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Three Stags Heads, Wardlow Mires

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user reviews of the Three Stags Heads, Wardlow Mires

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Could not agree more with Grandaddave. All beers from Abbeydale were on fine form and the house dark Black Lurcher was excellent. This is a beer drinking pub with no larger taps but a good selection of bottled beers. Even a stag party which called in mainly drank Deception. Old range was fired up even in midsummer. watch out for free range guinea pigs in car park and note opening hours are weekends only
Rocky53 - 13 Jun 2017 11:19
After a wonderful afternoon (when we had to leave before the music had got into full swing), I have to say that our party could not disagree more with the negative reviews with respects to this pub. Perhaps the writers would prefer establishments more akin to Wetherspoons. For us, this pub represents the pinnacle of excellence for the bibulous. Superb beers, civilised clientèle and retaining an atmosphere acquired over the ages. Geoff is a strong landlord - and I know many pubs that would benefit from a firm hand on the tiller.Well done and keep up the good work! Indeed, I just hope Heaven is like this!
Grandaddave - 13 Oct 2014 11:29
Fabulous pub, dont like to go any where else, if you dont like the 'old ways' then dont go in.
Brilliant ale, great food and great landlord and landlady.
If you like your weatherspoons and ponsey pubs, keep out of this one, no place for al-la-carte rubbish.
No crappy chavvy music, and no phones, just good old fashioned banter in a place where people have old fashioned values and like to swear, spit and be merry.
keep up with this absolute must for my sanity in a world gone mad....
bodica35 - 15 Sep 2014 10:37
I visited this pub to listen to a few friends play music. Although the music was very entertaining, and I found the pub looked quaint from the outside. This did not prepare me for the state of the inside. I found it to be dirty and unkept and was disgusted to see food being served with animals running in and out of the kitchen.
The landlord and landlady were particularly unfriendly and hostile and were heard on a few occassions using foul and uneccessary language to the customers who had arrived to play folk music.
On a good note the real ale was good, but that is the only positive part of my experience in this public house. Needless to say I will not be visiting it again.
voltoria - 25 May 2014 12:05
It's all been said really. Nothing else compares.
manstein - 6 Sep 2013 00:52
If you are a lover of old traditional pubs as I am, you should travel a long way to visit this one. You will step back in time as soon as you walk through the door, but it is far from being wrapped in cottonwool, it is a living vibrant pub with a great atmosphere and excellent beers. The interior is plain and dark but that just adds to the atmosphere. The opening hours are mainly limited to weekends so check ahead, but do pay a visit as we need places like this to survive so we are not left with just gastro-pubs and Wetherspoons.....
happy_wanderer - 22 Aug 2012 13:43
Very small pub, located on quite a main road, you could easily miss it if you weren't looking for it. That would be a shame as this place is worth a visit. The first room is very cosy with the small bar and real fire. The room to the right gives a bit more space but is quite dark.
There's a canine "theme" going round the pub and dogs are clearly welcome in the pub as well.
Great choice of ales, all in great condition.
dyyony - 21 Jun 2012 17:03
A short visit this past Sunday arriving at around 4pm found an impromptu open music session in the back room, with fiddles, guitars and a bodhran being played in an accomplished manner and warmly received by the small knot of drinkers crowded close to the roaring log fire. All the Abbeydale ales were on top form as usual and two or three lurchers draped themselves around the floor for people to pick their way over.

Honestly, it really can't get much better than this.
Gristy - 9 May 2012 12:30
three stag head is to me the best pub of its type in these islands

Its a pub that sticks to tradition with great company, food to die for, beer that is well kept and wonderful

no crap larger or fizzy keg or musak

instead people talk, bring instruments and play wonderful british folk music or sit quietly in front of the fire listening and watching the dogs play

me I love the landlord and his wife they keep a pub that shines like beacon telling every one visit me then go home and your local landlord how to run his pub
fotobrew1 - 3 May 2012 20:32
Back again to one of England's finest pubs. This time as well as working our way through the Abbeydale range we enjoyed the excellent homemade food. As ever it's a special kind of welcome and the fellow drinkers always create a good chat.
thewickingman - 15 Apr 2012 17:29
A group of use Ales trail walkers went in on What a great pub fires on full of people all having a great time like going back 50 years!! A must for pub lovers when in this area
57lawnman - 2 Apr 2012 08:59
I remember years ago before the present landlord took over this pub. Before then it was a run down extension of the farm behind it, used as an outlet for selling bacon. A kitsch mural at the back of the bar, the fireplace sealed up. Hardboard in abundance. It was so crude it transcended awfulness and was a delight to visit.
Then a middle aged hippie couple bought it with ideas of restoring it. Up came the lino to reveal the flag floors, Opened up was the gigantic fireplace in a room no bigger than a domestic lounge. The barn to be converted into a trendy pottery.
Oh Dear ! Would it now become a Disneyfied travesty of its former self. I feared the worst.
I need not have worried. Once restored it entered a time warp whilst other pubs in the area succumbed to the disease of profiteering and pretentiousness canker. Any Disneyfication has disappeared with time and we have superlative ales at realistic prices, stone flag floors, people with boots on, dogs, a roaring fire, basic crude tables and even cruder stools, the proper amount of grubbiness, a grumpy ex hippy landlord -
Absolute Heaven.
Why am I writing this. It's vital that this place be kept secret.
GeofB - 25 Mar 2012 09:48
enjoyed this pub few nice locals
hardman - 8 Jan 2012 22:25
Anyone seen a little feller called scrump he`s about 3`2" tall and speaks with a limp ?
Nuffsaid - 17 Nov 2011 19:57
There's a big problem with this pub. It is, as previous posters have said, absolutely wonderful. But it's small, and if all the positive postings about it were to attract too many people, it would lose its charm.

Go on a wet and misty Saturday lunchtime in Autumn, preferably when there are no walkers about. Choose a quiet time if you possibly can.

The owner, Geoff Fuller, runs the pub on his terms, and you must respect this. If you don't, your presence there will not be welcome, and this will be made clear.

It's a fabulous, fabulous pub. It would be my local of choice.
arihall - 27 Sep 2011 18:15
This is a proper pub.
yellowhammer - 7 Jul 2011 17:14
What a brilliant place. Good homecooked food. We usually have our sunday dinner here. I would recommend it to everybody.
Prat_Masterbate - 15 Jun 2011 15:13
Without a doubt.
The second best pub in the country.
scrump - 14 Jun 2011 12:38
This mecca of an oasis rates as one of the most splendid public houses humanity has ever had the good fortune to bestow.
Thanks to all concerned.
MrStockport - 14 Jun 2011 11:29
Had to try this pub as a bus goes from Manchester on a Saturday morning and stops right out side what a brilliant pub loved it, great home cooked food as well as abbeydale beers. Well worth the long bus journey
mrhandsome - 10 Jun 2011 18:16
Great to see this place in the top ten nothing else approaches it.
manstein - 3 Jun 2011 11:48
Takes you back in time-a proper ale house, selling mainly the Abbeydale range from Sheffield. Flagged floors, dogs lounging around on the seats and floor, characterful landlord. Only opens at weekends. Its on a bend in the road, so if you are driving too fast, its easy to miss. Pull up in the small car park across the road, but beware of the spped of the vehicles passing, !!
glossopowl - 18 May 2011 22:04
Rightly this pub is in the top 10, amazing place takes a trip back to how a rural Derbyshire pub would have been. Landlord, locals and dogs all very friendly and welcoming. Great find.
tpfirt - 15 Apr 2011 15:12
brilliant this made me chuckle i been in a lot of pub and nice to see a landlord sticking to his guns, hard to do in this day and age when you got your "mooners" about, 1/2 a bitter sahndy with lime etc, will visit in area
lennyg35 - 28 Mar 2011 17:11
That's funny Lyndi,reading your review has made me want to visit this pub even more.Nice to see a publican sticking to principles and not kow-towing to oddballs who put lime in real ale.
boundsgreenboy - 27 Mar 2011 21:00
Yet another pleasant afternoon at the Stags last weekend. Fine ales and cabaret provided by the landlord and indecisive lager drinkers.
manstein - 4 Nov 2010 20:55
Is the landlord a bit of a gruff bugger? Undoubtedly. Would the place be better if he was smiley & welcoming? Perhaps, but only marginally!

Contrary to reports, he's not in the hospitality industry - he & his wife are professional potters (some pieces are in the V&A) - they choose to live in an amazing ancient rural inn. Unlike most people who turn a pub into their home, they decided to keep the pub open, albeit only at weekends, cooking simple local produce, serving cracking cask beer & bottled cider, welcoming walkers, pottery fans, pub-lovers, musicians, etc into this unspoilt gem, 'working museum' of a pub.

The young barman is welcoming & gives good service (though I'm unused to being called "Me Ducks"!) but the food was a bit hit & miss last night (dry meat in otherwise lovely beef stew, overcooked roast duck) but for beer & cider quality, atmosphere, live folk music, friendly customers & a truly amazing place, it must be one of only a handful of truly unspoilt pubs left in the country.

If you're robust enough to take the slight 'rough' with the incredible 'smooth', then don't let any of the bad reviews here put you off (just close the door when you come in & switch your phone off).
mic_mac - 3 Oct 2010 12:31
My husband and I visited this pub last year whilst out walking one day. The room we went in was small, very old and traditional looking, flag stone floors, dogs sat on seats, it felt like you had been taken back in time about 80 years, nothing wrong with that at all. Got a mixture of friendliness and something like "oh you shoudn't be here" from some of the locals and staff, they spoke but there still seemed to be an atmosphere. We ordered 2 pints of hand pulled (can't remember what it was). I aked for lime in mine as this is what I like, (call me what you like, I know it's not the thing to do, but each to their own, and trust me you still get the taste of a good ale, its only like having salt and vinegar on your chips or not having it!!). The landlady was upstairs, and one of the locals had pulled our pints. He said don't let her hear you wanting lime she will not be pleased. But he put it in quick whilst she wasn't there.
We re-visited last week whilst out walking, we got the same welcome, but this time the landlord Geoff was in, what a grumpy old thing too. Again we ordered 2 pints if ale and my hubby ask for lime in one. The young bar man said in such a manner, "you can't have lime in it" hubby said we have had it before. He said you have not, not in this pub. Grumpy Goeff sat in the corner chimes in, "Not in this pub you ant". I said "excuse me, but we came last year and had it", he replied no you bloody didn't. I said I swear on my life we did, and explained about last year when we came. His lovely answer was "well you'll drop dead now", The barman refused to put lime in and said your'e not having it, you don't have to pay for it, my husband said don't worry we are not stopping. We said we would go elsewhere and left them to have a good moan..... Such a pleasant man isn't he. I think he needs to learn more about manners and customer care.
Basically what I am trying to say is, don't bother going in there. There are loads more friendly and welcoming pubs around Derbyshire. Who needs this one.
Lyndi - 26 Sep 2010 16:26
Went there last night and the pub is just as good as ever. The place has a had a bit of a sprucing, i.e. the pub has had a lick of paint, which was quite lon overdue to be honest. Such an odd variety of people there but always very friendly punters in there. Had some local game to eat (rabbit) which was cooked in a basic manner, ie not covered in seasoning, but really good grub none the less. If you want to go to pub and be taken back 60 years then come here.
Aristocracy - 12 Sep 2010 22:24
Superbly traditional roadside pub in the middle of nowhere, part of what appears to be a farm but is actually a rural pottery. The two rooms (bar room and a lounge to the side) are as basic as can be, with flagged floors and walls with only two coal fires burning to warm them. The furnishings are also rustic and look as though they could be a century old. The pub features on the CAMRA National Inventory of pub interiors as a result, one of the few Peak District pubs to do so.
The character is maintained in the drinks department, with people asking for draught lager getting short shrift- and a sign to this effect on the wall. Avaiable however are 3 Abbeydale beers including the 8% Black Lurcher- named after a dog that used to live here and recommended in small doses.
Found the service to be very friendly and it's impossible not to get talking to somebody due to the tiny nature of the place. It's very dog friendly and you'll most likely be tripping over dogs on your visit.
On my visit punters were playing guitar and an excellent atmosphere prevailed, although one has to wonder where these people come from!
Only downside was having to return to the 21st century ,but I'll be back. One of the Peak District's most famous pubs, and rightly so. Note the very limited opening hours- weekends only.

Carlurmston - 13 May 2010 18:19
Visited on Saturday with walking pal who had had a prior visit and had enjoyed both the beer and the food but found the landlords attitude an acquired taste. it is certainly a unique place and we had a warmish welcome from the young chap behind the bar but the landlord seriously needs to realise that he is in the hospitality business. The beer we had was excellent but the food I have to say was the worst I have experienced in any pub in 21 years of walking in the Peak District on a monthly basis. We both had the fish cakes which in themselves were fine but we were somewhat surpised to find them accompanied by mashed potato, cabbage, sprouts and carrots. What made it worse was the mash was stone cold and the rest of the vegetables had all the warmth of the landlords welcome. At £8.50 this was far from good value and overall a very disappointing experience. We conveyed our disappointment to the young man who apologised but no recompense was offered for the poor food. The landlord made no comment whatsoever!! The young man commented that he hoped that our experience hadn't put us off visiting again!! I'll leave you dear reader to construct your own response -all I'll say is that I'm repeating the walk next Saturday with the wife and we'll be eating at the Bulls Head in Foolow.
jc16081948 - 12 Apr 2010 16:49
Possibly the most unique pub in Britain, words will not ever truly do this place justice. It’s not just that it’s an example of the kind of public house which mostly died out 40/50 years ago, but more that it’s a crossroads where that kind of pub, and its rural regulars, meets the inhabitants of 21st century Britain. Over the last six years I’ve seen all manor of weird and wonderful delights squeezed into its two small rooms. Think petrified cats (dead), stuffed rabbits holding shotguns (dead), ponies (alive), sparrow hawks (alive) , and usually, more dogs than people (alive and drunk respectively!) The atmosphere, therefore, is second to none, and with its own beers brewed for it by Abbydale, entirely home cooked food and plates and mugs made in the kiln out the back (the landlord and lady are world-renowned potters), the trimmings are skilfully dealt with also. Not to be missed!
crossland86 - 3 Oct 2009 16:49
Been back a couple of times since my earlier report and this place never fails to please.
manstein - 28 Jul 2009 19:24
Best experienced in wet, cold and windy conditions. Once through the door (make sure you close it after you!), you'll feel you've gone back in time 60 or more years. There's an assortment of fairly rough and ready furniture and a magnificent range complete with bread oven (still in use - you can buy some buns if you want). The beers are from Abbeydale in Sheffield and invariably in good condition. Beware the house beer - it's strong (8%).

The pub can be reached by bus from Castleton and Hope (rail connections to Manchester and Sheffield), but do check times as it's an infrequent service. If you're a bit early, try the transport cafe opposite. You can get a full English breakfast and mug of tea, and if you're still hungry, spotted dick and custard.

Oh yes - make sure your mobile phone is switched off before going into the pub. You have been warned!
arihall - 8 Jun 2009 20:10
On the strength of the reports here we had to visit this gem. Had a great afternoon in the pub listening to the banter with some superb 'Absolution'. Atmosphere enlivened by a southern 'jessie' asking for lager!
manstein - 1 Mar 2009 18:46
Fantastically atmospheric pub with great beer. Yes the landlord is a bit miserable, but his wife is friendly. Definitely not to be missed.
I hear Jarvis Cocker gets in here.
baxterfish - 11 May 2008 20:40
I`ve been going to this pub on and off for about 20 years and I never tire of its atmosphere or of the beers. the only thing that stops me goin more often is its remote location. Geoff can be a bit harsh on people but from my observations they thoroughly deserve it most of the time!

I have to comment on the demise of the Bull`s Head at Little Hucklow. This used to be a great pub but the last licensee wrecked it with his careless attitude and foul food. Once I ordered two pints of Magnet and both were an inch below measure. I asked for a top-up which was given reluctantly but only one was topped-up! - he just glared and walked away out the back when I asked for the second to be filled up. It`s a shame it`s gone but frankly it was probably for the best with landlords like that.
maxipop - 24 Mar 2008 21:48
No - that one has since closed down, which is a shame. It wasn't a patch on the Three Stags, but it was nice to go up the hill and have a pint of cold lager outside in the summer once in a while.
PeoplesPalace - 8 Jan 2008 17:39
Is this the old Bulls Head?
wardlow - 24 Dec 2007 04:14
Yes, good beer, interesting building but the landlord is completely up himself. A barked command to 'shut the door' half a second after walking in, no light over the bar so fonts unreadable, no change and a (private) remark about lager overheard by the landlord provoked a four letter outburst. Worst of all he demanded that one of us move from a seat near the fire as it 'you are in my seat'. Good pubs are also about hospitality. There is none on offer at this pub. Avoid.
Richard49 - 15 Oct 2007 05:59
one of the very best, characterful, traditional pubs in the whole UK.
easily a 10. don't miss it.
alehouses - 1 Oct 2007 14:08
Best pub in England, bar none. Soaked in history but not like stepping into a museum - the dogs and impromptu music see to that. Great ale from Abbeydale, and Geoff and Pat actually are friendly once they get used to you...
PeoplesPalace - 5 Jul 2007 20:03
Just about a year since our last visit and absolutely nothing has changed - the spartan interior, superbly kept beer, whippets & hounds draped everywhere, a roaring range, friendly chatter from all inside and total lack of engagement from Geoff, the surly landlord. Despite greeting him with a warm "good afternoon, how are you?" and placing an order for three different beers, all the time exuding polite friendliness, the only two words offered to our party were "Four pounds" - the price of the round.
If you can live with that attitude - and it never changes - it is simply one of the best examples of an era long gone.
Gristy - 24 Apr 2007 13:27
Do not dare to ask for lager at the bar or Geoff the landlord will get really insulting!!!!
glossopowl - 14 Dec 2006 10:27
On a bend on the A623,opposite a filling station, it only opens Friday evening, Saturday & all day Sunday. At a point in the road where most are travelling at 50mph, easily missed. Flag floors, dogs running loose and a stuffed cat on the fireplace with its hair standing on end. Eccentric landlord who is offended if asked for lager.Completely free of tie.Abbeydale beers on the bar includes the 11% Last Rites, rebadged as Black lurcher after the landlords dogs.Food can include what the local gamekeepers and farmers have caught, served in the landlords own pottery (in the week he has a potters workshop at the rear). To be seen to be believed.
glossopowl - 2 Nov 2006 09:09
I should first say that me and my friends were really looking forward to visiting this pub (1st July), given that it is so favourably regarded in CAMRA's Good Beer Guide (we are all CAMRA members), especially the range of Abbeydale beers on tap.

We used it as a rendezvous at around 1:30, had a passable pint of Matins, and moved off to the camp site to put our tents up.

Now, this was the day of England's ill-fated quarter-final clash with Portugal, and having previously established that we wouldn't be welcome to talk about football, let alone be able to watch the match, we made alternative arrangements (Queen Anne Inn, Great Hucklow: top pub). I should explain at this point (so that the reader can gain a balanced appreciation of the scenario) that our return to the Three Stags' Heads after the match, saw our party in Lord Of The Rings-related attire. It's an annual thing that us lads do, and it's fair to say that our mixed experience of this establishment there-after was affected by the landlord's reaction to our appearance.

All seemed to be well when we entered the pub. The landlord compared his dog-headed stave to our simpler ones and served us our dinks in measured, if rather terse, humour. We were quite lively, passing the Horn Of Gondor around (in the side room) amongst ourselves and with fellow punters, all in good-natured companionship. The landlord even brought his (very impressive) ram's horn through for one of the punters (not us hobbits) to have a go on. How could the mood be better? The beer was excellent, especially the Black Lurcher (a respectful half pint).

Things, however, took a rather unpleasant turn when two of our party attempted to buy drinks, later on. Two of our party attempted to emulate the custom of some of the other imbibers by buying a pint at around 11:30. The landlord was behind the bar. He started to complain that we’d spent all afternoon drinking elsewhere, and only resorted to drinking in his establishment having spent large amounts of cash at other pubs. At first, it was not apparent to the two of our party that he was referring to us, so contrasting was it to our experience there-to. “Are you talking about us?” one of our party enquired. He confirmed that he was. We explained that we couldn’t have drunk in his pub for the whole afternoon because we wanted to watch the football. Red rag to a bull. “EXACTLY!” launched he. We had apparently not earned the right to put good money behind his bar. “Are you going to serve us?” He did, grudgingly, and with much unpleasant muttering. Thus was the tone of our final half an hour spoiled. We did our best to try and be polite upon exiting the pub at around mid-night, but the landlord could not resist telling us, “You want to try and get a life!”

The change in his character from joining in with us, to rude hostility, cast a very unwelcome and lingering gloom over the whole weekend’s walking. What his real problem was, I don’t know. I would caution anyone who wishes to drink at the Three Stags’ Heads that they should be quiet as church mice and only occasionally clear their throats; drinkers of a characterful and eccentric persuasion are not welcome there.


Beer - 8 (Matins was passable, only)
Pub - 2 (Landlord, "Get a life" yourself!) - 3 Oct 2006 15:14
This is the best pub there is. The beer is always on top form so I don`t understand comment below about the beer. The food is fantastic. Geoff and Pat run a brilliant pub and long may it continue.
tracynoe - 31 Jul 2006 08:33
A must visit, for sure; reminds me of Tucker's Grave but not as friendly, and frankly the beer quality (Abbeydale Matins) suffered as I think the beer range is too big for a pub with limited opening times. These unspoilt pubs, once they're featured in the broadshets, do tend to be full of poseurs don't they ?
Food looked good though, I'd go back for a retry.
mtaylor40 - 29 Jul 2006 18:18
A former farmhouse, this pub is included in CAMRA's inventory of outstanding pub interiors. The main attraction here is the tiny room on the right of the entrance. Scrubbed tables,ancient furniture and a magnificent fireplace make this a must to visit. The pub dogs may be augmented by others, vying for what little floor space there is. The outside aspect is equally quaint. Four beers available at the time of visit all came from Abbeydale, including a house beer, Black Lurcher. Beware the restricted opening hours, currently Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday.
Alerover - 24 Jul 2006 21:25
A timewarp experience - like stepping back decades in time just by walking through the front door. Flagstone floor, bare oak tables - room enough for only three - a huge roaring range and a group of whippets stretched out in front of the fire. Superbly kept beer, including the infamous Lurcher.
The landlord doesn't suffer fools gladly, barking "door!" at those who couldn't shut the door properly - it opens almost directly onto the road - and plonking a collection tin in front of anyone foolish enough to use a mobile.
Given the almost total lack of anything modern in the building, it was almost a surprise to see the beer served from handpumps instead of casks.
A great experience and long may it continue...
Gristy - 30 May 2006 09:51
You must visit this pub. A step into the past. Don't wear you party clothes you could stuff a pillow with the dog hairs on the seats.
doolieBB - 5 Jan 2006 18:42
Brilliant Pub, So original and how a pub should be.
Excellent food, the toad in the hole was to die for.
Bought a piec of pottery off Jeff the landlord aswell
Fantastic experience
carlwinter - 7 Feb 2005 22:37
Mad pub, more dogs than customers other than Saturday nights. A must visit if in the area. Get someone else to drive though.
Rammy_Tupper - 8 Dec 2004 19:45
Wicked pub - their Black Lurcher house beer is something else at 8% abv! Onlt dog-friendly drinkers need apply.
Brian - 22 Aug 2004 23:10
I've only been there on Saturday nights when all and sundry turn up with assorted insruments and play till god knows what time. Brilliant atmosphere but location is a tad isolated. Lurcher friendly. A must-visit pub. I think the place name is Wardlow.
Garon - 8 May 2004 18:18
Tiny three roomed pub on Chapel-Chesterfield road, on a bend - easy to miss it as people pass on this stretch at 50mph. Unspoilt, flagged floors. Only opens at night apart from Sat/Sun.Long serving licencees. Food usually local pheasant/stews and hare etc. that is served on the landlords own pottery. A county pub of the sort that you rarely see any more. Watch out for their 8+ gogs freely roaming round and the stuffed cat that has a terrified expression on its face.
frank - 26 Dec 2003 13:12
I've used this pub for years, it's the best in Briain!Great food,great beer,great atmosphere,and NO draught lager!
Neil - 27 Sep 2003 16:29
What an absolutely fab pub - I know none better - great atmosphere, great licencees, great food, great beer - what more could you ask for?
James - 7 Aug 2003 10:58
REAL pub, excellent real beer, superb real homemade food served on homemade plates. Congenial hospitality from the ever hospitable land lord&lady. Friendly dogs and a realy good craik.
Cheffy - 5 Jun 2003 18:20
This is the finest pub in Derbyshire, excellent Guinness
Billy greenhalgh - 20 May 2003 13:19
4 real ales, from local micros. Eccentric licencee, flagged floors, very tiny. unchanged & unspoiled. several dogs lying around floor. proper fire.
Frank Wood - [email protected] - 15 Nov 2002 09:09

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