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Beehive, New Eltham

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Have to agree with the previous post - went in here a little while back and there seemed to be any reedeming features and was taken aback by the price of a pint, not far of £4! Staff seemed uninterested, wont be back
easyskip - 19 Aug 2015 12:37
Went into the Beehive on Saturday - the first time in a couple of years. The place is awful. Only stayed for one pint. And that was expensive. Won't be back again.
Boyne - 1 Jul 2014 13:15
Yet another price rise - has the chancellor just raised the duty again and I missed it? 3.75 for a pint of Fosters - in a so called 'local'. I get cheaper beer in the West End, where they pay West End rental. It is heaving on a Sunday, so he can't complain about lack of clients. It's a case of 'I'm the only pub around here, so take it or leave it'. Guess what I'm doing........
macdive - 8 Oct 2012 14:21
Absolute sh!thole, avoid.
One of the staff looks like the ugly ginger bloke from Eastenders and the rest have all the charisma of a packet of custard creams.
High potential for a fight if you accidentaly knock someones pint.

Do yourself a favour and carry on walking straight past.

Mattyh34 - 15 Jun 2012 15:40
If you want an overpriced drink, with some cocaine as a side order, served by a rude, ignorant pair of managers, one whos English came off of the back of a matchbox then this is the place for you. Otherwise, do yourself a favour, save some money and find somewhere else to spend your hard earned cash. Even after a refit, the only improvement is the decor. Same problems as always compounded by a twat running the joint.
Secretspy - 10 Feb 2012 20:04
dreadful place, to expensive for basic draught products and who does the managers think they are plastic ronnies and reggies .what a pair of plonkers.avoid avoid avoid
beerman44 - 6 Dec 2011 15:27
a bit pricey but friendly pub and great bar staff
se9er - 29 Oct 2011 13:17
Went in there at four on the Bank Holiday Monday just gone, seemed pleasant enough until the singer started up. Blaring would be being kind, he wasn't all that either. Seven and a half quid for a Fosters and Strongbow too. Ugh.
hillsiola - 10 Sep 2011 02:13
The owner of the beehive in new eltham is a absolute bellend,tried saying i had given him a dodgy note when id been served by his bar staff earlier who had given me this money as change.

Complete and utter prick!! has a face like a slapped arse and walks around like a plastic gangster,ive seen someone ask for a drink, which the staff then messed up only for him to turn around and say you gotta pay for that NOB!!!
why_u_need_to_know - 10 Aug 2011 21:12
I'm afraid I have to agree with LocalNE. It is starting to slip back into the old ways, especially regarding the use of the toilets...... I now give Friday nights a miss as it is full of the 'just been paid' 18-21 mob (what happened to over 25?). Not to late to stop it, but as it is making money hand over fist I doubt anything will be done. I don't mind (much) the higher prices but it's not keeping the bad element out which was the original idea.
macdive - 9 Jul 2011 11:31
I have been in this pub many times since my last comment and had some very good nights.
However there now seems to be more and more "geezers" and "lads" getting in there.

Saint George day really made you feel proud to be English, guys all dressed in the same lyle and scott polo shirts, chino shorts and some kind of loafer rolling onthe floor drunk and wrestling, completely ruining it for anyone just trying to have a drink.

Do all bank holidays have to decend into drunken chaos...if so could they please go else where.

Also seemed like lots of them needed help to go to the toilet...why else would they need to go into the cubicle in pairs??

This pub could be a great local boozer despite the high cost of the drinks, hwoever at the moment it is a victim of its own success.
LocalNE - 26 Apr 2011 16:55
The owner of this place looks at EVERYONE like they are a piece of dirt, not quite sure who he thinks he is, you can't even go to the karzi without feeling like a criminal. Also charges way over the top, sooner he is gone the better.
rightorwrong - 20 Apr 2011 22:20
OK, this pub whilst still very good in terms of service, atmosphere etc is now starting to get too expensive. A 15p rise on all pints, leaving a lager at 3.50, a bitter at 3.30 and a Guinness at 3.60! This rise is twice the rate of inflation.
Of course the owner knows he has a captive market as there is nothing else around here, but he is getting greedy I think. He will start to see a fall in numbers, I am sure. Also, he is going through barstaff like there is no tomorrow.........?
macdive - 8 Jan 2011 11:57
We looked high and low for a venue for small party, and we just couldn't find a place with a nice room and a bar that wasn't either scruffy or prohibitively expensive. Then we thought of the Beehive and I coudn't be more pleased with the buffet they provided, how friendly the staff were and what a nice feel the place had. I'd definitely recommend it.
jatbrowne - 1 Oct 2010 00:41
As others have said, this pub has improved dramatically recently. I visited several times around New Year and was impressed. The beers, whilst not out of the ordinary, were all well kept. I saw nothing of the goings-on mentioned by LocalNE but anything like that should be stopped immediately.
southdown12jack - 2 Mar 2010 12:40
Much improved since the make over, however having drunk in there various times over Christmas and New Year I feel all the good work could be undone with a relaxed view drug taking.

Each time I went visited the pub (4 in all) over this period I witnessed groups of "lads" and older "geezers" hoovering up suspicious white powder, they were not even discreet!!
Shame as everything else about the place is very nice.

LocalNE - 4 Jan 2010 12:46
looks like a decent boozer these days although a tv for the footie wouldnt go a miss,its had a nice refurb and no longer has 'the worst toilets in south east london' award!!!
why_u_need_to_know - 22 Nov 2009 21:06
Lived in the area a couple of years and hadn't wanted to go in this pub. Didn't look welcoming, crowd looked a little rough (probably fine though) and seemed to full of loud youth. Unbeknown to me it's been done up, changed ownership maybe?

Anyway, visited on a recent Friday night, before heading over the road for a meal in Taipan restaurant. Good mix of people, couples, group of lads, old geezer in bitters etc. Felt like a proper slice of the local community and definitely will be going back maybe for food and hope the pub does well in its most recent offering.

- nice decor, comfortable seating, seperate dining bit, bar staff quick & efficient, toilets clean

fourthbishop - 14 Oct 2009 09:59
This pub just gets better and better. Went in yesterday (Sunday PM) and there was a singer (good), busy, with a viverse range of people from couples, 'blokes', ladies groups etc. Not a sign of the threatening atmosphere of before, people just having a good time. Had a pint of pride, very nice it was too and at a reasonable price - under 3. My rating of 6 in July is now 8.
macdive - 12 Oct 2009 14:42
Can't believe that this is the same pub that has been run intot he ground since Terry left. Rer-visited for the 1st time since the refurbishment Youngs Special was on and was above average. Hopefully it will saty this way and New Eltham will finally have a pub to go to.
davetheaddick - 20 Aug 2009 09:28
I live in New Eltham and have done so all my life. I have always known this pub to be full of morons and chavs (although i have no idea where they come from given how many professionals get off the train at New Eltham Station each day). It went without saying that I gave this pub a wide berth right up until two weeks ago, coinciding with its re-opening.
The pub has completely changed. Gone are the drug dealers, the stinking toilets, repulsive bar staff and benefit hungry regulars. Now the place is decked out with leather sofas, new carpet and new bathrooms. The owners seem nice, if a little paraniod about people going to the toilet...but who can blame them? I am giving it an 8 and hope that the new raised prices will keep the muppets out. No TV's, no pool table and no worker boots....just what New Eltham needed. Fingers crossed it stays that way because as it stands i'd be happy to call it my local.
newelthamlocal - 23 Jul 2009 11:48
Popped in there yesterday at lunch - what a change. Clean, refurbished - complete with carpets and comfy chairs and spotless toilets. Some nice old local pictures as well. Real ale - I had a very acceptable pint of Black Sheep, and the bar appears to be well stocked. The pool table and TV's have gone too. Personally I dont miss the pool table, but I would have stayed longer if I could have watched the cricket/open golf. A TV if used sparingly (ie not every football game every day), can be an assett to a pub I feel.
Now, will this last - you can change the pub but you need to change the punter as well if you want to make it work. I have heard that the two new guv's are hands on, and getting rid of the people that gave this pub its none too good reputation. If this is so, then New Eltham will have a nice pub. It's an over 21. The test will come on Saturday nights. Down to us now, we have been given a nice looking pub - lets support it! Giving it a 6 now - lets see what happens in 6 months.
macdive - 17 Jul 2009 09:50
I met the twin guvnors in the pub currently run by Terry, the Beehive's old landlord, the Dacre Arms in Lee/Blackheath. If there plans for the Beehive come to fruition it should be well worth a visit. Fingers crossed for the boozer-starved residents of New Eltham.
sonoftherock - 9 Jul 2009 10:07
The pub has been sold and is currently closed pending a refit. Rumour has it, it's going up-market. Whether the beer will be any good, we shall have to wait and see, but surely it can't be any worse than it was.
southdown12jack - 11 May 2009 13:10
I visited the Beehive just over a week ago, my first visit in almost a year. I stopped visiting the pub because the beer tasted awful. Are the bar-staff incapable of cleaning the pipes? On my last visit I had to drink Guiness because there was no bitter or ale on. The lager selection is dreadful. Fosters is not a lager; it is an insult to the brewing industry. The Beehive could be a great pub if the staf put the effort in. Is it a case of the staff not bothering as there is no competion in the error. The nearest pub is probably the Charcoal Burner; not a pub to set the world on fire.

When Terry ran the pub many years ago he made the effort to keep the pub in good shape.

My rating for the Beehive is a 0. That is being generous. Unfortunately the rating system doesn't accept minus numbers.
Boyne - 14 Jul 2008 12:51
Such a shame that this pub isn't better - a great building, no other pubs within sensible walking distance, yet it continues to struggle.
The food is cheap, which is something, and while wildly variable the service is sometimes good (although I have to say sometimes shocking). Late licence at weekends can be handy.
It had a decent refurb a few years back, but could do with a refurb of some of the regulars. Quite a weird mix in there - when there is anyone in there at all.
No real ale, despite evidence that there is demand for it.
A real waste - needs someone with a bit of vision to take over this place. It could be a good boozer with a bit of work.

old_at_heart - 16 Jan 2008 12:54
OK, lets be fair to this pub. It is an ordinary pub, catering to ordinary people - I am one of those, 2 kids, estate car, the works. I go there at weekends when I can get out of the house for an hour or so!True,it does not serve real ale, which would be nice, but that is not the end of the world.. However, I have never seen any trouble, indeed last week one guy got an earful from the bar staff for shouting out the c-word when an open goal was missed on the televised match. It welcomes families and serves acceptable food. Nothing special, but if you are after a quite drink, watch the football, read your paper, and not be hassled or have to watch your possesions the whole time then it's fine. Give it a chance, tey are trying to improve. Also, the staff have always been fine to me. Beats some of the pretentious pubs uptown - that's for sure.
macdive - 14 Jan 2008 14:24
I revisited this place yesterday in the vain hope that it might have improved. Now there is no real ale at all (whatever happened to customer choice?) and the staff seem even more disinterested than ever. Trouble is, there is no other pub nearby, let alone a decent one.
southdown12jack - 2 Jan 2008 13:49
Aye to the last remark - I left town, and I went as far as Montana in the Pacific North-West of the United States.
andrewgwb - 7 Jul 2007 04:08
The problem with this boozer is the people of new eltham, all the people with even half a brain leave. Whats left is your standard idiot chav, playing shit r'n'b on their mobile, along with a few old regulars.

They really should do something to regenerate eltham and new eltham, like build a motorway right through it.
KingsizeSilvers - 2 Mar 2007 12:51
I left New Eltham in 1982. Even then, as now, it was the only pub in town, unless you wanted to hop onto a 21 or 21A bus, going either way to Sidcup or Eltham. Tuning in now, all these years later, what a dissapointment it is to find that it's still the same shithole it was back then. And I thought things would have improved by now, especially as they are still the only contenders in town - but maybe that's because they are.
Hop on the bus still...........
andrewgwb - 14 Jan 2007 03:49
This was a decent boozer some years ago, like the 90's. Oh well, shit happens. THough it's always a dissapointment to see a former fave boozer down on it's luck.

I remember it as a pretty decent boozer to come and have a quick pint before going home after work and for a longer session on a Saturday evening before going onto the Venue in new cross, oh happy days indeed.
PigPen_in_the_Fens - 13 Sep 2006 16:51
should be re-named the 'bee-dive'. i was scared to touch the walls for fear of putting my hands in something foul. the staff are rude and incompetant(it took the girl behind the bar three attempts at getting me a coke) and it is full of sleazy old men and thugs. This pub stinks and is in need of a good scrub!
anonymous - 5 Sep 2006 11:31
If swearing beyond belief, racism, sexism and mindless violence and filth is your scene then this is the pub for you. If not then steer clear of this dire pub, it should be closed down and the wonderful architechture be put to better use, not even chavs would be seen dead in this scum of the earth dive.
tabunny - 25 Apr 2006 12:19
Mexican Nights, Pig Racing and a School Disco sum up what a crap hole this place is. Following the refurbishment the place looked like it was turning a corner but no such luck. The good choice of beer stopped after a few weeks leaving Courage Best (or Crapat Best as it's known) as the sole beer when it's on and drinkable which is rare. It's a great building, close to the station and shops. New Eltham's only pub really does deserve to be better than this. Let's hope someone who gives a toss does somethign with the place.
BothamsAshes - 8 Feb 2006 15:22
If I still lived in New Eltham this would be my local. Thank goodness I moved away many years ago. On my occasional visits this is, alas, the only pub in which to catch up with old friends. About two years ago it showed signs of improvement with a couple of interesting guest beers to supplement the Courage Best. Since then these have disappeared and on my last two visits in January the Courage Best ran out on Saturday lunchtime. The first time, it was back on for the evening but not the following week. When it was on it was far too cold. As for the atmosphere, it's dreadful. Even at lunchtime there was loud music blaring out, doing battle with the football on the TV. It's supposed to be Over 21s only, but this is clearly not enforced. Don't go unless desperate, it really is the pits, which is such a shame as the wonderful building and its location mean it has the potential to be a great pub, if only someone would take it over who cares.
southdown12jack - 8 Feb 2006 11:17
An absolute dive. Always has been and always will be. My Dad remembers it from the 60's/70's and said it was a dive then. Apparently this place had be shut for referbishment a while ago and I went in there the other Saturday before going to the Greek restaurant over the road. I can honestly say that it looked in the same sh1t tip state it was in before. Full of all dayer pissed up smelly people with nothing better to do on a Saturday day/eve, but then again what did I expect after all, you can't pollish a turd. When two drunken women (one of them was an great dollop of a women) started having a punch up and swearing enough to make Bernard Manning would blush, I thought it time to leave, never to return.
fat_tone - 9 Sep 2005 17:06
The Beehive is under new management. Due to this there is much more advents going on.
Just gone: The Mexican Night
Due to come: Pig Racing 16th July
School Disco (no date at the moment)

anonymous - 4 Jul 2005 18:25
The Beehive pub is a fun and sociable. Recently turned into an over 21.
During the day it is quite and peaceful, the evening especially weekends the pub is a great place to bring friends to play pool, darts or just to have a good laugh and drink.
There are more and more advents going on for example The Mexican night and there was a DJ and even the bar staff was dressed up and the atmosphere was great every one enjoyed them selfs. So I recommend this pub to anyone for a fun or sociable time.
iam2good2btrue87 - 4 Jul 2005 18:19
This pub is dirty, unfriendly and has no atmosphere.
Which is a great shame as this is the only pub in NewEltham.
New Eltham has a large drinking population and deserves a better pub than this.
Mark - 10 Aug 2004 09:34

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