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Boar's Head, Horsham

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user reviews of the Boar's Head, Horsham

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Most definitely not closed.
workhard - 29 Apr 2013 17:50

fullbelly - 4 Sep 2011 16:30
very nice and friendly good food at reasonable prices.
thevirg02 - 18 Mar 2011 10:42
�20 for venison that really is just too Deer!
fullbelly - 1 Feb 2011 17:27
�20 for venison that really is just too Deer!
fullbelly - 1 Feb 2011 17:27
Hall & Woodhouse pub on a road out of Horsham. The only other customers here on our visit were a boisterous rugby team, who were busy playing drinking games. The person, I assume was the landlady was wondering why the pub wasn't busier. I think the noise emanating from the rugby group probably explained this. Beers were King & Barnes Sussex Bitter & Badger Tanglefoot & First Gold were the beers. Stowford Press was the cider. Prices were expensive for drinks. The food was also pricey with a venison meal on the specials board setting you back �20. Needless to say, there were no takers. The interior was modern and uninspiring.
blue_scrumpy - 30 Jan 2011 19:10
nice coat of paint, shame the beer is still dire HW standard range, food menu on the pricey side for lunch.
fullbelly - 24 Aug 2010 16:35
Did they run out of money on the refurb? Very sparce furniture wise and that which has been purchased seems domestic (from cargo or similar) rather than suitable for large volume expect to see it replaced pretty soon. Standard Hall and Woodhouse beers (Bland bitters, ok cider and lagers)
Food looked pricey and trying too hard. Its a pub not a gastro pub........good home cooked locally sourced pub food is a rarity and it neednt be...........get the basics right and people will eat.
OldSchoolTie - 20 Aug 2010 00:21
Open again after refurb and change of management and I had to try it!!

A partnership of 4 now run the Boars Head. The new interior decor isn't quite my bag, but it is clean & fresh.

Staff were attentive and friendly. Free tasters of wine & beer were offered without hesitation. Ale is H & W faves plus Weston's Stowford press cider. All acceptable. The wife said the wine was fine.

Tried the Charcuterie platter for lunch, designed to be shared between 2. More appropriate as a starter for 1.

Food not cheap, but the new owners are pitching a locally sourced, home cooked, rustic-menued eatery rather than an boozeer with food. Having said that, it never was a boozer, it is LESS of one now however.

I wish the new owners well and I will probably return for a pint now and then, but might avoid the food - for cost reasons, not quality.

Moses - 18 Aug 2010 13:41
Whilst it is sad that this pub has closed, if the manager didn't see it coming he shouldn't be in the business. And now he isn't........
Moses - 14 Apr 2010 12:33
There seems to be a virus going round Hall and Woodhouse pubs...this joins the list of closed pubs.........Is it Horsham folk really dont like their beers?

Question : If Champagne can only come from France ....surely Sussex bitter should not be brewed in BlanDford!?
fullbelly - 6 Apr 2010 08:41
Crikey Moses!!! Sorry someone just had to say it!!!
fullbelly - 25 Mar 2010 18:51
Dropped in (against my better judgement) for a swift half on a Monday afternoon. All the teenage bar-staff were on th ewrong side of the bar, having a drink and slagging off the boss.

No ale "on".

Never again
Moses - 25 Mar 2010 14:30
We went here for Sunday lunch as a group and can't say it was the experience we were expecting!
Beer was fantastic, but that was the only good point.
Waited ages for service, food and drinks - it wasn't worth it. The veggie option is one of the most awful dishes anyone has had the cheek to dish up to me to date and the meat apparently wasn't much better.
If you only want to drink I suppose this place would be ok, but we wouldn't bother again.

slugbreff - 7 Dec 2008 21:33
Oh wow...............they have a website too.....and even that is funny!!! Winners of some award you pay for and a bronze in best newcommers from their own brewery.....I have changed my mind...........I will return just to see what utter tosh is being spouted ny the Landlord....Dunlop Stars? (replaced michelin ones don't you know?)........Global celebrity cocktail barstaff?...............Jimmi Hendrix pooping in for an open mic session?...........honestly...i've changed my mind....visit The Boars Head (with a gasmark,ear defenders, bull detector, and a shipping container of salt.....................)
OldSchoolTie - 2 Oct 2008 20:06
Oh Dear.............Where to start....The First thing you will notice is that this is without doubt the most expensive pub in the area.This is not always a bad thing.............however at this establishment it most certainly is..�3.30 for a pint of Bitter!!!.........A very mediocre steak (overcooked a tad) �18.00 !!!!. Nearly �7.00 for a sandwich. Things then get worse if you sit outside. I understand the tatty/retro/shabby chic look they are trying to achive but they miss by a country mile...then the smell of raw sewage hits you!! This was mentioned to the staff who informed us that is why they have put down "mint smelling wood chip!!" (I kid you not) and light joss sitcks in the outdoor area. We were then unfortunate enough to meet the landlord and you can see where the problem is. Delusions of grandeur on a monumental scale..........apparently he is used to running fashionable London establishments...........which is possibly why he was banished to West Sussex for dragging them downhill faster than the German Bobsleigh tream. Our visit was an awful experience but we have dined out on the stories (!) of our one and only visit.
P.S According to the chalkboard "Jazz Legends" play at the pub every Thursday. On closer inspection these turn out to be local school teachers and someone from the music shop they apparently have in the town centre!!
Now about these delusions of grandeur....................take a peg for the nose and a LARGE pinch of salt.
OldSchoolTie - 2 Oct 2008 19:50
You can't please all of the people all of time as the very mixed reviews prove. The managers have been here over a year now and the pub has never been busier.This is now easily the busiest pub in Horsham so obviously more people like the new style Boars Head than don't like it......simple economics mean that the pub is now a succesful business and if it is too busy for some of the old regular crowd than so be it. Beers good, foods good, good atmosphere, never any trouble..........can't really ask for much more!
TheFoxhunter - 9 May 2008 14:02
Very few places in the world manage to strike the perfect balance between relaxation and enjoyment in which a group of friends can happily pass an evening. Either the place favours the feel of a deafening meat-market, has disappeared into gastronomic nonsense or is run by a factory farmed landlord and a gang of bored idiots. It is with absolute delight that I have to say the Boars Head is none of these. Truly, a pub in which the warmth of the welcome surpasses even the high quality of the beer, the supremely comfortable surroundings and the excellent live music is a gem which should be cherrished and supported. The freedom with which people of all ages are able to talk sets it apart as an English pub in the finest tradition and it is this very real sense of community that will keep me going back there at every available opportunity. As a venue it attracts some of the finest professional musicians from all over the country and it is just astonishing to be able to hear them for the price of a pint. I've never seen all the best things about going to a pub in the same place at the same time before but they've achieved it here and long may it continue. Watching the sun going down on a sticky summer's evening with a glass of something refreshing, the soft waves of jazz floating over the hillside and the beaming grins of people who can't quite believe somewhere this good actually exists are going to be the best nights of my summer.
MitchRacin - 25 Apr 2008 14:05
What do people want from pubs? Lashings of Real Ale, Food, Music, Games, Company. Clearly there is no pleasing all, but the Boars Head is certainly making moves to tick all the boxes. The culture of a locals pub is not necessarily by virtue of the regularity and consistency of people who drink there, but how you are treated. If you like a friends welcome, a good pint and an ecclectic mix of people that span the ages then this'll satisfy your need. Music 5 nights a week of which Thursdays are now a feature in lifes busy schedule. Since, Thursday night is . . . . Jazz Night, nice. An opportunity to hear fine music, free to all and not subject to an exclusive club fee. For those of you that enjoy the deligths of fine tabacco there is an excellent smoking area, exuding bohemian fuelled interior design - all forms of smoking widely accepted, within legal means. While serving food is a great bonus, really who needs food, this is a pub, cant we be satisfied with a bag a crisps, a packet of peanuts and a pint. For those of the hardy few a walk across the fields starts the evening and ends the evening in an Enid Blyton stylie. All in all its a jolly good romp, you'd be foolish to miss out.
EnglishLamb - 21 Apr 2008 18:46
A great Horsham pub. Good service, lively atmosphere and some amazing music in the evenings.
stagbag - 24 Mar 2008 10:59
what happened?? how can it all go so wrong so it me or are eighteen year olds getting younger??
fullbelly - 19 Mar 2008 00:09
Reluctant to add more comments, but I can see why a wide range of views. Certainly a pub of two halves. Arrived as a party of 6 for dinner, were well received, attentive service and sat in quiet dining room on a Tuesday evening. Waitress, manager & all staff very helpful, food choice good and reasonably priced. Lengthy wait (45 mins) for main courses proved worthwhile, as steaks particularly are excellent! 28 days-hung and local, they proudly proclaim. However, a local band struck up later, as the local youth enjoyed some heavy rock. At least the staff were aware and put up a thick curtain! Good guitarist! Worth a return.
guystanley - 17 Jan 2008 16:01
Very Poor! I have been going to this pub for several years now and was initially encouraged by the new landlord (David). However, went for lunch yesterday (Sunday), pre-booked and informed the pub that we would need two vegetarian roast dinners. All was agreed on the phone - roast butternut squash offered. However after we had waited at least 45 minutes for our dinner, what turned up was less than impressive. The non-vege roast dinners were pitifully tiny and the vege roasts were exactly the same - minus the meat, so even smaller. No butternut squash as promised. Even the waitress seemed embarrassed, offering more bread to make up for the lack of food. Without exaggerating the meals were at least half the size of the roast dinners we have previously seen in the pub.

I had to find the acting restaurant manager to complain too as she was hiding. She offered more veg and money off the bill. We were subsequently billed for the full amount - in the case of the vege menu, �9.50 for to halves of roast potato, some peas and two small florets of cauliflower.

They finally agreed not to charge us for the vege- meals, but only after a very lengthy negotiation. The new landlord, who we had been told was out, appeared but did not speak to us or offer an apology and let his staff take the rap whilst he skulked around the bar. Unforgivable!

Awful dining experience, ruined an upto then beautiful Sunday afternoon. We shan't be going again whilst this landlord is in charge and will be advising as many people as possible to avoid this pub. As will the other two parties of diners who were sharing a similar experience - if their comments were anything to go by.

One good point - the waitress who served us was very good and deserves a much better boss!


Moses - 5 Nov 2007 09:46
This pub used to be lovely, good food, great atmosphere and very welcoming to families.
It has had a recent take-over and is trying to be a trendy London restaurant - gone are the regulars, the good banter and the lovely feeling of a good local boozer that cares about its customers.
I noticed recently that the pub had received a number of damning reports that seem to have been removed???? What happened to freedom of speech? Did this disappear with the arrival of the silly table candles and paper menus?
flumpylou - 25 Sep 2007 16:04
Good view from terrace garden - with giant chess or other games. Good atmosphere, not managed to try food yet as no food is served sunday evenings ....
Sioux - 1 Jul 2005 09:07
A lovely pub, new landlord settled in well, great food and cheap for serving, very popular on Sundays for the roast. Due to location becomes very quite during day, well worth the walk from town if you are in the area, beautiful views towards the North Downs.
mitch65 - 14 Jan 2005 12:28

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