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details: loz

Favourite pub:
Woodies, New Malden
Least favourite pubs:
the Litten Tree, Kingston
the Morant Arms, Brockenhurst

Favourite drinks:
Guinness, white wine
Least favourite drinks:
Warm beardy ales, cider

Part fenian, part wine ponce, Loz lives in Kingston with two hamsters and a very open-minded lady.

Most of the time he goes to the same old Wetherspoons pubs, and can usually be found in the Coronation Hall on Wethertramp Wednesday. Each visit feels like a new discovery for him, as his memory has become quite transient. Loz has the most fragile physiology of the bite team, his nerves have been drunk asunder, and his nose is progressively getting redder and redder with latest estimates indicating that it will explode in the spring of 2004. By then he will be a forsaken alcoholic mess, slurring incoherently, stinking of long-finished beer. Still, he would have had some great times; it's such a pity he won't be able to remember any of them.

contact: [email protected]

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