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Username: noz

Age: 45

Sex: ?

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Hobgoblin, Bedford

what has happened?
where is "The Hob" as we all knew and loved?
the place now is a dirty,chav filled tomb!
i remember having to que up to get in the place at the weekends,now they have to pay people to go and if you do venture in, its like being at a toddlers teaparty!
the staff are rude sulky little brats who cant even dress themselves!
bring back the old crew, with the sexy barstaff that actually treated you as a human being and not a old aged teacher.
this place should either be burnt down and laid to rest, or it needs a very big shake up.
a reburb wouldnt hurt, and get back the old staff who were the best staff in the world, bring back the real ales and food, and bring back THE OLD HOB!!
please for the sake of mankind and over 30 people who dont wanna feel old but want to act it!!

6 Apr 2008 23:41

Rose, Bedford

this place rocks. not due to the layout, selection of drinks or music but due to the staff and great managers. can get very busy at the weekend but that proves how great this place can be. even the door staff are friendly, polite and quite cute!!!
get there early to get a seat, and order in quanity for drinks, else you will have a long wait.
Top marks to the boss, the hobgoblin should learn from them!!!!

11 Feb 2006 17:48

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