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Jolly Farmer, Worplesdon

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user reviews of the Jolly Farmer, Worplesdon

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I had the hump big time last time I was in here, but I'm more or less over it now.

Nice lunch today (duck risotto) and a couple of pints of Wild River - Fuller's excellent attempt at replicating an American craft IPA.

This beer is going to be available thoughout what passes for our "summer" these days. Lovely pint - but any other oldloafers out there remember 1976...?
oldloafer - 3 Jul 2012 15:12
Hmm. Rang the day before to check how late they would be serving food on the Tuesday of the Jubilee bank holiday, Was told 7.30pm. When we got there at 7pm they said they had decided to stop at 6pm instead "because they had been so busy".

Not impressed. Had a pint of Pride anyway which was ok, but then had to go on somewhere else to get something to eat...
oldloafer - 17 Jun 2012 10:26
After a muddy stroll around the environs of Worplesdon, the Ramble Then Lunch team chose to take lunchtime bread and water at The Jolly Farmer.

Quite frankly, the pub doesn't look much from the outside, abutting as it does right up against the road. But inside we found a very pleasant hostelry. A Fullers pub, it had London Pride available, but also Gale's HSB and Seafarers. Between us we plumped for the Gale's, and very pleasant they were too.

The Jolly Farmer is making an effort to get noticed with its food and boasts all locally produced ingredients, etc. I plumped for the local beef burger in a bun with chunky chips. The chips came served in a mug (someone's been watching too many TV food programmes), but the bun was stuffed full of all sorts of extras and the burger itself was superb - an excellent strong taste, about as far from a Burger King "pap-burger" as it's possible to get. My colleagues all enjoyed their lunches as well, Fulk's Sausages (whoever he may be) going down particularly well.

Add to this some friendly young ladies doing the serving and you have a very pleasant lunchtime.

One word of warning - when using the gents there are two doors as you go in which are very close together. After a few beers I could envisaged the odd squashed nose or two.

But toilet doors apart, the Jolly Farmer is a very pleasant place to drink, eat and have another a beer because you've missed the once an hour train.

ramblethenlunch - 16 Jan 2012 11:00
This pub is situated on the edge of Whitmore Common. It has a cosy interior and nice beer garden and covered outside sitting area with good garden furniture and some patio heating lamps. It is a Fullers pub but as a Guinness drinker I'm not too sure what beers they do. Gets busy at weekends with people eating, staff are pleasant and friendly and it's a nice pub and well worth a visit.
vicdakin - 21 Sep 2011 15:43
very disappointing meal today post Christmas. I ordered fish and chips no peas, tomatoes instead. Chips came burnt black and peas still on plate. The batter was soggy and uncooked fish inside! Not nice, complained and a new meal was brought however it was still a very disappointing meal. Cheese and biscuits for desert, waitress dropped biscuits on the floor.."oops dropped biscuits" was her comment and no replacement made.....all in all not a successful visit and I will not venture to the pub again
judiroodi - 27 Dec 2010 19:58
24 of us went for lunch there today. Great food and service whilst sitting in the garden. Would recommend it, although the car park got a a bit busy!
fender1961 - 12 Sep 2010 16:56
Fuller's pub and I assume ex Gales as they have HSB and Seafarers along with Pride. Other Fuller's in bottles. Decent country pub with a large garden.
GuideDogSaint - 30 Aug 2010 15:30
Guzzler got to say if I had a pub and someone came in with a dog trailing mud i`d show them the door with my boot up their backside, thank goodness most dog owners are not that stupid !!!
flyingnun - 6 May 2010 18:32
Went to the Jolly Farmer with 2 European suppliers for an evening meal in a local country pub but it was a very disappointing evening meal which was served nearly cold,
The pub has lost a customer who could potentially bring quite a lot of business to it but has now missed out
Beer was fine
Dongo - 6 May 2010 18:05
I love the Jolly Farmer. I walk my dogs on the common regularly and drop in for lunch with my dogs. I am always greeted with a smile and the dogs get a biscuit even when they leave a trail of mud on the floor. I must say I havent had a bacon butty there so cant comment on them, but I have eaten just about everything on the constantly changing menu. I have never received a meal below par. As for pubs in the area serving better quality food I would love to know of them? The Olive tree is a good meal if your pockets are deep enough, but other than that I cant think of any where better. As for the beer you cant get a better pint of Pride any where in the area. Keep up the good work and dont listen to the moaners on here. If you dont like a place dont moan about it just go some where else. If you own dogs and want to go for a cracking lunch and not leave them in the car the Jolly Farmer is the place!!!!!
guzzler1970 - 9 Jan 2010 10:46
We used to go to this pub a lot when we cycled across the common with the kids and back then it was really nice. Somewhere over the years it has tried to reinvent itself as an upmarket gastro pub & though the beer is still good the atmosphere is not and the food is pretty bad. They wouldn't allow dogs in for a while and kids were certainly not welcome.
My wife and I went there for lunch a few months ago and were very disappointed with the quality of the food which was barely acceptable. We should have complained but we didn't want to spoil our day any futher with an arguement.
They changed their attitude to dogs recently in an attempt to bring in the dog walking crowd for a coffee and a bacon or sausage sandwich so I decided to give them another try. The coffee was okay but the sausage sandwich came in a less than fresh brown bread when I had ordered white. There was no butter or any other spread which made for a very dry and literally hard to swallow bite. The sausage, having seen the inside of a grill at least once too often was also dry and what flavor there was wasn't good. When I complained I was told they didn't put butter in thier sandwiches and refunded the �3.00 I'd paid for it but kept the price of the coffee, which to be fair was okay.
There are any number of pubs which can serve at least as good a pint of Fullers not too far away but I can't think of any which will sell you worse food at a higher price anywhere. Having walked my dog there for the last few years and got to know many of the people who live nearby quite well I haven't found anyone with a good word to say about the place but feel free to try it for yourself. I'll give it a 2 because the beer is okay.
YiamCross - 3 Nov 2009 11:44
Found this pub quite by accident (satnav brought us down a road we don't normally use)! Best discovery we've had pub-wise for quite a while, and we now visit at least twice a month, usually on a Friday evening..
OK the menu is a little pricey and not particularly wide, but in our opinion a pub stands or falls on the quality of its beers. The Gales HSB is kept in tip-top condition and served at exactly the right temperature for a bitter, which means you get the proper taste. The food also is very tasty, albeit served a little pretentiously, and both beer and food can be enjoyed in a great relaxed atmosphere either indoors or in the garden (patio heaters). A great place!
fellwalker - 28 Sep 2009 12:31
I went to the Jolly Farmer for lunch and ordered mackerel pate. It arrived with only one slice of toast, which was not enough for the amount of pate served and for which I was paying �4.95. When I asked if I could have another slice I was told I would have to pay for it! Does not say much for customer service and in no way encourages me to return for another meal or recommend the JF to any of my friends.
Pru59 - 13 Sep 2009 17:56
Yesterday I had dinner at the Jolly Farmer (Worplesdon). I paid �16 for a salmon that was so salty it could have caused me a stroke!Moreover the potatoes were half cooked and that food just did not worth �16! Maybe �4. I did not complain because it was my lovely manager�s leaving do, but I�ll never go back there again. There are 100 million places better than this!
mariaT - 26 Sep 2008 08:50
Got to say when this place was a Free House it was something special,to me it`s lost that now,but it`s kept the prices.Fullers arn`t a bad lot but not as flexible as they should be.You can go to other Fullers outlets get the same food at a far better price.It`s ok if you enjoy drinking Fullers ales in a restaurant enviroment.
ThePilgrim - 19 Jun 2008 11:07
This is my all time favourite pub, the setting is fabulous in summer (garden) and winter (open fire), and the food has never disappointed (except when they took the belly pork off the menu).
Meal prices are higher than your average pub but then you're not paying for your average pub's food.
Visit TJF at least twice a month and this is one spot I always take friends/family when they visit the UK.
Also a great location if you enjoy a walk in the country to work up your appetite before lunch/dinner.
Jennette - 24 Mar 2008 07:56
We used to go here a lot and love the setting and the atmosphere inside, but the menu has just got too pricey and there are few lower cost options. The drinks also seem more expensive than most pubs so sadly, we have relegated this place to an occasional rather than regular haunt. Would not argue with quality of food though but landlord, if you ever read these comments please could we have some lower cost options on the menu, both for lunch and dinner!
anonymous - 5 Nov 2007 10:31
I used to love going to this pub. Great food, beautiful scenery etc. Unfortunately the last two times I went there I was really disappointed. I asked the barmaid what lagers they had bc I could see around the bar, and she said "i dunno, look around the bar." Then she proceeded to read out the bitters. Then when I ordered the food, I gave them my table number, and the food was given to a different table, then taken back inside. by the time It came to our table all the chips were cold. The sandwich was okay at best. Just like I could have made at home.

On the plus side: clean bathrooms, nicely maintained garden, great quaint corners to get tucked away inside.

Negative: moody staff, just okay food.
pubcrawl25 - 23 Oct 2007 14:29
The food really seems to have improved over the last 6 months. They have a very tasty and varied specials board to compliment the standard menu and I invariably find myself choosing something from there.
Service is good, although a few more smiles wouldn't go amiss from some of the staff.
The only major complaint is the lack of parking - a problem if you don't get there before 12.30 on a sunny weekend lunch.
Battyw - 25 Sep 2007 17:25
Really nice garden, great for a relaxing ale, Food I am a little dubious, Roast was a bit tough and not all items were in Seafood basket as advertised. Still a pleasant visit, will be back.
jonny56 - 1 Jul 2007 19:22
Fabulous in winter by the fire and even better in summer sitting out in the garden.

Food a bit more costly than usual pub meals - but meals are much better than most pubs as well, you get what you pay for. Homemade, delicious and generous servings.
Highly recommended!
anonymous - 14 May 2007 12:35
Nice pub especially for a lunchtime. The food was great, I had the homemade burger which was cooked just right and well seasoned.

Still mainly Fullers and Gales (which is now Fullers) but a good choice and homely atmosphere.

Staff were pleasant and friendly, will definitely go back again
Artonsleeve - 17 Mar 2007 20:46
Went there this weekend. This is definitely one of the three good food pubs in the area (the others being The Fox and The Olive Tree). In fact, the Jolly Farmer is more of a restaurant than a pub, having just a bar counter now, everything else is restaurant seating.
Food is much better than described in other reviews - home made, good flavours and huge helpings. Specials included beef wellington (but �20), sea bass with risotto (�15) and shank of lamb (�17).
Service generally good though sometimes slow, but lots of friendly staff.
lsmithgo - 22 Jan 2006 15:31
Nice village Pub, however the food was far better under the owners before sold to Fullers. Use to eat here a lot before it was sold and the food was brilliant. However, now it is just like any other chain public house with the same menu. Have eaten Sunday lunch here which was very expensive but OK. We go mostly now just for a drink in the evenings. Previous owners now at the Olive Tree in Woking. Go here a lot too. Lovely atmosphere.
anonymous - 3 Nov 2005 11:02
Only been here once when my train got stuck at Worplesdon. Nice sunny day sit in the garden, nowhere near any traffic with a golden pint of Cheswick, could not get better ! It is surrounded by heath land so good for ramblers.
Delios - 30 Sep 2005 14:34
I worked at this pub in 2002, whilst au pairing in Sutton Green. Disappointed to see that the owners have gone elsewhere. The Jolly Farmer was always busy, and the meals always looked great. I'll be sure to visit the owners in their new place on my next visit to England, so I can tuck in to a great meal!
k_a_t_h - 16 Sep 2005 13:24
A great place for a drink and lunch when the sun is shining and you can sit in the large garden. The food is not cheap but is pretty good - barbecued dishes are available sometimes.

The beers seem well kept - 2 Fullers beers plus Hogsback T.E.A.

Part of the interior is non-smoking now which will be better in the winter - it could be a bit smokey...
GrahamA - 24 Aug 2005 12:54
Food, beer, and service have been excellent for the last few years. Even better value uner the new ownership. A fantastic pub!!
jersey - 24 Apr 2005 21:24
I went to the jolly farmer with my 2 children and one of their freinds. I had rung before hand to check that food was being served all day,and the barmaid that answered the phone even went to check. When we arrived the manager refused to serve us, even tough i explained that i had telephoned, we had walked there and the children were hungry. We walked back across the common to the worplesdon place hotel, where we had a very good meal. We wont be visiting the Jolly Farmer again, the manager is not child friendly
anonymous - 23 Jan 2005 18:36
Good Grub excellent beer especially the Pride and the Tea. Superb staff and service There was 16 of us and all the food was served quickly and Hot would thoroughly recomend.A very satisfied customer
anonymous - 30 Dec 2004 13:27
This pub has gone down hill over the past year or so and I have found out the previous owners are now in The Olive Tree in Sutton Green, which is approx. 5 mins drive away - go check it out - its worth it!!!!
anonymous - 21 Dec 2004 16:56
very fit barmaids lack of stella glases tho but a very nice pub
anonymous - 29 Oct 2004 16:58
Nice traditional pub at the front with huge open fire, they serve a good pint of pride. Restaurant area at the rear and an excellent beer garden away from the road. Food has gone noticably downhill since the Fullers takeover.
D Jones - 28 May 2004 15:34
This is now a Fuller's pub but it seems to be the same as before, although only Fuller's beers now. Would echo Jules' point - the food is not cheap, but it is good. Gets very busy on Sunday lunchtime so booking a table is advisable.
Graham - 4 Sep 2003 23:10
Food is excellent although not somewhere you stop for a quick (cheap) sarnie. Excellent sized garden and Moet & Chandon umbrellas what more can you say!! V V nice Surrey establishment and off the beaten track.
Jules - 7 May 2003 10:54
Good pub in country area. Good beer and excellent food. Only drawbacks are that it closes on Sundays and is hard to find (address is Burdenshot Road off the Woking Guildford road)
Dave - 22 Jan 2003 13:08

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