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St Christopher's Inn, Borough

Go there last night - order a pint. The guy charges me for two. When I point out his mistake - he bizarrely says - "I presumed you wanted one pint here and another in there" - gesturing to the food half of the pub. I retorted - "I asked for one pint - not two" - whereupon he reluctantly reimbursed me. Today I order. The woman behind the bar gives me my change - 70 pence under. I point out the mistake - she retorts - "That's what it says on the receipt". I stand my ground - so she opens the till and gives me a pound! I look at her in disbelief and give up. CHECK YOUR CHANGE WHEN YOU GO IN HERE!!!!!

6 Jun 2014 14:41

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

The pub is now reopened. Four years ago the barman at this pub was chucked out because the pub was due for demolition. After getting a petition together and seeing it fail, once he knew it was closing he came up with the idea of having a photo book of staff and regular punters sold - with all the proceeds going to charity. Within four mths he set up a new Wheatsheaf round the corner in Southwark Street. Unbelievably this has not only reopened, but Youngs are doggedly determined to still call this Wheatsheaf. This could prove interesting. There are now two Wheatsheafs within a few yards of each other. Because of the fact that the original landlord was uprooted not only for nothing, but is now having the name unnessesarily duplicated (Youngs can't claim history because the pub didn't even exist for four years) - I'm boycotting the Stoney Street premises until it changes it's name.

19 Dec 2012 14:28

The Bank of Friendship, Highbury

Genuinely welcoming atmosphere, good beers and comfortable surroundings. Not at all trendy - that's the way it should be. A valid alternative to the unspeakable dive up the road that is The Woodbine.

13 May 2009 14:38

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