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The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

Astonishing interior and exterior, somewhat ruined by the tacky pub chain paraphernalia. Good selection of real ale, and people (drunk City boys alongside some more underdressed people). If you want a quiet drink where you can chat on a Friday evening, then look somewhere else, as the music is pretty loud (and repetitive - last time there was about 20 minutes of music on loop). That said, it is definitely worth a visit.

21 Feb 2010 13:03

The Rook and Gaskill, York

Although I find the overuse/missuse of the word "literally" to be mildly annoying, here I think it is justifiable to say that this is literally one of the best pubs ever. Out of the few pubs I've been to with more than 10 handpumps, this is one that actually tends to keeps them all stocked up at any one time, and with a varying selection of pretty faultless ales. I can probably say that in my many visits, I have never had a bad pint; compare that with pint after pint of nice, but fairly average-tasting beer that tends to be a main feature of drinking in many places. The pub itself is a bit quirky, with tiles on the floors, and a minimal (but by no means soulless) feel. The place usually has a laid-back but buzzing atmosphere on weekday and weekend evenings alike.

Every so often, a beer festival comes along and all of a sudden, their wide ale selection becomes bewildering (literally, if you opt for a 10% heavyweight). If real ale isn't your thing, then they have a fairly good selection of continental lagers and beers, both standard and a little unusual. OK, so the staff can be a little on the surly side, and their excellent and reasonably-priced food menu no longer is in operation (as far as my last visit would suggest), but this is still a great place to drink.

20 Feb 2010 20:20

The George IV, Kentish Town

It was quite a pleasant surprise to see this beautiful-looking pub on my walk to work for the first time. After a month or two I plucked up the courage to go in (being in a location split between residential streets, estates and industrial yards I didn't know what sort of welcome to expect!), and was glad that I had. The interior was unusual, with posters of artwork against the otherwise traditional backdrop, and little electric lamps on every table. I was a little disappointed that there was no ale, so I opted for a premium lager, and sat amongst the ivy jungle that covers the outside.

Being such a little gem of a pub, I naturally approved and eventually persuaded some friends to go there, and everyone seemed to like it. The barmaid that always seems to be there when I go in is very competent, remembering what drinks you've had, etc. It is definitely worth putting in a bit of effort to convince people (and when they start walking past the industrial estates on the way, they may need some fairly strong persuading) to opt for this pub, rather than the overpriced gastro-tinged nonsense that otherwise dominates Kentish Town Road. It is a 5-minute (briskish) walk off the main road, and definitely worth seeking out. I personally recommend "blackmailing" people to visit, with the promise of a trip to Kentish Town City Farm up the road.

20 Feb 2010 19:23

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