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Moby Dick, Surrey Quays

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user reviews of Moby Dick, Surrey Quays

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I think this pub deserves better than a 4-star rating. The location is superb with a large bay and tables outside from where you get great views across the dock. The beer was perfectly acceptable - Fuller's Summer Ale is not the most flavoursome but right for a warm summer evening. And good value food - not something that's always easy to find so close to central London.
garabaldi - 24 Jul 2012 07:26
We used to be regulars at a certain pub with a big beer garden just around the corner before we discovered that the Moby is much better value , the food is just good home cooking with decent size portions and at half the price they are charging around the corner the drinks are alot cheaper too and the service here is very good the staff are always happy to help you and the view across the dock is a great place to sit outside or inside
garyd - 8 Oct 2011 14:58
I am a regular visitor to the Moby Dick. As well as having a lovely location with views over Greenland Dock, the bar staff are friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is always good. I always get a great welcome and take friends there. The inside seating is comfortable and there is a lot of outside seating which gets the sun all day in the summer.

A lot of locals drink there but it also attracts people from a wider area who come particularly for the busy quiz night and the vast Sunday roasts.

There is a good mixture of Fullers beers, ciders and bottled drinks and a really impressive wine list. It has everything from low cost house wines to celebration wines and Champagnes. For those of you who, like me, have an affection for Hoegaarden on tap look no further!

The food is good quality standard pub food with a range of sandwiches, panninis, burgers and baked potatoes and a good menu of larger meals like scampi, lasagne, all day breakfast, tuna steak, battered cod, all available with chips, croquette potatoes or jacket potatoes and salad. Starters, bar meals and desserts also available and there is always a Specials board. Portions are huge and the chips are particularly irresistible.

AndieB - 1 Jun 2011 08:34
I also feel some previous reviews were unkind. The beer (Fullers London Pride, ESB and visiting ones) plus usual lagers/Hoegarden etc are generally kept well. If your pint is cloudy or 'wrong', take it back before you drink half of it and I'm sure they'll change it! Food: Ok, this isn't a gastro-pub and doesn't pretend to be, and the prices relect that. But the food is usually fine, and the all-day breakfast (at greasy-spoon prices) should only be attempted if you are ravenous. I would however think twice about the chilli because as a confirmed carnivor I was struggling not to ask them to add "vegetarian" in front of the description. Nothing wrong with it - just not for me.

The views down Greenland Dock make this place special, and Summer afternoons/evenings were made for lazing at the tables, having a pint, nattering to friends and laughing at joggers doing their laps of the dock. In Winter, watching the rain lash against the floor-to-ceiling windows can be equally rewarding. You just get less lycra to admire.

marcus_SE16 - 11 Apr 2011 16:01
I think some of the previous reviews are somewhat unkind. The view over Greenland Dock is great and the beer is good. I've always had good experiences there, especially on warm summers days sitting out front.
tricke - 27 Oct 2010 21:28
All I can say is, don't go!
doolally - 26 Apr 2010 01:03
Staff (land landy I Think), so rude. Why work in a pub if you dont like people.
pipb1010 - 22 Mar 2010 16:49
This pub is terrible. We noticed the beer smelt funny, but we (stupidly) drank it anyway. Then we ordered food. I got a chicken burger which literally consisted of 2 small slabs of minced chicken that was squished back together again inside a bun. No sauce, salad or cheese in the burger. Once again (stupidly) I consumed it (well half of it) and am now fighting FOOD POISONING!! I can't ever remember getting food poisoning in my life and am shuddering to think what they have done (or failed to do) to give it to me. GROSS!!!
If you don't want food poisoning avoid this pub!!!
And the service was crap! Luckily there are more pubs in the area - I will never be going back to Moby Dick!!
cara4 - 3 Nov 2009 12:10
that's was absolutely disgusting!!! no rescpect to clients!!!! after last gong 10.30pm sb said to me I've a 5 minutes to finish my drink!!! promise I'll not leave this like that! and on the end waitress poured my drink into a plastick cup and asked me to get off!!!!! DO NOT VISIT THIS PUB!!!
sylwia - 28 Dec 2008 23:57
Oh dear. It hasn't got any better. Pity.
anonymous - 23 Dec 2008 01:35
Nice location overlooking the water in the summer and I've had nothing like the bad experiences others have had but it just always seems a bit liefeless, even when there's people in it. There are big signs up now above the bar advising bottled water only so I guess it's definitely not the place to go if you fancy a glass of tap water!

The food is average but reasonably cheap, pretty much as expected for pub food around the 5-6 mark.

I've found it not terrible, not great. If you were walking past and fancied a pint I wouldn't warn against it but wouldn't encourage anyone to make any kind of effort to come here. In a word - unremarkable.

MrGravy - 1 Oct 2008 09:06
.......And then when you complain to the Brewery, the Landlady telephones the host of the party held at her bar. Not to apologise, but to tell you that she doesn't care what people think of her and the bar, as she owns it. Oh, how silly some people can be....
anonymous - 17 Aug 2008 23:27
Sweet Jesus. When on earth will FS&T get their act together with this place. I would be deeply embarrassed to put my name to this grotty, badly run bar. It is a small mercy that that I don't live near this place. It is such a pity. It is in a great location, an interesting building but also has the most unpleasant Management. The husband and wife team seem determined to earn the accolade of the rudest in London.

For a bit of fun, try asking for a glass of water. Th Ale is passable, just.
anonymous - 13 Aug 2008 23:45

I attended a private party here last night, the 9th August 08. This has to be without a doubt the vilest Fuller's pub I have ever set foot in. The Landlady is a truly odious woman. Here are a few comments that were made by various guests:
1: When we commented that the pint of Stella that had been purchased didn't smell right, she looked at us as if we were stupid, smelt the offending pint and said there was nothing wrong. I can only assume that her sense of smell has been affected by the smell of the bar!

2: Considering this is a Fuller's bar, we had hoped to be able to buy a pint of Fuller's Ales in the upstairs bar. We were wrong, we had to go the downstairs bar for that.

3. The Pepsi was not good. How on earth can a bar get something like that wrong, is beyond me.

4. The idea of getting a warm welcome here seems alien to the entire staff.

5: At the stroke of 12, we were told to clear off in a most unsavoury way.

To summarize, this is a shocking example of a bar in a great location, but with the rudest and most unpleasant landlady in London. I suppose that may well be an accolade that she enjoys.....

anonymous - 10 Aug 2008 19:32
I too have had an experience in this pub regarding refusal to serve tap water. I had had two rounds of drinks outside in the baking sun and asked for a glass of water, but was refused. Only bottled water is on offer here...

I am not sure where the law stands on this, but I have never been denied tap water in any pub or bar. It's in any case irresponsible to deny tap water to a punter who has been sitting in the sun, and I will not be returning to this shoddy establishment.
steve1982 - 15 Jul 2008 19:06
Purpose built pub in a good location overlooking Greenland Dock, within easy walking distance of Canada Water Underground station.

It's a Fullers pub and, given the location and previous comments, I was rather surprised to see 2 guest beers on - Adnams and Ossett Brewery.

I dont have any adverse comments to make - my beer was OK. It was early Saturday morning, the pub was virtually empty and it allowed me a brief respite from the gale force winds outside.

Based on that Saturday visit, I'd pop in again if passing through
JohnBonser - 12 Mar 2008 13:23
I have just had a similar experience with regards to accompanying drinking water with your alcoholic beverage, which I was refused. Me and my friend were about to consume 2 glasses of red wine, already poured, when the landlord said I can only buy bottled water as he has to pay for the water. I wonder whether he would make customers pay to flush a minimum of 6 litres of drinking water down the toilet?
I will investigate the legal implications on the refusal of offering free tap water in line with governments combat to overcome binge drinking. In the meantime I would urge people to avoid this pub. As mentioned in previous posts, the pub has a great location and deserves ethical decent landlords.
kpri - 23 Sep 2007 01:06
Heartily endorse most of the comments! This is an inexplicably awful pub. With such a promising location - overlooking Greenland Dock - with a spacious interior, why is the service so unutterably dire and unwelcoming? Staff are disinterested to the point of rudeness - unhelpful and often pointedly hostile. Routinely attracts a "chav" crowd at weekends which drives away the true locals who just crave a decent well-managed watering hole in the vicinity. Ship & Whale is far superior in every respect. Food is very average but poorly presented - and WHAT is it about the slice of orange on EVERYTHING?!
Wharflad - 4 Sep 2007 13:26
all you need to know about this pub with a great location is that, on a very hot summers day, the owner refused to provide me with two glasses of tap water(I had also ordered a pint and a galss of wine)even though we were hot from cycling and there were just the two of us. When questioned she was both rude and agressive. I will be back once I know she has left.
reasonable - 20 Feb 2007 15:45
Great location, but run by an owner from a different world. I was refused two glasses of tap water (to accompany two paid for alcoholic drinks) as she didnt "give anything away for free", and offered me bottled water even though this was a hot summers day and we were obviously cyclists.
I will revisit when she has gone out of business.
reasonablese16 - 20 Feb 2007 15:30
Great location, on the edge of the dock, large "panaromic" windows and an outside space in the summer. So why is this pub so dire ? Decor inside doesn't appear to have had any attention or money spent on it - I know the concrete is part of the building but there are ways to minimise this.
I would say this pub, in general, seems to attract the lower end of the social/evolutionary scale in Surrey Quays - not quite straight out of the dock water and up to the bar.. but not far off.. Much better pubs in SE16 and surrounding area.
AdsSE16 - 4 Dec 2006 14:14
My friend had his 21st birthday party in here a few weeks ago and we had such a good time! The bar staff were friendly and we couldn't fault anything about the service at all.
ST2004 - 27 Jul 2006 12:42
Honestly, an awful experience. We tried to order drinks, but the owner refused to accept card payment for less than 5 and then became aggressive when we apologised, said we had no cash on us, and would have to leave, and threated to bar us unless we paid.

Generally, incredibly depressing.
span13l - 22 Jun 2006 23:22
I have been a regular to the pub during lunchtimes as I work close by. I have to say that the food is OK, the young bar staff fantastic but the owners can be very grumpy and rude. I agree with the repeating situation with a tap water. Even regulars (I ate in the pub with my friends at least 30-40 times)are not allowed to sit for a while outside by the dock without buying anything if don't fancy to eat that day. This is outrageous in my opinion since it happened to me twice when I was walking in the area and wanted to sit for a while and there was not a single person on the outside benches so it is not that the space was required by anyone. I have to say: the pub would get much better rating if the couple who runs it did not treat the customers like enemies.
anonymous - 6 Jun 2006 21:54
Just to echo the previous comment, I have also been refused a glass of tap water, despite the fact I was buying a large glass of wine at the same time. There are plenty of local pubs which will appreciate your custom more eg: the Ship and Whale or the Wibbley Wobbley...
Hockers - 6 Jun 2006 18:14
I would like to revise my review of this pub. They refuse to give glasses of tap water, even if you're a regular, are with a group of 8 of your friends and family, spending loads of cash on drinks and asking very politely. Not only do they refuse to give tap water, they're also very rude and unpleasant about it.
helz1 - 16 Nov 2005 12:08
Moby Dick has a great location, friendly bar staff, a decent selection of ales (its a Fullers pub), and has an ok menu of very reasonably priced food. The sunday lunch is good, as are their pizzas and more usual bar foods. Nothing too fancy, but what they do, they do well. Its one of the three best pubs in the area, together with the wibbley wobbley and the ship and whale.
Alex_Fop - 3 Sep 2005 06:16
Went in here yesterday for Sunday lunch. Not a bad pub, in a great location overlooking Greenland Dock. I had a really nice vegetarian lasagne with chips, side salad and - yes - a large slice of orange sprinked with chopped parsley. Why???
Helz - 18 Jul 2005 12:28
Not a bad place but tends to get its fair share of SE16 pikers. Beer is fine, barmaids are friendly, landlord strikes amazing resemblance to the dungeon master from old cartoon dungeons and dragons, nice loaction on greenland dock. Dont be surprised if you get served half an orange in the salad with your main meal.
anonymous - 17 Mar 2005 17:16
Havent been there in absolute years, used to be delightful though.
VickieB - 20 Jan 2005 13:49
Oh dear. Too many chavs in this sh*tty modern looking pub. The Ship and Whale at least has some decent beer...
Spel_Unca - 22 Dec 2004 15:32
Took our parents from NZ there for Sunday lunch - they're roast fans and they weren't disappointed! Not only was the pork perfectly cooked but there was loads of it, the vegetables were perfectly cooked and the roasted potatoes were crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. Loads of gravy - yummy. Only complaint - that there was no room left for dessert!
Ashleigh - 30 Sep 2004 17:55
Feels as if you're having a drink in the reception of a Marriott or Holiday Inn.

The bar staff are excellent and the quiz is good fun. However, the management have a shocking take on customer service.

I recently took a glass of wine back because the bottle was corked. The barman quite rightly gave me a new glass but was promptly told off by the landlady who said that it was "the customer's problem"!?

She's lucky she didn't end up wearing it - until the management changes I certainly won't be going back.
Alice - 29 Sep 2004 17:01
The service is great and nice to sit in and out on a sunny day but beware girls, men think nothing of using the girls toliets!
av - 25 Aug 2004 17:11
I like this place. For me, the staff have always been courteous and efficient, nice big outside seating area too.
Dan - 14 Jun 2004 15:16
one of the worst pubs i've ever been in. The only positive is that it is in a really nice location overlooking the dock.

1. the bar staff are so unfriendly and look like they dont want to be there...

2. the food is bland - and yes why do they have oranges in the salad?

3. they have a tv that frequently shows sport but they dont turn on the volume - how annoying is that??
either show it properly or dont show it all..

4. seating arrangement is kaos. seats everywhere - never seems to be any room in there eventhough it's not a small bar..

5. it has the feel of witherspoons without the cheap beer - that says it all really!

its one of these bars that will happily serve you drink at 10 59 and then take it off you at 1101!

sorry,but its terrible - really terrible!
john - 19 Apr 2004 23:25
Good pub quiz on a Tuesday night, but one question in general. Why does all the pub food always have an orange in the salad?
Alex - 1 Dec 2003 16:54

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