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details: Graham (flateric)

Favourite pub:
O'Neills, Richmond
Least favourite pub:
Dohertys, Ealing

Favourite drink:
Least favourite drink:

Unlike most of the rest of the BITE crew, Graham (not to be confused with his non-blood brother Mike Techno) is a Southerner. As such, he could quite rightly be charged as being a "lightweight". Indeed on a number of occasions he has been known to drive to visit new pubs, resulting in the strongest drink of the day being Orange Juice & Lemonade.

After a year of sporadically joining the crew on pub crawls, he resolved to visit more pubs, more regularly and to leave the car at home. This prompted the BITErs to invite him to join the ranks.

Hailing from the wilds of Dorset, Graham brings with him the thus far untapped selection of hostelries in amusingly named villages and towns on the south coast.

contact: [email protected]

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