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Username: martingreaves

Age: 57

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The Masons Arms, Fitzrovia

Used to work nearby and went here fairly often - was always a pleasant experience. How things change. Pub wasn't exactly rammed, but each spot I tried to linger in turned out to belong to this or that regular who was going to be along at some point - "you can't stand there" said the grumpy barman. I didn't cotton on at first - until said regular arrived whereupon I got a lot of tutting, head shaking and general disapproving looks from the barman, who also said regular within my earshot "I tried to tell that bloke [me] that's your spot but he didn't listen". I left shortly afterwards - won't be hurrying back. Have never felt so unwelcome.

So - great pub if you are a regular, can be decidedly unpleasant if not.

8 Oct 2009 23:57

The Rose and Crown, Walthamstow

I'm staggered. I'd not set foot in the Rose and Crown for years until this evening. I honest can't think a time when I've seen such a transformation as dramatic, and for the better. Excellent choice of really good proper beer, friendly staff and customers, nice place to be - a really top notch honest local - nothing fancy and all the better for it. My new local for sure.

8 Oct 2009 23:46

BRB at Arc, Angel, Islington

Avoid. Like you might avoid an infectious disease. Went there the other day for our group's Christmas night out. Was without doubt the worst food I've ever had the displeasure to pay for anywhere in my entire life. The so-called Christmas buffet basically meant taking some very average food (pizza, cheap pate on bread etc) and smothering it in cranberry sauce and sweet pickle. Some sort of pasty thing was like a jam sandwich it was so sweet. There was a sweet cranberry sauce-free bowl of new potatoes, but they weren't cooked properly - crunchy how you might expect carrots to be. I'm not a fussy eater but this was inedible.

The drinks are decidedly average too. They often run promos on cocktails but this seems to be because the staff spill half the contents of your cocktail on the bar whilst making it. And unless you like Euro Identikit lager, there's no beer for you - not even an interesting bottled lager. Add to that no atmosphere, lazy staff and grumpy door man and this place has nothing to redeem it. Visit the dentist instead - you'd need to after eating here and it'd be more fun too.

1 Dec 2008 00:48

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