotel you'll never get a phone message to save your life, the cleaning service is dodgy -- but you have to look beyond all that.

nichola, the current manager since the former landlords went back down under, certainly is careful to hire a young staff of hotties from new zealand and south africa. she's very nice herself.

if you're all about people and people watching, you'll probably become addicted to the rose and crown. i certainly did. if you're just looking for a pint, it might not be your place.
barking_american_chick - 25 May 2005 18:30
According to my friend, you have to have tweedy trousers to drink here. According to me, you have to be a psychobabble nutcase to drink here. This is truly one of the most boring pubs in the British Isles. It is the sort of place that drove someone mad enough to write stories about furry creatures on Wimbledon Common that collected garbage: the latter word being my summation of this place.
City_Womble - 11 Feb 2005 15:23
What happend to the kiwi couple that worked there Mike and Anna? are they still in the trade? wouldnt mind catching up with them for a beer.
Take one yourself - 18 Oct 2004 17:52
A very nice, pub with an excellent beer garden. Food is average to good, barbecues excellent in summer. Very friendly and helpful staff. More of a locals pub but nearly always lively and full, plus they always show the sport!
Joshua - 5 Oct 2004 00:53
Met some friends there an was outraged at 3.12 for a pint of stella. It was not the best and my mates red wine was very hot.
Better bar in the Village.
Matt - 26 Sep 2004 16:08
Had a very poor meal. Fish uncooked and food cold. Staff did not seem able to cope with either cooking, producing or serving the food. Many meals returned, including fish because they were unsatisfactory. No-one seemed to be in charge. Agree too many families with small children for a pub.
S. Williams - 20 Sep 2004 08:48
Not the same place with new management. Service has gone downhill. No pride in the place anymore.
Robert (regular) - 6 Sep 2004 04:48
Good beer garden but inside (almost empty when we were there) looks more like standard eaterie with standard Youngs decor. Beer wasn't too great either - better pint of Youngs almost anywhere and better choice at the Brewery Tap
lout_from_the_lane - 18 Aug 2004 13:23
awesome place, great beer garden out the back. lot's of fun during the tennis. ps. Jeff's golf is still up to scratch, he beat me convincingly at headland
Joel - 24 Jun 2004 05:16
Pleasant suroundings. However, the staff are unfriendly and the food portions small
Tudor Dickov - 28 Apr 2004 22:30
I had to follow the staff along the bar just to get their attention long enough to order. Food was over priced and small portion. Seems popular with the pram pushing set on Sundays, which might be more managable during warmer months.
Richard - 7 Mar 2004 11:16
The alterations have added to what the pub has to offer. There is now ample space to go and enjoy an excellent meal, while the main bar area has lost nothing of its traditional pub appeal. It is still the best pub in the village and the only one that we, as middle age social drinkers, feel comfortable in.
A. Peck - 18 Jan 2004 19:00
sure,the rose and crown is nice and traditional, what with the wooden furnishings and memorabilia. it has to be said that the beer garden is very pleasant and the waitresses, well lets say do attract your attention. However the primitive selection that comes from being a Youngs pubs makes many wonder down the road to the Brewery Tap searchng for a London Pride or other such bitter....
Timmy - 29 Sep 2003 19:58
True the pub has changed since the refurbishment but I still think it retains a great deal of character. Sitting in one of the little alcoves looking across to the open fire with Hogarth prints, that's not decor ?? Combined the decision to retain the original central bar I think distinguishes the pub from all other 'chains'. Yes commercial reality exists in the world but not many chanis have prints of that age & value displayed in such a prominent part of the hotel.
Twistie - 20 Aug 2003 17:35
What I meant was that the pub has lost all of its character since the refurbishment. There is nothing in the atmosphere or decor to distinguish it from any other middle of the road pub. I will not deny that it has good beer (as most youngs pubs do) or good food, but I am just saddened how they have turned what used to be my favourite pub in the village, into something so bland and unremarkable. I also dispute your description of the alterations as a face 'lift'.
J Alexander - 20 Aug 2003 13:11
Id certainly like J Alexander to qualify his comments. I dont see how the R & C is a chain pub? Yes it is a youngs pub, so are you saying youngs pubs are a chain?

I dont understand how you can say this when they serve all the english bitters and traditional english food mixed with some contemporary fare. I didnt drink at this pub before the facelift, but the pub is always clean and respectable, and every night there is a good mix of people (as "twistie" says in his post) drinking in the pub. The beer garden is great in summer and the range of beers fantastic!
mccall - 20 Aug 2003 12:41
This used to be the best proper boozer in the village but has now been turned into a soulless chain-type pub. Very sad.
J Alexander - 19 Aug 2003 21:45
without a doubt the best pub in the village. hosts are fantastic, food great, and the bar staff are always helpfull and polite (not to mention mostly very good looking)
mccall - 19 Aug 2003 10:53
Awesome pub, great mix of locals and ring-ins always offers a massive night. Very welcoming host's Jeff & Karen and Bundy behind the bar !! Youngs beers are great and the food is excellent.
Twistie - 18 Jul 2003 15:58
we like it a lot ! went there for christmas dinner too and the atomsphere and food were both excellent.
MalAndCathAndMaggie - 5 Jan 2003 19:29
it is GOOOOOOD!!!!
Say hallo to Stuard and JS and managment and to everyone
Sebastian Michalik-Molski - [email protected] - 10 Dec 2002 17:44
I hadn't been to this pub for ages til the summer. It looks fantastic now, and I love the outdoor seating. As with any Young's pub, it is quite pricey (well, what do you expect - it's in Wimbledon Village!) but I will certainly try to make a habit of going there more often.
Briony - 8 Aug 2002 15:55

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