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Vauxhall Griffin, Vauxhall

Hey Gsbam, why not ask to see my owners the next time you feel that the staff or I am not behaving that well. The few people who visit that experience some poor quality service or the like, ask to see the Manager, so that something can be done.
As it is the 2nd time you have visited and have been let down, judging by your comment, maybe I am not the pub for you.

19 Jan 2013 09:16

Vauxhall Griffin, Vauxhall

We do apologise once again for the inconvenience the closure of the pub causes to your plans. We are in the process of having the website updated and changed. The Saturday opening time is incorrect as you have discovered and we open at 6pm.
So far as private parties are concerned, we do endeavour to ensure that everyone is informed when we are closign the Griffin,but understand that occasional visitors cannot be personally advised.
We will ensure that the closure of the pub however infrequent/frequent is publicised on the site.

21 Aug 2011 19:00

Vauxhall Griffin, Vauxhall

The opening hours of the Vauxhall Griffin have been the same for nearly 4 years Popalug. Occasionally we have closed to cater for special events but forewarning is always given on notices around the pub. We are very sorry if you have been inconvenienced by an extraordinary closing time during your visit here.

1 Jan 2011 17:30

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