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Masons Arms, Upminster

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user reviews of the Masons Arms, Upminster

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Now demolished another sad end to Upminster history.
hogshead - 1 Feb 2011 14:58
Closed forever on New Years Eve. Now being demolished. Sad to say goodbye to the pub where I had both my 1st illegal and legal pint some 30+ years ago. It's been good, bad and downright ugly throughout the years. A piece of personal history passes into oblivion.
twineyboy - 22 Jan 2011 19:03
I have been biting my tongue for a very long time now.

Mel & Bernadette great landlords? ha! My husband and I ran the pub for an interim period. A comment was made about grimy walls behind pictures, sorry was too busy scraping the inch thick tar substance off the carpet and extracting what appeared to be the remnants of a rather large dog out of the cellar! When we took over the pub it was taking 1.5k a week, we peaked at 8K. Chavs? Oh well, I guess my degree in computer science makes me uneducated! I hope the Mason's does get the tenants it truly deserves . . Good Luck!
calamitycaz1 - 25 Jun 2009 13:06
my husband and i trained here at the masons with dot and terry...whom i have lost touch with, with the dinamic duo at the helm it was at its best.....
if anyone knows where they are can you let me know, i would like to let them know alan passed away in jan. if you were there in the 90`s you would remeber us ( yvette and alan) even when we moved we were back there at every chance, just couldnty stay away from the place or people of uppminster, YOUR THE BEST !! i wish the new landlord all the best lets face it its always a hard task to take something so big on, so come on get behind him and give him a regards yvette palfreyman
yvette456 - 18 Feb 2009 22:53
This pub is my local and I am surprised by some of the negative comments posted here which I guess have been written by people who have not been in there recently. There are a great couple of blokes running the place. I cannot imagine anyone being thrown out of the pub it is not that type of place but if anyone did have a poor experience Iíd say go and talk to them, they are very approachable and no one is perfect.

There is no doubt the pub did have a poor reputation before these people took over. You can now go into the bar for a drink in a friendly atmosphere without feeling remotely threatened; you really should give it a try. I feel comfortable and sometimes go there on my own and I am female.

GillianGoodwin - 31 Mar 2008 14:54
Having read the comment from the person that works in the local school, i must admit it doesnt sound like the place i have been to a few times in the last few weeks.
I must say that for you to have been denied access i would have thought that you must have seemed like a bit of a mess, i have never seen anyone refused service at the Mason's, and the staff are very friendly and a good mix of both young and older staff.
They always say hello and goodbye to customers, and a very chirpy bunch.
After eating there on several occasions i have only had good to say about the place, but like any other restaurant that uses fresh local ingredients they can have the occasional issue with a dish, but over all i find it very fairly priced for the quality of the food.Have noticed that they have started advertizing a lot more and are doing some music events and quizz nights, and it's nice to see they have cleared up from the crowd that used to come there, now appealing to an older audiance and familes.even doing some pensioner offers and charity events for the guide dogs. Anyone doing that sort of thing is ok in my book, so all i can say is go for it, compared to some of the places in the Upminster area, the Mason's is a nice clean place with a good atmosphere, about time there was a proper place that supported the local comunity and suppliers instead of the big chain pubs that get all the food in bagged and frozen. Good luck to you at the Mason's, you can count on my custom in the future.
damor3043 - 31 Mar 2008 13:21
Awful.............I work in a local school with more responsibilty than these people and was told on entering " we don't want your sort in here, this is no longer a pub " and refused to serve us. The appearance of the new "hut" that sells bacon sarnies outside shows that their failing business is totally their own fault.
Stardust1968 - 29 Mar 2008 00:37
Went for a meal with a group of 13 people. Service was very good and everyone enjoyed the food.

The only negative point was that one of the bar staff gave VERY short measures when pouring a pint of Directors. He did top it up a bit after being asked. The other 2 bar staff poured a reasonable pint. I donít think they sell much real ale as the beer tasted slightly stale - but not bad enough to take it back.

Not sure how this pub will survive. The food prices are high, and generally more expensive than other restaurants in the area. Tapas prices seemed very expensive. On a Saturday night most tables were empty.

Would not consider going back on a regular basis even though it is a 5 minutes walk...but may go back once or twice a year for meals. We will continue to go to the railway in Hornchurch despite the extra travelling time as it has more atmosphere and the food is cheaper.
youngs_ter - 25 Nov 2007 17:45
I used to go there 'back in the day' when it was a crazy pub, so I thought now its a restaurant it would be very different, but only change is a lick of paint & lots of tables & chairs, but all empty & no atmosphere, as we were the only ones eating!
My companions' meal of sausage & mash (£8) I was told was excellent, but my steak (at £15) was overcooked, tough and bland - could have got better at a Wetherspoons for half the price!
The service was a bit half-hearted and sloppy, e.g. I was given the wine list and no-one came back to ask if I wanted any, and had to chase for a steak knife.

Overall I felt this place was selling pub grub at restaurant prices, but it does have potential...

yodagrit - 22 Aug 2007 11:16
Went to the Masons Arms on Bank Holiday Monday for a family meal and evening out. Food was fabulous. Great vegetarian food. All tastes were catered for. Meat eaters delighted with quality and variety of food available. It is lovely to have such an imaginative menu and in such pleasant surroundings. We had the chocolate fondu to finish off which was packed with lots of fruit pieces and other goodies to round off a perfect evening. Highly recommended!!
mccarthy - 4 Jun 2007 21:12
we were in that same evening and,funny thing,my wife had the salmon and I had the duck.Salmon was great.Maybe you should make any special preferences known before you order.Remember,it does taste different when not out of a bag.And the duck and jus accompaniment was amazing.
Couldn't imagine ecery meal at your table being bad.Maybe your attitude had something to do with it.We are treated very well any time we come in,and we've never had a problem with any of the food.
Maybe your palate has been tarnished by that chippy grease you seem to enjoy.
Eat from a newspaper,suits you better mate.
Picku - 4 Jun 2007 15:12
Worst meal we've had in a long time!
Never been a Chav, however the quality of the service, food and overall ambience was appalling.

Went to the pub for a parent's birthday celebration and the whole evening was ruined due to the poor service....

1. Waiter had BO - bit off putting if you ask me!
2. Ordered wine and told to do what you want with it when it arrived = wasn't even opened.
3. Slow service - 45mins for the starter
4. Steak asked to be well done - came out cremated
5. Salmon so salty it could have been pulled straight from the sea - thought it was a freshwater fish!
6. Duck + Mango + Mash = weird!
7. Overall opinion - go figure - the chippy is better!

Not great....

anonymous - 3 Jun 2007 00:08
Lovely refurbished bar/restaurant just what Upminster needed. Excellent food and beer. Service could have been a little quicker when they're very busy but everything else makes up for it! Go and try for yourself.
jtaylor - 1 Jun 2007 09:50
This pub has completely turned itself around, the service is top notch, the food is exquisite and the atmosphere is glorious. No rowdy plonkers hogging the bar and causing trouble, just civilised people of all backgrounds looking for a peaceful drink or an amazing meal (or both). Go experience!!
anonymous - 29 May 2007 22:45

DOt and Terry = Great Masons Days
Mel and Bernadette = Great Masons days till Mel didn't want to do food anymore.

Then there was the procession of temp land lords who let any old trash in the pub. Chav scum to be precise.

Now it's been close, done up and opened again.

It's a sad day. It's now a "Restaurant with a bar area, but if the restaurant is full the bar will be for food too"

Out is the pool, the jukebox, the Sport.
In is wine glasses on tables.

It's now another pub with no entertainment. One pub in the whole area to watch sport in.

The masons was brilliant. Now it's been RUINED.

thebigman - 14 May 2007 13:58

I thought a load of travellers had bought it
The toilets are a DISGRACE
Friday night = 10 people
Full of scum or it's empty, you decide. There are brown marks left behind from where the pictures have been taken down and not re-painted.It hasn't been any good since mrQ's took over. I've been once in four years ,never again. avoid big time 4/10 and that's generous.
I really wonder whats going on with upminster pubs nowadays.
TheTruthMaster - 7 Oct 2006 16:38
This pub is back on top form!!!

Landlord is a bloody chap!

Nice one Tony. Hope you hang around for a while and give this pub a well needed face lift. You've certainly made the place welcoming again.

Maybe we should all go down with our paint brushes and lend a hand?! BAGSY NOT THE BOGS THOUGH!!!
stoner - 2 Oct 2006 16:11
I have heen drinking in this pub since the early 80's and yes, it has gone downhill. but as anonymous says, the regulars are a friendly bunch. I still see Mel around the cranham area, him and Bernadette were good landlord. Shame the chavs spoilt it!
Stardust1968 - 26 Sep 2006 12:01
ive bin drinking in this pub for years. Its my local and i love all the old faces that go in there. its a bit off putting being a new face at first but the staff are welcoming and the regulars are soon buying you drinks.

The staff have taken a turn for the worse of late i must admit. Who ever wrote that the ginger barmaid was grumpy was mad. You must have spoke to her on her one and only bad day. She was the best barmaid in there!!!!! Things change she went blonde and left but still remains a regular drinker in there.

Good points

The ex ginger barmaid now blonde regular
3 pool tables
tvs and big screens
beer garden

Bad points

The barmaids, the young lazy one and the old miserable one.
Needs decorating badly.
The ex ginger barmaid doesnt work there any more. Please get her back!!!!
anonymous - 14 Aug 2006 22:46
Mel and Bernadette were great landlords, but does anyone remember Dot and Terry?? That's when the pub was at its best!! Now, I'd avoid it like the plague!
GlitzyBee - 7 Jun 2006 14:33
the latest..

+ points

.entertainment is back most saturday nights which includes either a disco or kareoke.

.large beer garden and loads of seating
.blonde barmaid is the best,nice and friendly

.major football matches are shown on 10 tv's and 2 big screens and good atmosphere especially for England and Westham games

.juke box with good range of past and present music
.reasonable priced drinks/crisps..etc
.quiz machine has excellent games
.large carpark
.3 pool tables and a dart board
.pool competions, some times prizes to be won.

- points

.neeeds refurbishment/decorated
.one of the two fire exit doors is locked
.managers dog is allowed down into the pub
.ginger barmaid is not nice,grumpy
sweetie121 - 16 May 2006 21:49
First time I visited this pub I loved it.
Second time I visited I still loved it.
Third time I visited I wondered what the hell had happened to it!

This pub has so much potential and with a refurb could go back to it's glory days that I hear about so much from my mates.

+ points
Three pool tables
Video Jukebox
Fit barmaid

- points
Needs decorating
stoner - 10 Feb 2006 10:05
This is pub is in desperate need of a refurb.
The comment below on Sept. 2 just about sums up the uneducated chavs that populate the place - have you ever head of grammar? Just how much time did you save by writing gt instead of got (a horrible word anyway). "It has gt well gd atmosphere in when england are playin" just about sums up the clientele.
jonlikesabeer - 23 Sep 2005 12:35
We already miss Mel and Bernadette. The best land lord and land lady ever. Bring them back and i'll be back. Used to be the greatest pub in the world
thebigman - 23 Sep 2005 11:39
This is an okay pub have had some gd times in this pub toilets are a bit shaby no toilet locks on the gents. IT has gt gd entertainment in there 2 massive tv screens when the football is on. It has gt well gd atmosphere in when england are playin.
anonymous - 2 Sep 2005 15:38
Its alright, the masons.
3 pool tables, always a crowd pleaser.
Don't look anyone in the eye. Apart from the barstaff.
Iceman - 16 Apr 2005 21:34
Mr Qs pub a good walk down St Mary's Lane from Upminster town centre,but well worth it,nice pub run by friendly staff and good clientele usual Mr Qs facilities including Sattelite jukebox and three pool tables,nice food and a nice beer garden out the back.
Patrick A Banks - 7 Nov 2004 12:27
A great pub. Very cheap £1.50 a double plus mixer. Good selection of beers. Lots of teles showing the footy. Pool tables and games. It has a bit of a rep for being a yobs pub but i thought the crowd was a nice mix. I am going to become a regular!
Sue - 21 Oct 2004 09:11
Amazing pub, video Jukebox, 3 pool tables, £1.54 a pint!! Great crowd, football shown on two big screens and about 10 TVs. All round, the best pub I've been!
John Barnes - 30 Sep 2004 15:28

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