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The Burtle Inn, Burtle

Go to the Burtle Inn, Catcott Rod, Burtle, Somerset, if you have lots and lots of time on your hands and have sufficient patience to wait for your supper. Service is polite but slow - and when I say slow, I mean very slow; even when the main restaurant was empty and the middle bit only had one other diner. That should have told us something about the place, since we visited on Saturday night and the place looked quiet. So a good choice if you like to take your time and have the pick of where to sit. As for the food, well it wasn't that special. The deal breaker was that they messed up the order, brought out the wrong food (after nearly an hour of waiting) and the owner offered 10% off for his mistake. After some heated discussion with his put upon front of house staff, he conceded to 20% off the price of that item - a discount of 2.10 begrudgingly given to make up for his mistake! So I give one for the front of house service but nothing for the rest of the experience of eating in the Burtle Inn.

7 May 2012 17:23

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