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The Mill Tavern, Haslemere

It has taken me a long time to register to this site so i can let anyone reading this know of the appauling experience we have had at the Mill Tavern Haslemere the last THREE times we have been there. This pub used to be superb but it has gone dramatically down the pan! 1st time of the 3, we arrived on sunday at 1.20pm for lunch and were told, due to big parties booking we could not order food until 2pm (The pub had hardly anyone in it!) which we agreed to and were given menus and table, at 2pm i went to order and was told it would be 2.30pm before we could order, as we were hungry and considering the time we waited, only to be told at 2.30pm they had closed the kitchen which left our party hungry and with no time to go anywhere else. The second time we thought we would give them another chance as it might have been a bad day. We arrived around the same time and ordered drinks and food then waited 45 mins for our starters which were average, and thats being kind, we proceeded to wait 55 mins for our mains before giving up and walking out, but todays experience, which was by far the worst (only went back due to unfortunate circumstances) we thought if we booked it might be ok, i couldnt have been more wrong, we again ordered drinks and food (this time no staters) and yet again waited 45 mins for our meal which when it arrived the only thing which was hot about it was the plate, the food was awful and when we said (after 2 other angry cusomers refused to pay) the food is cold i was told sorry there was a problem with the oven and we didnt want to send you home, instead of being sent home we got cold food. it was taken back and we said we would pay for the childrens meals and the salmon as they were just acceptable (JUST). The woman in charge proceeded to argue that we should pay more as some people had eaten SMALL amounts of their, to be honest, absolutely rubbish food, we felt like she was accusing us of trying to get a free meal. I have never been so insulted by a waitress in my life. It is such a shame as the pub itself is beautiful and could be so nice. i strongly recommend if you're thinking of going to the Mill Tavern to reconsider.

24 Oct 2010 17:06

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