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tanderson7 blows goats

watch what you say with your posts my beerintheevening chums... anything remotely amusing gets wiped by the soviet moderators

Username: steveo500

Age: 47

Sex: male

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The Sloe Bar, Victoria Station

if Dante had managed a pint in here this palce woulda found it's way into his book... unremittingly grim.

TuftUno, thanks a lot pal, that code is out of date now and i p1ssed myself the other night cos of you.

7 Nov 2006 13:19

The Mash Tun, Victoria Station

full of shiny happy people holding hands - not. strictly for the professionals this one.. it's the closest to the gates so you gain a few vital seconds' boozing by choosing this little lovely

7 Nov 2006 13:17

The Iron Duke, Victoria station

since the demise of the mighty Reef I've been carefully weighing up the remaining Toria station contenders... it's come down to this baby and the Mash Tun on the other concourse.. was in Sunday night afore going to the Fratellis gig (ooh look at me.. it was brilliant if anyone cares) and had a pleasant enough 2/3 pints. neither of the barstaff would have won mastermind but that's to be expected i guess. one of em poured my first pint, taking his eye off me for only a second, and promptly handed it to the only other geezer at the bar... who was a good 5 yards away and looked nothing whatsoever like me! made me laugh. dunno how the other punter felt

7 Nov 2006 13:14

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