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pub crawls - random pub crawl generator

too lazy or drunk to come up with pub crawls yourself? we know the feeling, that's why we wrote this. if you want to see details of some more carefully planned pub crawls, you can look at some of our ideas.

crawl options

word crawls - type in any word and we'll try to spell it out with the first letters of pub names. only does london pubs at the moment, sorry.

what word do you want to spell out? (max 14 characters)

crawls by area - enter a postcode and a crawl will be created for you starting there. you can ask for up to 10 pubs.

how many pubs do you want to go to?
maximum distance between each pub:
enter the postcode you want to start from

or just choose an area from the list below:

in and around London:

Acton [pubs]
Balham [pubs]
Battersea [pubs]
Bethnal Green [pubs]
Bloomsbury [pubs]
Borough [pubs]
Brixton [pubs]
Camden [pubs]
Chelsea [pubs]
Chiswick [pubs]
City Of London [pubs]
Clapham [pubs]
Clerkenwell [pubs]
Covent Garden [pubs]
Ealing [pubs]
Fitzrovia [pubs]
Fulham [pubs]
Greenwich [pubs]
Hackney [pubs]
Hammersmith [pubs]
Holborn [pubs]
Holloway [pubs]
Islington [pubs]
Kensington [pubs]
Kentish Town [pubs]
Kilburn [pubs]
Kings Cross [pubs]
London Bridge [pubs]
Marylebone [pubs]
Mayfair [pubs]
Moorgate [pubs]
Paddington [pubs]
Peckham [pubs]
Putney [pubs]
Shepherds Bush [pubs]
Shoreditch [pubs]
Soho [pubs]
Southwark [pubs]
Stoke Newington [pubs]
Streatham [pubs]
Tottenham [pubs]
Tower Hill [pubs]
Victoria [pubs]
Walthamstow [pubs]
Wandsworth [pubs]
Waterloo [pubs]
Westminster [pubs]
Wimbledon [pubs]

rest of the UK:

Aberdeen [pubs]
Bath [pubs]
Bedford [pubs]
Birmingham [pubs]
Blackburn [pubs]
Blackpool [pubs]
Bolton [pubs]
Bournemouth [pubs]
Bradford [pubs]
Brighton [pubs]
Bristol [pubs]
Burnley [pubs]
Bury [pubs]
Cambridge [pubs]
Cardiff [pubs]
Chester [pubs]
Colchester [pubs]
Coventry [pubs]
Croydon [pubs]
Derby [pubs]
Doncaster [pubs]
Eastbourne [pubs]
Edinburgh [pubs]
Exeter [pubs]
Glasgow [pubs]
Guildford [pubs]
Harrogate [pubs]
Hereford [pubs]
Huddersfield [pubs]
Hull [pubs]
Ipswich [pubs]
Lancaster [pubs]
Leamington Spa [pubs]
Leeds [pubs]
Leicester [pubs]
Lincoln [pubs]
Liverpool [pubs]
Luton [pubs]
Macclesfield [pubs]
Maidstone [pubs]
Manchester [pubs]
Middlesbrough [pubs]
Newark [pubs]
Newcastle [pubs]
Northampton [pubs]
Norwich [pubs]
Nottingham [pubs]
Oxford [pubs]
Paisley [pubs]
Plymouth [pubs]
Portsmouth [pubs]
Preston [pubs]
Reading [pubs]
Rochdale [pubs]
Salisbury [pubs]
Scarborough [pubs]
Sheffield [pubs]
Shrewsbury [pubs]
Southampton [pubs]
Southsea [pubs]
St Albans [pubs]
Stafford [pubs]
Stockport [pubs]
Swindon [pubs]
Telford [pubs]
Wakefield [pubs]
Watford [pubs]
Weymouth [pubs]
Wigan [pubs]
Worcester [pubs]
York [pubs]
cheltenham [pubs]
how many pubs do you want to go to?
maximum distance between each pub:


this pub crawl generator is just for fun. it generates random crawls, not necessarily sensible ones, ok? sometimes it comes up with some great ideas for crawls, but since it doesn't know anything about factors like the position of roads, train lines, rivers and bus routes, don't expect anything too sensible. it can't generate pub crawls round places it doesn't have lots of pub details for. it doesn't know which pubs you've been banned from either. and it doesn't care how good a pub is, so it may well suggest doing a crawl round some rather unsavoury drinking establishments.

you have been warned.