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Plough Inn, Longparish

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user reviews of The Plough Inn, Longparish

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Now closed - being turned into housing
hooker02 - 4 May 2017 10:16
Now closed - being turned into housing
hooker02 - 4 May 2017 10:15
Only one word for this place...RESTAURANT. If your looking for a pub, forget it. The Scottish barman was very polite and the service was good. The Ringwood Best was.....'Passable'. The place is cold and lacks atmosphere. There are better eating and drinking establishments in the area....but hey ho, give it as go. But it aint for me. 3/10
wolvesfan - 9 Oct 2012 16:09
I have to totally disagree with the last review by Diners dated 10th April 2012.
This establishment was highly recommended to me by friends of mine for excellent, value for money food and this is exactly what I experienced. The relaxed, friendly but professional service I received was very impressive. I could not fault the atmosphere, decor, service or least of all the food. If you enjoy great good in a lovely family run pub with great surroundings then you have to visit The Plough in Longparish.
dobson1983 - 19 Apr 2012 15:31
New owners completely refurbished (sic) to reflect everything that is good for a young peoples burger bar in any town centre. Plastic chairs reflect the limited imagination and poor menu. A sad demise of what has been until recently been an excellent and wholesome experience.
One star is for the enthusiastic service.

Diners - 10 Apr 2012 09:19
Perhaps ‘pompies’ should try a McDonalds.
From hamburgers to fish fingers, fries to carrot sticks, milkshakes to organic milk...They claim!
Why destroy the sanctity of a nice English pub with the presence of children?
Have you considered that what you see as a 'lucrative section of the market', is unwelcome by the silent majority. A good traditional pub offers an escape for parents who having left their children with responsible adults, seek a peaceful meal or quiet drink. This is what makes a true English pub the envy of bars the world over.
It looks as though you expected to get a silk purse for the price of a pig’s ear!

Drywillie - 5 Oct 2010 20:50
The Food in this pub is superb. Plenty of choice, cooked to perfection and uses all local produce.

Small friendly restaurant. Have taken friends there who have also enjoyed it.

Would strongly recommend it.
winebuff - 23 Sep 2010 16:58
Lovely pub in the heart of this pretty village. Always a warm welcome from the staff, interesting menus with local produce, along with classics for a midweek supper. Great wine menu and beer kept well. A great place for either a special occasion or just a casual pop in!

Gets a double thumbs up from us. only wish my local was as good.
marmite - 7 Sep 2010 22:19
Ivisit the Plough regularly and was shocked to see the below review. I have always found the staff to be very welcoming to locals and those just passing through. I have certainly never had a meal which I could describe as bland or overpriced, quite the opposite, there are few pubs now who can honestly say that their entire menu is homemade and I know the Plough can!

Having worked in the trade I think that the water which is being referred too is hot vinegar water which staff polish the cutlery with once it has been washed to ensure that it is shinny when laying the tables, another attention to detail which the Plough delivers, and I think to be as presumptuous to report otherwise without asking is unforgivable, we need to be supporting our local pubs during these difficult times not discrediting them without seeking the full facts.

Well that is enough of my rant, I have a table booked for Friday and I am looking forward to it!

sps - 24 Aug 2010 11:50
The Plough is set in one of Hampshire most picturesque villages, and driving through it raises your expectation somewhat. Unfortunately if you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a reasonably priced family meal, with a young family (children aged 4 & 11), the Plough fails on all levels; dashing any expectations you may have had upon arrival!

The menu is limited, which isn’t a bad thing as it is always better to offer less, and deliver very high quality consistently. However, there is no menu specifically designed for children, although the pub does offer many of the non À La Carte meals in smaller portions.

The non À La Carte menu is again limited, but does have a reasonable amount of options. The description of each option, as usual gets your taste buds dancing, but in our experience the actual food didn’t live up to our expectations, and left use feeling somewhat disappointed.

The food was bland and overpriced, £48.80 for a cheese burger and chips, fish and chips, small sausage and chips and one drink each; have these people not heard about the global recession! In terms of a value for money, the plough falls short and is unlikely to attract repeat business from what is otherwise a lucrative section of the market.

However, even if the Plough had been more reasonably priced and less bland, any chance of them gaining our repeat business was lost due to the lack of atmosphere, and the staffs in ability to make my family feel welcome. The sight of seeing the staff cleaning the cutlery on the end of the bar as I paid my bill was also somewhat of a put off, especially when I noticed the colour of the water in container it was being retrieved from, disgusting!!!!!!!

If you are thinking of dinning out with your family, and are looking for a pleasant experience outside of the normal mass produced rubbish, then drive straight past the Plough to the next pub in the village – The Cricketers – where you will receive a warm welcome and leave feeling well fed and having received value for money!

pompies - 21 Aug 2010 08:50
Excellent food & drink, great atmosphere, very attentive staff, fabulous location!!!!
mikehurstuk - 24 Oct 2009 19:55
Went back on Friday for the first time since the re-furb and it is so much better. The garden is back, with a lovely decked area (no more sitting in the carpark), and there's rabbits and chickens - bring the kids !

The inside is more like the pub used to be - the bar is back - and the staff were great. This was the reason I moved to Longparish in the first place and it was just like old times.

Food was good, rather than great, but a very varied selection.
Blartman - 2 Sep 2009 16:54
Use the pub regually now, great service, great food and friendly staff, what more can you ask? The garden with the chickens and rabits are a real treat!!!!
river_walker - 27 Aug 2009 16:31
Visited the pub on Saturday evening, whilst staying at a nearby hotel. Received a very warm welcome, good menu, great food, nice ambience. While the place was not packed, come on you locals support the new owners!, the service was excellent and we would recommend a visit to anyone
Linrog - 24 Aug 2009 12:51
The Plough changed hands at the end of last year and has been greatly improved, friendly staff, great food, and lovely new decking area for eating outside. They have extended the bar so you can enjoy a pint! Excellent
sps - 20 Mar 2009 14:12
Great pub, very friendly staff and superb food in the heart of the countryside. Not a tedious 'Countryside Alliance' type sniffy/unfriendly country pub, instead they are customer focused and welcome outsiders. Very much a gastro-pub with good vegetarian options. I would be delighted to come back here again.
sittinpretty - 28 Feb 2009 16:27
New Owners are in the process of changing this place and it is definitely worth the visit...... Enjoy
mikehurstuk - 1 Dec 2008 19:59
Look back over the many reviews that customers have posted against this establishment during the past few years and it becomes clear that the attempts to attract a more discerning diner has failed.
It is now obvious that detracting from traditional 'Pub Food' will never produce a long term future that the haute cuisine experimenters anticipated.
The Plough has so much going for it. Old world charm, close to a busy trunk route, excellent kitchen facilities and in most cases, regular cheerful, helpful staff. So why does it fail so often to produce permanence in the form of a regular mine host?
Maybe the proliferation in recent years of so many TV food preparation programmes has convinced would-be caters that experiment is the key to a customer's taste buds.
Certainly, reading between the lines of the many reviews, a two tier approach to diners needs could well satisfy both the discerning diner and the beer loving snacker.
Until The Plough can offer true value for money to both – Expect the removal van at regular periodic intervals

Drywillie - 7 Nov 2008 22:57
The Plough Inn is no longer a pub or an inn for the casual drinker who may wish to eat there - it's a restaurant. As a casual caller seeking a pint and bar snack, I was extremely disappointed by the interior - all tables were made up with cutlery and wine glasses and there was no trace of its historic nature as I entered the door and stood at the minimalist bar. As the weather was good, I sat outside in the sun. If the weather had been bad, I'd have gone elsewhere. I can't vouch for the quality of the meals, from previous comments it appears that there are enough people who want this sort of experience.
Feed - 11 Jun 2008 17:45
I visited the Plough last night to enjoy a meal with friends. It was a special occasion so we chose the night when Andy Dickens' excellent band was playing.
During the day I looked on the internet for sample menus, reviews etc. as I have never eaten there before and I have to admit I was a little nervous as the reviews were rather middling.

To set the record straight, I decided to post my own review since all six of us had a lovely evening and found the food to be of very a high standard. For a reasonable price we selected from a broad menu of distinctive and very tasty dishes and we'll certainly be looking for an excuse to make the journey again some time, despite the distance from Chandlers Ford!
just_a_punter - 14 Nov 2007 11:55
What a shame! The pub looks different, if a little stark and I can totally accept the locals finding they have nowhere to pop in for a pint...and I'd just like to agree with comments about the price of the food and what you get for your money. I think it's trying to be a "gastro" pub, but doesn't succeed...the food is just not good enough, and so there it falls between two stools. It is neither gastro, nor good pub grub...and do yourselves a favour, if someone is not happy find out why. We told staff we were dissapointed with the food for the price, and all we got was a "huh"?
I'm afraid you have spoilt what could have been a great place to eat by your total lack of customer service! Don't eat here, eat at The Cricketers!
pubbies - 17 May 2007 12:51
Well it was the first time i visited The Plough, And i was extremly impressed with the standard of food and the welcoming staff that worked there. The Food was so impressive i strongly reccomended it to my mother and father that wanted to celebrate their anniversary some where nice. And also from them i got great remarks.
Its in a lovely area and its a beautiful pub. I wish the new owners luck.
I strongly diagree with the comments stated below. But then again you cant please everybody. But im sure the plough will get more postive comments than the negative.
AlisonLang - 11 Dec 2006 20:28
A 3rd change of management since I have lived in Longparish and although the Plough definitely needed a refurb, the new look is very out of place. The Plough is now aimed at monied older people who want posh-sounding food and posh surroundings. It's pretty busy with diners most nights now, so they've hit their target.
However, if it's a quick beer and good atmosphere you want, go to the Cricketers.
Blartman - 8 Dec 2006 11:48
hastings obviously has his/her head up their arse, and did not know the full spirit of the plough before the current owners took on the pub. They have taken away all atmosphere and produced this wholly modern clinical 'room' in which you may enjoy overpriced food in a totally lacking atmosphere. there is no accommadation whatsoever for anybody wishing to have a quiet drink, you will only be frowned upon and treated like shit.
mattacus - 4 Dec 2006 00:42
I was here visiting my daughter a few weeks ago and had a great time in the Plough, excellent food and wines, Paul and Sarah were the hosts if I remember correctly? and I also heard that they had spent about 50k of their own cash on the refurb, brave people in this day and age, whenever someone new takes over this sort of pub there are always a few locals with a grievance who register on this site to slag off the pub and big up the nearest ale house, then they slink away back under their rock, this is a very good pub with very experienced owners. 9/10
Hastings - 19 Nov 2006 08:53
Completely agree with Mattacus. We went there for the first time since the takeover. Found it lacking in atmosphere, snotty management, overpriced food and wine - altogether a complete let down.

Left early, and went to The Cricketers to finish our evening. What a contrast!!
Janeliomer - 19 Nov 2006 07:57
Called in for Sunday lunch on a walk today - Top-notch roast and belly-pork! (Didn't eat it all myself). Good value and v friendly service ... Cute barman, too ;-)
sherbie - 20 Aug 2006 20:21
A very decent pub, good atmosphere, really nice setting and close to home so very convenient. Bar staff are friendly, no miserable trouts here. Food as you would expect from a country pub is very nice, reasonably priced and the beer is great. The place has a very cosy feeling inside, how a country pub should be. A place I will be spending more time in.
ginmarinthedon - 23 May 2006 19:40
i am a waitress at the plough and the atmosphere and food is fantastic. Remembering I know what happens in the kitchen I eat there at every chance I can
sarahdarling - 6 Feb 2005 17:34
I haven't been here in a long time but I used to bring my kids here in the garden twenty five years ago. An absolutely delightful place. I now live in Detroit, USA. Which is nothing at all like Longparish

Phil Connor
Phil_Connor - 14 Jan 2005 18:14
Been there three times and the food and beer has been excellent each time.
Tony - 14 Sep 2004 17:24

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