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Edmund Tylney, Leatherhead

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user reviews of the Edmund Tylney, Leatherhead

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I started a tour of Surrey in Leatherhead, a place I'd not been to previously. The Wetherspoon's appears to be the best of a fairly poor bunch. For real ale in the town, there's a Young's pub, a Greene King pub and a Shepherd Neame pub. So, the Edmund Tylney does at least offer a varying range, albeit nothing spectacular. Greene King IPA & Abbot & Sharp's Doom Bar are the regular ales. Guests were Twickenham Smiler's Ale, Dark Star Hophead, Fuller's London Pride & Marston's Old Empire. This place also appears to be the only place in town where you can order a real cider. The choice is Old Rosie or Black Dragon. I arrived late in the morning to grab a breakfast. Quite a few other people were doing the same and the pub was busy. Nevertheless, service was quick. Tables are laid out across a couple of levels and there is a balcony overlooking the middle of the pub.
blue_scrumpy - 8 Jun 2019 20:08
Who are you calling mate.
You have no mates.
Thats why you have to use several usernames. Loser.
fozzy123 - 17 Jan 2017 19:42
Everywhere is great, good or cheap - says 123.

A standard spoon is the best in town!

Get out more m8.
wealdman - 17 Jan 2017 17:39
Nice place. Good food. Cheap drinks. Nice breakfasts. Good friendly locals. Best pub in Leatherhead.
fozzy123 - 17 Jan 2017 15:10
Visited late lunchtime on a Saturday. The folk at the tables outside were unprepossessing.

Not busy inside, either. Typical JDW, a bit on the dark side. Ales fine. Tables sticky - (we tried several). A few kids running round, no trace of parents.

Don't bother unless you're just after cheap beer.
artieleblanc - 12 Aug 2014 18:44
This pub is in a small town with not much in it, however I was surprised to find it one of the busiest places around. While everyone expects Wetherspoons to be cheap, the quality of the food was brilliant. I would definitely recommend this pub for families, as the new manager seems to be going out of his way to improve clientele; less chavs, more families and friends. Very nice
vodka_please - 10 Oct 2013 19:57
In here today and found they had issued a new menu. Now I know that Wetherspoons are not a centre of culinary excellence but their latest offerings, in my opinion, are dire. The curry club menu has been revamped and there are no longer any de-luxe curries. My wife had the lamb rogan gosh and was hard pushed to find 2 small pieces of lamb. I had the chicken skewers which comes with a side salad and I would normally put salad cream on this. I learnt that JDW's have ceased providing this and your only choice now is mayonnaise. It appears that the majority of dishes are chicken based, i.e. the cheapest. Talking to the duty manager he said he was not aware of any dissatisfaction with the menu and that there were new items like hot dogs!!!. To my mind the food is on a lower scale than McDonalds and that's saying something. In future I will grab a snack in the nearest Greggs and just drink in JDW's.
wyndham - 6 Jun 2013 20:29
Vous retournerez ce soir à la maison dans une ambulance.
R.Pomphrey - 19 Nov 2012 14:22
As mentioned in my blog about the Penny Black I also had a downer on this place in 2009. Again, I am forced to reconsider.

Whilst the Edmund Tylney is not the most salubrious pub around, and can have some interesting characters popping in, it too has improved a bit recently, especially with the beer range on offer and the general feeling about the place. After all, it is a Wetherspoons.
Oakman100 - 31 Aug 2012 23:32
bjbrummiejohn You called? I have written several reviews but changed my name on a whim as online bullying is as bad and as ignorant as the staff and most of the customers of WS. I have heard all about that lady mentioned AND I know of someone who was raped by staff of this awful pub (this was some years ago, management and staff have gone, what a surprise eh?) This place is ruining a nice town, oiks, chavs, pikies et al, they don't belong in this towm, nor does the infamous 'HARD NUT FAMILY. Have a nice day'
mouser1 - 29 Jun 2012 21:56
Not very `Random` these pubs of the day more like month.
Is it me or is this site getting worse ??????
ThePilgrim - 9 Jun 2012 16:45
If what Morocco says is true (and I am sure it is) I feel desperately sorry for the lady in question and I hope she has made a full recovery. One question that bothers me is that it appears the Police have taken no action following this awful event since the perpetrators are a "well known local violent family "and it seems there were plenty of witnesses. I think Morocco that since you have so much detail you really should follow this up with the Police and, if necessary, carry it through to the Police Complaints Commission if necessary.

I doubt that this branch of Wetherspoons (or any other probably) employs a 'Chef' but having been fortunate enough it eat in some exceptionally fine restaurants in various parts of the world I am relaxed about maintaining that given the exceptionally modest price of the food I am quite happy with the food, I am also aware that I shall never experience 'fine dining' in a Wetherspoons - but then it has never set out to provide such an experience.

Once again I do urge you Morocco to go further on this unfortunate lady's behalf since you clearly have detailed knowledge of the terrible event.
Surreyyokel - 6 May 2012 12:03
Ooh ouchy, Surrey Yokel really is very protective against such a dump. Food edible? Obviously this person has not eaten real food other than the sort of ready meals that JDW serve up! How sad!! Who is the chef in this place is it Gordon Ramsey? For his info the lady who he seems to have such a vendetta against was not a regular but was chatting to an acquaintance and seated at a table whilst her husband had popped to the toilet. A few minutes later to then be glassed and attacked by a large group who were part of a well known local violent family, the victim having never heard of them, let alone met them!

The husband then returned to find his wife covered in blood due to a ruptured artery!

So not really worth a further visit. Wonder how SY would feel if he found himself in this position? This pub will never change and has had a high number of other violent incidents that have taken place in this pub. Freedom of Information from Surrey Police records tells all one needs to know about what really goes on in this hovel that resembles a wild west saloon! This is a real pub review. No good having cheap pint and grub if you then have to leave the place in an ambulance! Shut up Surrey Yokel and leave others to speak the truth about this place!
morocco - 28 Apr 2012 13:08
Curious comment from Wyndham in view of his highly favourable September 2011 review. Having said that I agree it was pretty poor to have a curry shortage on a curry night.
Surreyyokel - 3 Apr 2012 09:44
I totally disagree with Surreyyokel. Following my visit in September last, my friend and I visited, what is my local JDW, at the beginning of December on a 'Curry Night'. He ordered a chicken jalfrezi and was told it was not available. He then picked a chicken bhuna and returned to his seat. The manager appeared and said that this also was not available! By this time I was getting rather annoyed and reminded him it was a curry night. Also pointed out to him that there was only one guest ale on and also there were no Christmas ales either. He replied that the Christmas ones were due on next week despite Wetherspoon's stating they would be available from 1 December. As we left one Christmas ale appeared.
wyndham - 2 Apr 2012 19:43
Only just caught up with Morocco's vitriol dripping post - how very, very, sad.
Just for the record Morroco I visit the pub about once a week on average and I have passed the age of three score and ten so I think it doubtful I shall indulge in any of the activities Morocco suggests.

The Edmund Tylney is still an excellent pub that provides good beer and wines at affordable prices and couples this with some very edible food, again at affordable prices.

There - the last piece is actually a pub review!
Surreyyokel - 2 Apr 2012 11:35
Ha, ha, ha! Hilarious! Pot kettle black. Two great rants from two of the typical sort of low mentality type that frequent this hell hole. Grumpy and Surrey Yokel are probably in here everyday spending the housekeeping or their benefits! These two are probably the same bloke, is possibly one of the attackers or someone involved in the cover up! Can't wait can he! Surrey Y almost reaches orgasmic highs in order to prevent the truth about what happened to the lady victim on 9.2.07. So what, the way it was written is irrelevant. It was expected that it would only be a matter of time before the bully Surrey Yokel would rant against democracy! Go sup or snort whatever you go to this pub for (but try not to attack ladies)!
morocco - 25 Jan 2012 13:59
Morocco, I rate that a AAA+ rant.
Surreyyokel - 25 Jan 2012 12:58
Well I hope Morocco's book is not as dull as this "review" of the Edmund Tylney. This is not one I will be asking for as a present for my birthday tomorrow.

By the way you will notice a gap between this line and the previous. You may like to use these when writing your book (not that it will make it more interesting).
mrgrumpy - 19 Jan 2012 10:41
Hello Surrey Yokel! Thought you wiuld be interested that I had dinner recently with the victim of that dreadful attack (she is such a lovely lady) and her wonderful husband. I am a part-time writer and I was given the privilege of having access to a large amount of paperwork the victim has on the whole disgraceful event. I always thought that people in this place were dodgy, but WOW what a cover up of lies against such a decent couple. All very interesting stuff, especially the petition (which the victim's solicitor had, as the Council conveniently lost it after that Review - but it was disregarded anyway as it was not legal). Oh, expect you never realised that the Review was the victim's own Review. I was surprised to see so many signatures that were all in the same handwriting and hardly anyone could write (apart from one or two). The reason is that as it is 5 years since this all happened and certain assailants who attacked the victim are still in the area and did not face the Courts I am thinking of writing a book on this cover up. So I expect you saw what happened Surrey Yokel but like the off duty staff who rubbished and told lies about a totally innocent victim who suffered a life long appalling head injury, I wondered if you all received your 30 pieces of silver? The then manager was obviously running some sort of racket (not tennis)! The off duty staff even rubbished the victim's injuries and lied about the victim's husband and even made adverse comments about other family of the victim. (How stupid were they)! The victim is a decent lady, far far more intelligent than they and the attackers and the dimwits who signed the Petition.! Thought you would like to know Surrey Yokel. I see that the security arrangments on Sats are not that good, no bouncers on the door, I thought there was supposed to be one on the door on Sats. Oh, the victim and her husband said they were insulted by some local bloke, who they only know as an acquaintance, asked if they were going in the Tylney again! What a thing to ask, they would not want to give this appalling pub chain a penny of their hard earned money (they are both decent hard working people - the victim has a really great career and her husband too), they would also not want to drink alongside such ghastly locals, most of whom are old soaks, alcoholics and utterly boring! Oh, by the way, it is the oldest trick in the book to say that an attack on a lone person (in this case a woman) can be twisted to make it look like a fight. The victim is a lovely, beautiful person and very brave and of a much older generation than the attackers and the off duty staff (do they still work at the pub, those girls who appeared to have swapped places with each other and lied), and the cowards who refused to tell the truth to save their own necks from the shit family clan who formed the attack on this lady and who have attacked others too. Oh, by the way the husband does not drink Jack Daniels. So all in all I have read the statements supplied to the then review slagging off the victim and her husband, the petition with its ludicrous signatures, the lies about such a lovely victim and her husband, it all makes interesting reading! Does this pub still have a DON'T DO DRUNK policy, or is it DON'T DO DRUGS policy. Wonder if that was why they all covered up! Thanks for reading this SY, don't take lovely ladies in this Wild West saloon!
morocco - 19 Jan 2012 09:48
Busy for a Monday evening.
Food was good value and tasty.
Good choice of Real Ale (5 draught beers on). and good value for money.

BarStallBert - 28 Sep 2011 17:00
In here this evening for the first time in over 2 years. (Bear in mind this is my local Wetherspoons!). Somewhat improved although it still does not appear to have been redecorated. The food, both portions and presentation were very good; better than your average Wetherspoons. My drinking companion considered his rump steak to be the best he had ever had in this chain. The only drawback was that there were only 2 guest ales available with another 4 'not yet available'.
wyndham - 21 Sep 2011 23:17
Never trust someone who makes one post on this site only to slag the place off like mouser1
I was here last Saturday @ about 1.00pm and found a average Weherspoons Pub
Service was good as was the beer and for only �2.20 a pint you can't grumble.
And no there was no one falling about either.
bjbrummiejohn - 21 Sep 2011 07:45
No yokel, I didn't know.
beerlager - 8 Aug 2011 13:41
Do you know beerlagaer I never knew the Savoy had ever served beer, I'm wiser for your inspired comment!
Surreyyokel - 8 Aug 2011 13:18
What a dive. Went in there with an old friend for a laugh (she told me how crap it was) Nice to see blokes falling about around lunchtime. hahahaha. Not a place for nervous types
mouser1 - 4 Aug 2011 08:04
fine yokel - thanks for telling us that this pub is not a posh west end hotel (all of which you have frequented!) its just an average spoon and btw, the Savoy don't serve pints anymore; its now owned by wealthy eastern gentlemen whom I'm sure you've met....
beerlager - 4 Aug 2011 00:31
I have been here on several occasions in the last year, standard Weatherspoon's fair but allways a good choice of ales on and good attentive service. Even though it's a "spoons" pub it's certainly one of the better ones i have been in. Could do with being slightly busier though i think.
lezford - 14 May 2011 08:36
Been to the pub a few times recently and recieved friendly and promt service. Well kept ales at about �1 cheaper than anywhere else near by and excellent range. nice to see a fullers always on and not just pride. Good to see another Wetherspoons bucking the obvious negative image that so many hold on to
stewie2020 - 25 Mar 2011 20:43
You're right Morocco, I am a yokel I have been in the Ritz and the Savoy, also the Dorchester, Hilton and Park Lane Hotel plus a few more. For anyone who's interested The Edmund Tylney is nothing, I repeat nothing, like those hotels.

If people are interested in having a decent pint at a reasonable cost then the Tylney is fine - but don't forget it's not a Ritz or Hilton - absolutely not.

Having thought about again, I think I'll up my rating once more because I'm pretty sure I wont have to share the pub with dear old Morocco!
Surreyyokel - 16 Mar 2011 15:12
The Edmund Tylney, would you like a bugger and fries with that pint? I have some great memories of nights in this pub, though I'm surprised I can remember now as it was so many beers and moons ago, its just not quite the same any more, its lost something more than just my charm and regular presents, I better be a bit careful what I say here because I nearly got barred for my freedom on here once, its okay though, it was a "misunderstanding" "we would never bar you for for freedom of speech" though to be fair to them they could if they wanted to, they don't have to serve anyone.

I always get served really quick in this pub, probably because its nearly always dead, some nights there really is more life on mars! and some of the staff need to get a bit of character, if its more business than pub, and it is more business then pub the people that work here need to remember that you need customers, dont be boring and miserable, you have a couple of tvs and no music to mention, some of the staff are pretty good to be fair, but I seem to see the good staff in another pub when they are not working, that says something really, and at least they all speak English in front of me, I like this, I dont like going into a pub and the staff start talking polish while they are behind the bar, I wouldn't mind so much but I'm not in poland right now, you dont get any of that here, not that I have noticed in the few times I visit anyway

you still get good value for money in this pub if I can call it a pub, they do have a lot of choice so its not a bad way to start an evening if your out with good company. its sometimes worth going for a cheeky late one as they do close slightly later than the other pubs do but I wouldn't want to spend my whole evening in this pub any more, shame it cant be changed into an All Bar One really

a bit boring, cheap beer 7/10
keion007 - 27 Feb 2011 21:38
The Edmund Tylney, would you like a bugger and fries with that pint? I have some great memories of nights in this pub, though I'm surprised I can remember now as it was so many beers and moons ago, its just not quite the same any more, its lost something more than just my charm and regular presents, I better be a bit careful what I say here because I nearly got barred for my freedom on here once, its okay though, it was a "misunderstanding" "we would never bar you for for freedom of speech" though to be fair to them they could if they wanted to, they don't have to serve anyone.

I always get served really quick in this pub, probably because its nearly always dead, some nights there really is more life on mars! and some of the staff need to get a bit of character, if its more business than pub, and it is more business then pub the people that work here need to remember that you need customers, dont be boring and miserable, you have a couple of tvs and no music to mention, some of the staff are pretty good to be fair but I seem to see the good staff in another pub when they are not working, that says something really.

you still get good value for money in this pub if I can call it a pub, they do have a lot of choice so its not a bad way to start an evening if your out with good company. its sometimes worth going for a cheeky late one as they do close slightly later than the other pubs do but I wouldn't want to spend my whole evening in this pub any more, shame it cant be changed into an All Bar One really

a bit boring, cheap beer 7/10
keion007 - 27 Feb 2011 21:25
IT'S A WETHERSPOONS says Surreyyokel!!!! Are we really talking about the Edmund Tylney here.

Surreyyokel makes it sound like a local equivalent to the Ritz or Savoy!

IT'S A SHIT HOLE us and others say!!!

Surreyyokel is entitled to his opinion, but then so is Morocco who are definitely not lonely in their views.

So shut up Surreyyokel (this name says it all - thick and ignorant as are a lot of the punters in this particular Wetherspoons) and drink your grotty drink and leave the rest to enjoy democracy in giving their own views on this den of iniquity!

Leatherheadlass - are you sure your drink wasn't spike??? Be careful in this place.

morocco - 23 Feb 2011 15:41
i went to this pub late at night and i had to leave i usually love the Wetherspoons for its nice food and cheap booze but it was hot i started to feel really ill and didnt even want to finish my drink maybe it was just me but i had been fine all night, hopefully it will be better when i go back.....
leatherheadlass - 12 Feb 2011 20:02
No Morocco, I've no shares, I don't work in the pub - in fact I don't know the name of one single person in the place.

Morocco, you and one single lady (presumably) reviewer, must feel very lonely with your views about the place - you both seem to be in a very tiny minority.

It's a Wetherspoons, the beers are good and relatively low cost, the food's fine bearing in mind the cost, the staff are fine: in fact now I've thought about it I think I'll up my rating for the pub!
Surreyyokel - 12 Jan 2011 12:45
Popped in recently for a couple of pints. Following my last comment about a miserable barman, it was nice to see smiling faces behind the bar. Beer was excellent, and the atmosphere was more friendlier than on my last visit.
robfrancis - 29 Dec 2010 19:59
No Morocco is not one and the same person as any other reviewer. Surreyokel must have shares in this pub chain or be staff or one of the attackers maybe? It is interesting how Surreyokel is doing all "it" can to stop the adverse truth coming out about this pub.

Who would seriously want to look at this pub, let alone drink in it? Enter at your risk! Beware. This pub should carry a Government Health Warning.
morocco - 20 Dec 2010 15:43
Excellent ale, fully deserving of it's position in the good beer guide. Very good value for money food, friendly staff, great atmosphere with staff taking to time to interact with regulars which is always nice. Certainly the best pub in this area by a long way. Toilets could do with a refurb, but if you're a real ale drinker, the choice and quality here is the superb. A massive improvement on what it was 6 months ago, which has to be credited to their new manager. Well worth a look
shaiman - 16 Nov 2010 20:22
Good old (I presume) Aphrodite having yet another rant about this pub to join the other rants about Leatherhead's pubs: how sad can you get? I see she (he?) is now joined by Morocco who also specialies in rants - not one and the same person by any chance? By the way you two, the management has changed, but perhaps you haven't noticed.

The Edmund Tylney is a pretty standard Wetherspoons pub which is fine. The beer is (in my experience) excellent 99% of the time and the food has improved.
Surreyyokel - 8 Nov 2010 22:52
Went here yesterday lunchtime for their beer festival and tried 4 real ales, all in excellent condition. Very civilised place during the day, although haven't been during the late evening, but then I rarely visit pubs in the evening.
dalecu - 31 Oct 2010 21:18
Good on Aphrodite! Nice to see someone else in Leatherhead is decent enough to speak out against this dreadful place! The real Edmund Tylney must be turning in his grave at this haven for drunks and druggies. Did anyone see the attack that happened to my friend on 9.2.07? 2 males of the 4 WILDE and SAYER attackers were never apprehended and have since attacked other decent people.

morocco - 7 Oct 2010 10:29
This pub is a disgrace to leatherhead, bring a lovely quaint town into disrepute. The staff and most clientelle are lower than low. Decent people, Don;t go there
aphrodite - 5 Oct 2010 07:08
Popped here for lunch with a friend. Was ok, it's a weatherspoons so what do you expect!
pub2009 - 14 Apr 2010 00:31
Popped in yesterday for a bite to eat. The barman looked rather miserable, didn't smile once. Beer was very good. Pub looks great on the inside, decided to sit outside. Meal was kinda spoilt by the smokers outside, but was nice nonetheless.
robfrancis - 10 Apr 2010 08:21
Open till midnight on Sundays so popped in for a late one. Tried the Dorking Brewery Red India which was quite nice. They also had a few other stronger brews including a Russian Stout. Quietish but it was after normal hours on a Sunday evening so cannot comment on the clientele.
mikey64 - 1 Mar 2010 18:54
Update to my previous review. Beer choice now includes local ales. Toight they had Dorking Northdown Bel, Pilgrim Talisman and Hog's Back OTT. Abbot and Ruddles Best made up the rest with an Itchen Valley Imperial Stout not being ready. Quiet Sunday night and can't fault the staff. Up a couple of marks.
GuideDogSaint - 7 Feb 2010 20:37
Visited several times over Christmas Holiday as meeeting place for for work , social club meals and friends/relatives. Usual good range of beer, lager and wine. Service ok and standard Wetherspoon's food. Not had any real problem in 12 years of going there........
DaveTel - 21 Jan 2010 23:45
still banned, oh dear, so I don't like illegal immigrants working in pubs, so what? Times are a changing. Not long now eh?
aphrodite - 17 Dec 2009 06:42
Wel I can't say nowt as I am barres
aphrodite - 17 Dec 2009 03:18
Aphrodite! Welcome back, it must be about one year since you last spent so much time slagging off this branch of Wetherspoons, then I seem to recall you went elsewhere in the town and started having a go at other pubs. I would give up using pubs if I were you, your'e clearly not enjoying the experience.

Do I know you? Am I not allowed to voice my distaste? Who are you? Have I passed you in our wee high street? another landlord? who knows
aphrodite - 17 Dec 2009 03:05
Aphrodite! Welcome back, it must be about one year since you last spent so much time slagging off this branch of Wetherspoons, then I seem to recall you went elsewhere in the town and started having a go at other pubs. I would give up using pubs if I were you, your'e clearly not enjoying the experience.

The Edmund Tylney for those who are interested is a pretty standard Wetherspoon pub, the decor is a bit tired, the staff are OK and quite honestly I have yet to have a bad pint in the place.
Surreyyokel - 26 Oct 2009 19:21
Used to be a good pub a few years ago. Sadly seems to have gone downhill a bit recently. Does still have some good beers on pumps but it just seems to be so tired now as with a number of Spoons. Perhaps a refurb (don't go poncey tho) and a clean may help.

Still may pop in if in the area as other pubs in Leatherhead are hardly going out of your way for.
Oakman100 - 9 Sep 2009 10:30

This is my local Wetherspoons which I used to visit fairly regularly but not for some time now. It's not the very worst of this chains pubs but it is not that great either as witness the majority of reviews. Locally it has a poor reputation among drinkers.

I don't hate Wetherspoons but what I do not like is the great variation that exists between good and bad ones and this is despite the occasional visits of founder and chairman, Tim Martin.
wyndham - 19 Aug 2009 18:54
Clearly I'm a pretty lone voice, but I use the place two or three times a month and I never seem to suffer the awful experiences of so many of your 'posters'. It's not the biggest Wetherspoons ever, and it does from time to time suffer from Wetherspoons' well known condition - staggeringly sticky tables. Yes it does have a few customers who probably spend a lot of time there, but show me a pub in Leatherhead that doesn't have these.

Having said that I have never had a bad pint (usually Pedigree), I've tried the food and it's OK - in fact for what your'e paying it's exceptionally good.

My only general observation is that whenever you read a review of a Wetherspoon pub there are always a gaggle of people moaning about it - are they all members of some sort of 'we hate Wethersppons' club? Why do they bother to go if they don't like them?
Surreyyokel - 19 Aug 2009 14:22
Not one of the best spoons T E A was a bit off par Marstons certainly suspect. Too many scruffy old drunken sots.Needs a re fit
retiree - 18 Aug 2009 23:04
just a hardcore boozers den,,,theres always some old boozer here
.sheba. - 10 Aug 2009 21:02
Average spoons with limited beer choice: Ruddles Best, Abbot, Pedigree, TEA and Itchen Valley Winchester Ale. On the small side, beer was ok.
GuideDogSaint - 12 Jul 2009 00:03
Reasonedview - 2 questions. Will his visit make any difference to this rather shabby pub and did he buy you a drink??
wyndham - 8 Feb 2009 19:37
I'm impressed. Last Friday lunchtime standing at the bar was Tim Martin the chairman of Wetherspoons. He then carried out an inspection of the pub (including the lavatory - not the ladies I presume).

It's good to see that the bosses can get out and about and look at things themselves rather than glance through paper reports. Pity more pub operators don't seem to follow this example!
Reasonedview - 8 Feb 2009 18:02
Reasonedview - I quite agree with you. I visit Wetherspoons as they are an excellent provider of real ale at ridiculously low prices. Most other pubs simply would not have the variety on at any one time and even if they did the cost would be at least �1 or even more for each pint.

Many of their pubs are pretty grim as this is borne out by the many postings, so it is not me alone being critical. I feel though that having visited some 150 of their establishments over the years I do have some idea of what I am talking about.

In closing Wetherspoons do run some excellent pubs but they are few and far between.
wyndham - 24 Jan 2009 19:40
You're absolutely right Wyndham, the pub could do with a refurb but I don't think that's likly to happen in the short term given the exceptinally low prices they're charging: you can't have your cake and eat it!

I see also Wyndham that you have quite a lot of reviews and, as far as I can see, almost all of them are Wetherspoons and virtually all of these pubs are heavily criticised by you: fine, you clearly don't like Wetherspoons, so why bother to go to them?

I can recommend some pretty good pubs you may like to try if this helps, alternatively if you know about lots of good pubs why not let us in on the secret?
Reasonedview - 23 Jan 2009 20:40
This is my nearest Wetherspoon's pub and I paid my first visit to-day for over 2 years, arriving about 2.20 pm. It was fairly empty with a few of the usual reprobates in the enclosure on the left. One person behind the bar serving, the manager, and it took nearly 5 minutes to get served. 2 guest ales on. I found a seat and in doing so noticed that nearly every table was covered with plates, glasses etc. The manager eventually got round to clearing the tables by 3.05 pm and even then only cleared the plates away.

On asking for a pint of the other guest ale was told that this had run out. There was no other guest ale waiting to come on.

In all a pretty poor experience. The pub is dreary, gloomy, atmosphereless and in need of a total refurbishment. The furniture is scratched and worn especially where some idiots have carved their initials on the tables.

I only visited this pub again as I had been told that it had improved and some of the recent postings seemed to bear this out. I have visited very many JDW pubs and unfortunately 'The Edmund Tylney' might not be the worst but it is grim.

wyndham - 22 Jan 2009 19:25
I do most warmly congratulate peterjonsey. Clearly this pub is not for him far to cheap and nasty for a refined gentleman.

I went there today with my wife and had a couple of plates of very good ham eggs and chips for �2.99 a head, a pint of excellent bitter for 99p and and a glass of white wine and the whole bill came to just over �9.00. Oh dear clearly I've joined the ranks of shuffling pensioners or scruffy students.

I think I'll up my rating of this pub, check on where peterjonsey has rated highly and make sure I don't go there - clearly I could not afford them.
Reasonedview - 16 Jan 2009 15:43
Its a spoons. Say no more. There is an odd smell in the pub and the beer is poor. The tables were sticky. Avoid this pub unless you are a student or on a pension. DONT GO THERE!
peterjonsey - 4 Jan 2009 21:41
The only problem with Leatherhead police station is that it keeps old-fashioned shop hours. Open for a few hours per day and even then you would be lucky to find anyone to attend. You are hard pressed to find one in the town centre at the best of times.
wyndham - 4 Jan 2009 20:01
If Aphrodite is certain that dope is being smoked on the street outside of the pub (a public area) why bother mailing the pub's head office? Call the Police and put your name to the complaint - after all the police station is only a few hundred yards away. That would be a real public service!
Reasonedview - 4 Jan 2009 11:42
I am truly sick of mailing Tilneys head office. Manager turns a blind eye to dope smoking outside, by fat blokes and their fat birds having erm 'lunch' with their fat babies. I believe (and yes I DO believe) upstairs is the ahem, powder room. Think I may get em deported, this is not Columbia after all
aphrodite - 3 Jan 2009 02:25
You know what you're going to get in a Wetherspoons and this is no different than most. There are far better, and there are far worse. I've been in this place once a week or so for a good few years now and it's certainly had its ups and downs.

Reasonedview is right that it can be OK and the beer is sometimes very good, at the usual bargain prices. It's certainly in one of the better phases since I've known it. But you get what you pay for - and if you look for trouble, you may find it, especially later on in the evening. It is big enough to usually find a quiet corner if you want to keep away from the 'school age-looking crowd'. I just wish they'd spend a bit more money on heating - and all the smokers going in and out for their fags doesn't help.
Roodeye - 23 Dec 2008 14:30
I first started using this pub on a fairly regular basis (say twice a week) about nine months ago and I can hardly believe the reviews I've read. Personally I have found the staff absolutely fine; they're polite, friendly and efficient...and the beer is fine. I've had one bad pint which was promptly changed with apologies.

I see that aphrodite describes this as a "low life attraction", so I guess that means I must be pretty low life myself along with all the other 'collar and ties' I see enjoying the facility.

Ahh well...that's life.
Reasonedview - 23 Dec 2008 11:11
Worst pub in Leatherhead by a mile. Bad staff, Bad Tasting Beer, Bad Attitude from certain members behind the bar, New Manager is dreadful. If Quiet and Rude pubs are what you like...Look no further. Try The Spoons in epsom for a good pint.
Villevalo28284 - 13 Nov 2008 20:44
Got completely ignored for a few minutes, even though there was only 3 people at the bar. The 2 bar staff seemed to think it very funny. The only thing i found funny was the taste of my drink. Avoid like the plague, the youngs pub down the road is a far better bet.
Beerbug - 20 Oct 2008 22:25
What a dump!!!!! I live in Leatherhead (a lovely town ruined by this low life attraction) ughhhhhhhhhhhh
aphrodite - 19 Oct 2008 17:32
Wetherspoons are normally fairly placid and peaceful places so to name one after a local man who used to arrange lively jollies for the royal family seems a bit at odds. The spacious interior is the result of the premises covering 2 former buildings but the central staircase doesn�t make it seem as cavernous as it could be. Like most Wetherspoons, it appears in places to be a bit plastic but the inclusion of a false balcony and a few bookcases makes it a bit more homely. There are also the usual interesting snippets regarding locals and visitors of Leatherheads past which for some reason I keep getting drawn to every time I visit a �Spoons. Opposite the bar is a raised area centred on a fireplace and a grand, fancy piece of patterned panel ceiling. It is hardly necessary to comment on the beer range suffice to say I had the 2 guest beers and they were excellent even if they were served in the now infamous and annoyingly innapropriate �chill out� glasses. I don�t normally comment on food but since this has been mentioned in previous reviews I will mention that I did eat here and found nothing untoward quality wise although my veggie wife did need to question her supposedly veggie gravy and we were not convinced by the staff�s assurances. As for the customer base, it was a very quiet Sunday Afternoon and apart from 1 nutty woman talking to herself in the corner it all seemed quite respectable although things obviously change in the evenings. Overall, I found it to be a slightly above average �Spoons although it obviously has its more lairy moments according to others so pick the right time if planning a visit.
RogerB - 11 Sep 2008 09:58
It is getting better with more english staff again, dont get me wrong, i still wouldnt drink the draught beer and risk my life on it, i'll stick to the becks thanks, i dont tend to go for a drink in this place till the end of the night due to the lack of atmosphere anyway but it is getting better and the new manager is okay
keion007 - 27 Aug 2008 20:25
Don't even bother.

And, if you're a woman, PLEASE keep your drink with you at all times. I know people who have been drugged by the male bar staff and woken up in a bed upstairs with no trousers or pants on. They are still getting away with it and everyone knows. The manager does nothing to stop it.

It's a dangerous and aggressive pub that shpould never be given the time of day.
thegreenfairy - 4 Apr 2008 12:50
This pub (ugh - dump) was recently subject to a Licence Review where it was stated that the manager is not of a high enough standard. This was because a woman was badly beaten up in the pub whilst the manager, staff and doorstaff stood by and watched. The beer is bad and the food, microwaved. It must be the worst pub in England. I would rate this pub minus minus minus zilch. If it had a tip top manager and tip top staff and security door staff which at present are non-existent on Friday and Saturday then it could be an improvement.
morocco - 12 Dec 2007 17:51
Just don't go there!

Was presented with a pint of Pedigree that you could have floated things on top of - when I complained the manager dipped a straw in it and tasted it and said it was alright. . . I asked for it to be replaced and he went to give me another of the same! After obtaining a pint of Abbot when I declined another Pedigree he didn't take the Pedigree off, but was obviously happy to give it to other people. He also said he didn't have any change and would have to owe me the pennies.
My mate's red wine was so cold it was undrinkable and she had to argue to have it replaced from a bottle rather than the draft stuff they had given me initially.

I spoke to the manager and said that his pub was awful and the recent reviews that I had seen on this site were accurate and he just laughed as if it were really funny.

Never again. It was dreadful.
slugbreff - 30 Nov 2007 09:50
Aggressive - avoid this place
anonymous - 28 Nov 2007 18:49
Yes, all Eastern European staff - what happened to English managers. Poor standards here, manager slacks too much, always absent, plays on fruit machines all the time. Bad publicity recently because of high crime and violence. I would not go to this place.
morocco - 18 Aug 2007 12:29
A completely characterless pub, as are so many of this chain's establishments. Eastern european bar staff, efficient but lacking charm.

A very average range of guest ales, most of which are labelled 'available soon'.

Can be disappointing at times with regard to the food menu as on a number of occasions what I wanted to order had run out. Despite e-mailing Wetherspoons each time, I am still awaiting replies. Doesn't say much for the head office management but at least you know what they think of their customers.

Will most definitely NOT be visiting this pub again.
anonymous - 12 Aug 2007 11:24
It's OK, you get what it says on the tin and what you pay for! It's cheap food and ale and if you go there early evening especially during the week you'll be fine. Practically all the staff come from somewhere far away staying for a few months. If the table is grubby ask them to clean it and they will � eventually. I'd go there again.
nicktheflick - 21 Jun 2007 10:23
Visited recently on Thursdays 'Curry night' - didn't have half the dishes and had run out of naan breads. Dirty glasses. Bar staff and manager arguing in front of customers waiting at bar.

Hadn't been here for over a year and it doesn't seem to have changed much.

cheap but poor.
scrumpydrinker - 8 Jun 2007 09:58
Terrible place, the night I went here someone got beaten up. Bad management.
anonymous - 7 Jun 2007 17:23
Awful place, went on Saturday for breakfast as the other Cafes were full and it was appalling. Ordered Pancakes and a Breakfast as well as some side orders. They had no Bread (Sainsburys is opposite), asked for some bacon and a sausage to go with pancakes (strange wife). Staff where really rude, will never ever go back.
simpleimon - 4 Jun 2007 13:12
This is a follow-up to my visit of 20 September last. The pub has now gone no-smoking and there has been a limited amount of refurbishment. The outside is being repainted and the inside has had the walls emulsioned. The woodwork could do with some attention though. According to the staff it was closed recently for a week for this work to be done. Quite honestly I hardly noticed any improvement.
The beer choice has reverted to abysmal with a very limited selection of real ales on, this is despite stating in the menu that they aim to have at least 2 on!!
anonymous - 11 Jan 2007 00:24
One of the earlier wetherspoons,very overdue for a refit.
Choice of beer not as good as other wetherspoons

bitterlover - 23 Oct 2006 15:12
I use this pub about once a week after having been to Sainsburys. I agree it is deadly dull although at weekends it gets a bit hectic. There has been a slight improvement in the real ale situation with slightly more choice. There also has been a change in the management with the one who rarely spoke or smiled presumably moving on. There are some good pubs in the Leatherhead area but this is not one of them unless you want a pint about a �1 cheaper.
anonymous - 20 Sep 2006 14:09
Very quiet Spoons pub. What goes on in Leatherhead? Do people live in these parts? In the bar, there were two workers, a chavy family, and me and my mate. Very typical Spoons, go there, have a couple of drinks and leave asap.
DAFCpubreviewer - 6 Sep 2006 01:09
Nice enough atmosphere and typical Weatherspoon prices - unfortunately typical Weatherspoon food and service too... need I say more?
anonymous - 18 Jul 2006 09:32
It's a great place to go as it is a cheap night out, and all of the staff are really friendly, and I thought that for a Whetherspoons pub the service & quality were off the chart.... GREAT!!!! :)
anonymous - 10 May 2006 12:16
When I went to the pub the other day, I was really surprised to see all of the staff smiling, as most local pubs you go in are always dark, misrable, and quite unfriendly. However this pub bend over backwards to accomidate to everyones needs, and even the customers that had gone in with a frone, were smiling and joking with the staff within minutes. They were really friendly and I am most definatly going to go back, as the food and drink were great too.
up_for_a_laugh - 10 May 2006 12:12
Just visited for the first and only time. Popped in mostly for a feed, but they could only serve us bar food, salads and burgers. OK we thought, but then no beefburgers, and no chips. To top it off it took them 45 minutes to dish up. Probably nice for a pint or two but forget the food.
bone_idol - 20 Mar 2006 23:57
If it wasn't for the cheap beer and town centre location, I would never go here. Usual Wetherspoons quality of service i.e. abysmal. It is typical to wait a long time to be served, and for the staff to pay no attention to which customer is next. At times, the bar can have several people waiting to be served, while staff who are not behind the bar are replenishing the fridges or other duties, despite the growing number of customers waiting. You can spend an hour there without tables being cleaned, glasses collected, or ashtrays emptied.

Sean_Epsom - 7 Mar 2006 14:53
Often visit here if the family want a cheap meal out. Food is well cooked and very cheap, so are the drinks. Needs decorating but everyone is very friendly. Worth a visit.
loopy - 19 Aug 2005 19:07
Visit this pub fairly regularly in preference to our local, The Bell at Fetcham, which has gone upmarket. In common with other Wetherspoons, serves decent pub grub at reasonable prices and the drinks are cheap. Have always found the service good and the staff friendly. Needs a lick of paint but otherwise recommended.
davep140 - 29 Jun 2005 12:02
I would not consider myself a regular but do often visit the Edmund Tylney. This is mainly due to the quality service i receive and the fact that it is so inexpensive. The bar staff are extremely friendly and always make me feel welcome. And as for the management, well i feel they are the best i have seen in a long time, fiendly and helpful whilst maintaining a very clean pub. Before, i found it hard to find a pub in this area which is suitable to bring my children but was pleasantly surprised by the peaceful atmosphere. I do agree that a lick of paint is needed is some places but found it doesn't effect the quality of the food or drink which is certainly good value for money. I found that the pub is suitable for persons of all ages with an excellent foor menu and wide variety of drinks, baring in mind there is no music or televisions - an excellent alternative.
anonymous - 19 Jun 2005 19:59
Typical Wetherspoons to be honest - beers are unique to the pub but atmosphere is much the same as anywhere. However I like the atmosphere in Wetherspoons so that is a plus point. Books to read here as seems to be the case in other parts of Surrey

Will2 - 21 May 2005 22:12
Does feel a touch old fashioned. However an excellent place for cheap drinks and also for reading books - which can be most entertaining!
aleman - 20 May 2005 15:42
This pub is Great
enterthejj - 10 Mar 2005 13:36
After reading the previous comments I was expecting the worst. But was pleasently surprised! A large traditional style pub that can appear empty even when there's 50ish people inside, so I sort of understand the "no atmosphere" comment, but is it not the customer who creates the atmosphere by conversation? The service was good and the food and drink was also good, but the price was excellent. I got chatting to the staff and they said they were scheduled a refurbishment, which it does need tidying up a little.
I have visited the pub several times since my first visit and standards were as before. Although at weekends it can get very busy and I advise that when you eventually get served get a couple of rounds in, problem solved.
The wetherspoons is by far the cheapest pub in the high street and the only pub without the loud noise youngsters call music. Thank you wetherspoons.
Mark - 30 Aug 2004 16:30
I agree with you that when you visit a Wetherspoons you know what to get. However there's no excuse for filthy glasses and tables. The service was also poor when I visited and this is compared to other Wetherspoons.
gge - 28 Aug 2004 10:20
If you go in a pub chain you should expect what that chain provides!
As I live in Leatherhead we visit the pub regularly but infrequently. Usually service, food and drink is normal Weatherspoons standard - i.e. good value but not gastropub. Sometimes low staff level coincides with an organised party visit, in which case on seeing long queues at bar it's best to leave.
I suppose people who can't work this out and then get bad service write in to complain which unbalances the reviews.
Dave - 27 Aug 2004 09:51
Returned again and wish I didn't!

The glasses were filthy so I got them changed and again got disgustingly dirty ones. Has the potential to be a good Wetherspoons but is understaffed.
gge - 4 Aug 2004 13:31
Fairly typical Wetherspoons. Quite large and as usual - stupidly cheap beer! My meal was pretty rough but that may have been a one-off.
gge - 1 Aug 2004 19:50
Freezing cold in there and full of 15 year olds.
Dimple Chops - 5 Mar 2004 15:35
You know, looking back at the comments makes me think that this pub or manager has an enemy who just feels like coming in here and slagging off the place. I've been there a few dozen times, usually lunch/early evening, and can only go out of my way to complement this pub on the fantastic and varied choice of well-kept real ale. The decor is quite fine, but perhaps the place is somewhat large for comfort. The clientele varies from the usual older boozers to rather young things, but I've observed nothing like the previous comments. Perhaps the management could create a more friendly staff and atmosphere. However, definitely a 6-7 score for this pub, which is an asset to Leatherhead's shopping area. Ray
Ray - 20 Feb 2004 16:36
I used to work at this Mc. Weatherspoons place...*shakes head* what happened!? it's not shiny and new any more and I agree with nearly all the below, maybe that�s why I drink in the pub across the street so much,
It needs a refurbishment like no other.
Keion - 19 Jan 2004 15:02
Only merit:- choice and price of real ales.
No atmoshphere.
Cold - take a jumper.
puss in pye corner - 1 Dec 2003 12:29
Cheap as chips but naff. Makes you long for a decent pub *sniff* ...still cheap beer is always worth a go.

Gerald - 22 Oct 2003 16:16
The management and food are definitely terrible, but I can't agree about the beers. They have a wide range of real ales and this range changes often. I find it hard to give less than 5 points to ANY pub that makes the effort of serving real ale from hand pumps as long as it's well kept, and it seems to be in this albeit rather large and pointless establishment.
Ray - 11 Oct 2003 15:40
This has got to be the most disgusting pub in England, full up with half-heads swilling the worst kept beer in the land and shouting their mouths off about things they don't understand such as work, beer, sensible, etc etc.
Michael - 12 Aug 2003 00:09
How could anyone with a sane mind give this 'establishment a 4/10?!?' This Wetherspoons pub is an insult to the traditional pub - lacks atmosphere, beer is diabolical, bar staff are rude, food is no better than a kebab shop, and the people who frequent this place are nasty, small minded individuals. Need I say anymore?????
Leatherhead Lip - 5 Aug 2003 12:29
Cheap poor quality food and cheap beer - not very cool but functional if you like that sort of thing. (ie getting lashed on �1 bottles of beer.)
Gerald - 2 Jul 2003 12:23
The worst Wetherspoons around! Awful beer - cannot serve a decent pint of London Pride and the food takes years to come to your table!
anonymous - 29 Apr 2003 12:19
The most boring pub on the planet. I would rather stick pins in my eyes than spend another evening there. Scores a 1/10 for having cheap bottles of Becks.
Angus - 19 Mar 2003 19:10

got anything to say about this pub?

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