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The Dickens Tavern, Paddington

This is a very long pub with an almost equally long bar, and is generally quite pleasant for eating purposes. In fact I have had many a good meal in this pub over the last few years, but now feel sad to report that these days it has a very poor bar service.

I last visited the pub on Sat 23/11/13, and the 2 barmen (one of whom turned out to be the pub manager) were just standing talking to each other at one end of the long bar, completely out of the view of customers who were cut off from the barstaff by a walled division over the bar, which created in effect 2 bars. On that basis the staff were unable to see customers entering the pub, and seemed totally unconcerned about those customers waiting to be served on the other side of the bar (adjacent to the entrance).

I myself waited 10 minutes to be served.
I then questioned the manager about the lack of service I received, but with no apology forthcoming, I walked out and will never return to that pub ever again.

Very dissatisfied customer.


24 Nov 2013 16:31

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