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Richmond Arms, Charminster

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user reviews of the Richmond Arms, Charminster

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Last year I visited this pub to review it for a group lunch - it failed miserably. I'd heard there had been changes recently and was delighted to see it had had a wonderful makeover and I received a very warm welcome from the manager, Nigel. The Festive Menu had choices for everyone and the ordering process was easy with nothing being too much trouble. Today 36 of our choir enjoyed freshly cooked, good quality and good valued food, accompanied by very friendly, prompt and professional service. We were so impressed, we paid tribute to the staff with a rendition of one of our songs! We would definitely come back for future celebrations and would absolutely recommend this pub. A big thank you to Nigel and his team for a most enjoyable experience.
Lesley Gee for Bournemouth Lunch Rock Choir
weezawee - 29 Nov 2011 23:00
This place was in need of some modernisation and updating. Unfortunately I think the customer is expected to foot the bill. The food is good but very expensive for pub food. Lots of nice, reasonably priced restaurants close by as a better alternative dining experience. Personally I preferred the atmosphere in the Richmond of the old days when it had regular music and entertainment.
daledaledale - 28 Mar 2011 16:07
About time this place got a re-furb!! They've done a stunning job and the staff are great!! Good selection of drinks - top premium lagers and my favourite NZ Sauv Blanc too!! And the added bonus is that all the 'undesirables' have gone to the Five Ways instead!! Definately recommend to all!!
purplekitty - 16 Mar 2011 18:48
Total refurb, new managemant, fantastic food, quality beers and real ale, Charminster needed this and so did the locals. One week in and i've been there 3 times! Bring on the weekend.
dead_like_me - 10 Mar 2011 22:49

I just moved into the area so I thought I'd better find a new local and I just struck gold . This pub has it all . Great beer , Carlsberg only 2.29 a pint , Food that is so cheap I had to look twice but still tastes great . Althought they are really busy during the Karaoke and live music nights the staff are still happy and very friendly . But best of all about this pub is there are no chavs .Only down side is it needs at least a lick of paint !
NOBULL - 7 Sep 2010 18:35
It's such a shame how far this pub has fallen. back in the day, summer evenings were all about a nice cold pint in the Richy beer garden. Since Joe Morano left as landlord it has gone down the toilet. Last time I was in there it was a disgrace, it stank of p*ss from the filthy toilets, staff had attitute and the whole place was dirty with a bad vibe. The small side bar where the foreign students used to gather hasn't been open since the new management took over.

But much worse than all of that: they have built a huge, ugly smoking shelter over a big portion of the beer garden. Such a shame.

Try The Brunswick instead.
Ked - 21 Jan 2010 15:26
The rudest assistant manager i ever met and poorest quality of food and has to be the dirtiest toilets in bournemouth and that was a sunday lunchtime. Also assistant manager looked like he had not shaved in a week and had bad body odour. It made me ashamed to be british.
shakira13 - 8 Apr 2009 20:20
I have not been into this pub for some time but it used to be full of drunk builders and so had a rough impression and judging by some of the comments below nothings changed.It also had uncomfortble seating and not very warm especially in winter time.
sawreytonian - 3 Dec 2008 04:34
Sorry, forgot the jewel in the crown of this pub,
I once asked why there was no disabled access or toilets and was told by the manager "because I dont want them in here, too much hassel, and they depress the punters"

Can you beleive that?? I was speachless.
beergreatbeer - 19 May 2008 21:22
This pub has gotten gradually worse and worse, especially since the new manager took over. The pub is frequeted by smelly old men who drink all day log and pick fights with eachother regularly. The pub is dirty and furnished with dirty, smelly damp cushions. The Pints are flat and overpriced. The staff always look overworked and underpayed. I heard that the (one eyed) manager is an ex gypsey boxer, this wouldnt supprise me as he broke a customer's arm not two weeks ago over a small disagreement.
Regulars are allowed to be as drunk and violent as they like, while students and non regulars will be booted out forcefully over nothing.

This truly is a local pub for local people only

beergreatbeer - 19 May 2008 21:11
Re:previous subscriber I think the clue is in his non-de-plume. He seems to have a real downer on Bournemouth pubs, so take heart Richmond Arms you are in good company. Unless your pub has the aroma of "hoppy" farts and middle-class pretension he will never give you a favourable review, apart from that I'm sure he's a lovely chap
summerisle - 20 Feb 2008 16:26
very funny- the barstaff are clueless- my friend and i popped in for a pint about 12- only ones in there- the guy served us- then he came up to my friend and said 'only allow trainers if it's part of work gear' HA HA - work that one out??? Then- being the only two in there- he was in the kitchen- and as you do- i called out- another two of the same when you're ready mate- to be met with a frosty- 'yeh, let me get out of the kitchen first mate..' we left in protest. what a dive- bournemouth is frightening.
nofanofbritain - 18 Feb 2008 21:45
Crap. Asked for an irish whiskey,but they didn't carry any. All they had was Teachers or Bells.If that's the choice,sliced white bread or white sliced bread,why bother?Why not just stock one?In the evening it's full of students,so I guess they think they can serve what they like.During the day it's like being trapped in a chain pub in the 1970's.Staff generally unhelpful.One to avoid if you're over 25.
jdb1 - 18 Jan 2008 18:59
Rubbish. overpriced, beer tastes shit and people have a attitude problem nice beer garden though
dr__Seegal - 22 Dec 2007 00:51
guys! does anybody know the DJ -his name's Dan, every thursday he's doing caraoke in this pub. thanks for any answers! cheers :*
PaulinkaRuless - 19 Dec 2007 17:50
(My night there on 19/01/07)

The doorman was very helpful and friendly. He even looked after my fizzy drink (you aren't allowed your own drinks in the pub). He struck up a conversation that was very relevant when I was talking about IDs that I had. Finally, I got around to my Connexions Card and used that as my "invitation" (I think I have an ID shortage). He suggested that I get a provisional driving licence or passport because they're universal IDs. Very interesting guy. When I came out, he asked if I was "OK" after tensions got a bit frayed between some pubgoers. I thanked him for asking and made my way out, safe and sound.
The bar staff were really nice (saying "what drink do you want?" and pointing at the taps) and the cider was really tasty (I had a Strongbow and a Magners because I love alcoholic apple juice). On the flip side, the Magners was very expensive (3.55/pint), but it's one of those "special drinks" that's expensive everywhere.
It's a shame people got a bit rough towards the end of the evening but that happens anywhere at night.
anonymous - 20 Jan 2007 14:26
Pretty good but can get very busy.
6bh96 - 5 Dec 2006 21:33
Large main bar, usually busy with locals and people stopping off on their way through to town. Smaller side bar usually mix of foreign language school and english university students. Largest Beer Garden in Bournemouth gets packed in summer. great atmosphere.
BmthGirl - 17 Oct 2006 12:31
This is a real locals pub. Just moved into the area and was a little scared of walking in a locals pub, but to my surprise everybody was really friendly and welcoming. Fantastic lively atmosphere, excellent service, huge beer garden (lovely in summer). The most vibrant locals pub I've ever frequented. A home from home. I can now walk in on my own and know there is always someone there I can talk to! Fab! 10/10
LisaB - 4 Nov 2005 19:30
Well I completely disagree...this is a great pub...great beer...fantastic service (really friendly!) Oh and the wine was great too! Can't fault this pub at all infact!
Sarah25 - 27 Mar 2005 22:34
Love it! i had such a wonderful time at this beautiful, warm and friendly pub i will definately be going back again. all the people who are not impressed obviously dont know quality wen they see it.
Amelia - 2 Nov 2004 14:00
what a shame to see a once great place to meet freinds and enjoy a beer fall to such a depth of gloom. beer is not kept particularly well and god only knows how long a bottle of wine stays open behind the bar...yuck. still...we have our great memories of a pub that used to be just fab!
Gill - 20 Oct 2004 14:10
a nice friendly pub consisting of mostly local clientelle in one side and lots of international students in the other. Great pint of London Pride...and a huge beergarden.
zen - 7 Apr 2004 19:13
Absolutely. It's a stinkpit full of all-day drinking ne'er do wells and punchy navvies. It used to be a really wonderful place years ago, now sadly a shadow of its former self.
Richard - 26 May 2003 02:27
Used to be a haunt of the many languange students in Bournemouth but they seem to have been priced out and it is now largely populated by thugs. Beer is overpriced and not kept particularly well. Beer garden, fruit machines, quiz machine.
John - 6 Mar 2003 17:14

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