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Charles Holden, Colliers Wood

I feel I have to write on this forum to support The Colliers Tup and Andy's team. The comments have angered me and I feel are inappropriate. 'Yes' I agree that tables can be dirty, however once reported it is very quickly dealt with. The staff are pleasant and always smile upon approach. Perhaps it's the attitude of these negative punters that stinks!

I have been frequenting the tup since the day it opened and have found Andy and his team to be extremely helpful, assertive and knowledgeable. The theme nights have been a hoot and friends have travelled far and wide to attend them. Where else are you able to dance on the bar? Play board games? and have a jolly good time all within 5 minutes of home!

I have found Andy to be encouraging for ideas and suggestions - therefore those of you who complain on this site, why don't you grow up, give Andy some constructive advice and you never know he may make any alterations. Complaining on here is the wimps way out - grow up and get some balls!

Those of you who frequent GJs cannot complain at the 'state' of the tup - GJs looks as inviting as an acid bath!

I for one will certainly miss Andy and his quirky theme nights. I wish him all the best. I just hope that the new landlord is as approachable, this is a very exciting time for the Tup and I look forward to a 'new and fresh' concept.


12 Mar 2009 17:21

Charles Holden, Colliers Wood

My mates and I love this place, it's welcoming, fun and in a prime location. Andy has really made the pub worth visiting especially with the theme nights

My only negative, the food. There needs to be a bigger selection of pub type food especially platters. The Nachos are great but there are so many other options such as Thai, Indian and Chinese style platters etc. And where are the puddings we were promised 2 years ago!!! Also almost everything on the menu has cheese with it!

Nevertheless I will still visit on a weekly basis.....just not to eat.

23 Mar 2008 15:58

Venus, Colliers Wood

This is a very very odd place. I have been there a few times over the past four years and I have to say it is very confused! I go there when the tup is too busy...the one and only reason.

The interior looks like MFI, the food is horrendous and the atmosphere is as dull as dishwater. The management have attempted a Greek theme although it looks naff and really needs a facelift. What is with the horrible blue sofas?

It just needs to be a bar, lots of sofas, basic pub food and a selection of wines and beers. It's in a prime location.

Owners, if you're reading this please listen to the comments. A few thousand pounds could make this place fantastic!

23 Mar 2008 15:49

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