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Username: pear_1688

Age: 31

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Rileys, Chelsea

well, well, well what more do you expect from the only pub left in chelsea. well i certanily dont expect a drug and drunk filled hole, with terrable bar staff and a death threat. not worth the agro of this incounter, a definate place to avoid. a rud down dive in a up and comeing area. management was like an extra from the adams family movie, bar staff were like clones of him. and more drug dealers youy could shake a stick at. should be closed down, an eye saw to the good pubs of chelsea, definatly letting the area down.

17 Apr 2011 13:11

The Ship, Hextable

well, after visiting this pub on 2 occasions once on a sunday and once on a tuesday, it is safe to say it has seen better days. it features a a grotty rundown public bar full of rug takeing piss heads, and a more welcomeing snug bar with pew seating and a large conservetry extenction. it is verry narrow and i had to keep moveing as people walked past. it offers a basic range of beer and cast ale and basic home cooked 'pub grub' that is rather expensive for what it is on the sunday i visited i asked for a beef roast as they were only serving roasts or sandwiches whic after 45 minuets was told had run out, by a verry stressed out bar maid i was given a menu and asked if i wanted anything of this, altho i wasent alowed any thing fried as the fryer was off, i got a refund with no questions asked and was on my way. on the tuesday i vitited the pub was empty apart from the bar maid that was in on the sunday, she instantly reconised me and appolagised for her short mannor and the diffculty i had on sunday, explaining she never got told any thing about the confusion untill it was to late, i must admit it was a nice touch to get and explination. i ordered a burger and chips and a pint and sat down chatting with the friendly bar maid for a few minuets. i ventured to the garden for a ciggie ( sodding smokeing ban) and had a look aroud the garden was well equipted with play things for kids and had meny animals roaming around. all well and good but the smell from the pig sty was unbearable and i got attacked by a goose. i recived my burger and, well it was bareable i surpose, dripping in greese that when i asked about the bar maid was prompt in telling mee was microwaved as they diddent have a griddle. errrrrmmmm ok i started eating then saw a cat then a dog emerge from the kitchen. i left promptly after. all in all a good pub for kids if you can stand the smell of animal poo and stomach a dog poncing over your food, but due to its location in the middle of nowhere and its shear neglance to any thing customer related, i would deffinatly GIVE IT A MISS. unless desperate or have a nose peg.

17 Apr 2011 13:04

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