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Northern Line pub crawl


The great north run. Well, crawl. Start at Camden, head north jumping off the tube at every other stop to Edgware. Then back on the alternate stops to Camden again. 

Those in attendance:

  • Anne and Darren
  • Mike
  • Loz and Yvonne
  • Tom and Rachael
  • Phil
Sorry about the small pictures - I had a load of stuff already on the flash card and was still using the tiny 4 Mb jobby at the time

Double stopping (bad musical pun, sorry)

13:00, World's End, Camden

Start and eventual end of the crawl. Everyone bar Phil was there when I arrived, he turned up looking quite shocking 5 minutes later. Darren nipped to the bookies to get some footy coupons and then we were off!



The Rat & Parrot, Belsize Park

Assurances that "I know where it is" were met with scepticism as we traipsed up the hill. The pub eventually found we settled down for a well earned pint.  

Refectory, Golders Green

Just round the corner from the station. Remarks were made regarding their fry up with vodka & red bull combination wotsit

Bodhran Bar, Hendon

No real plan about where to go at Hendon we went under the big roundabout and spied this place. Mad Irish place with some strange looking people.

Clearly something funny

His 'n' hers corporate merchandise

Bald Faced Stag, Burnt Oak

Drinks swiftly quaffed due to grimness of surrounding area (Burnt Oak that is, rather than the pub). Watched half time footy results come in.

Bald Faced Stag

Grim name

Railway, Edgware

Initially set off by turning right out of the station we found 1 closed pub and another pub that was more of a restaurant. Having conceded we could use Pizza Hut and get beer it all went a bit Pete Tong. With a large table secured for our use Darren called from his mobile and said he'd found a pub. The half of us that were already sat down made a run for it back onto the main road. The munchies became unbearable so a few people nipped into Greggs.

The pub totally ruled! Had greasy fry up unhealthy stuff and watched full time footy results come in.

New Chandos, Colindale

Yet more vindication. Mike Silky thinks he all "there's no pubs in Colindale", but he ain't! 5 minute walk down the hill. A proper traditional pub too (ie. in chronic state of disrepair)

Brent Cross

Point conceded with this one, there's NOTHING in Brent Cross. You come out of the station into suburbia where everyone has net curtains in the windows. We could see the shopping centre so we aimed for that but gave up having cross the footbridge and it was getting any closer. It was agreed we would have twice as much drink in the next pub and threw in the bar towel

King William IV, Hampstead

Top pub in a nice area and Anne's 100th pub of the year. Stayed for a while. Don't know where the hat came from although it's possible we aquired it in Bodrhan's and it never made it into any pictures until this point

A hat

Mmm, Guinness

Moon Under Water, Chalk Farm

Wetherspoons place. Very busy. We may have found somewhere to sit

Worlds End, Camden

Back here again. The party split as myself and Darren set off at pace from the Moon while the rest of the gang waited for a bus. We beat them

Night time


Everyone went home, except me as I met up with some other people and went downstairs to Underworld for mad crazy dancing until 2am