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Charles Holden, Colliers Wood

This pub has really gone downhill over the past 6 months.

Last Friday there was a huge brawl which resulted in someone getting a glass in their face. The beer garden was cordoned off as a crime scene investigation by the Police.

I would really advise anybody to avoid this establishment. Quite apart from the terrible service at the bar from disinterested staff who short-change on a regular basis, the food is awful and the pub is populated by local ne'er do wells.

They open until 2am at weekends and have a DJ playing loud chart music and seem to let all & sundry in. In an area like Colliers Wood, this means the pub is populated by a nasty bunch of chavs who drift over from Mitcham to take advantage of the late licence and cause trouble.

Why the present landlord does not seem to take a responsible attitude I do not know but he should really be employing professional doormen & barring the dodgy element and closing no later than 1am.

There's no reason to frequent this establishment anymore. I don't want to witness ugly scenes like those of last Friday. It's easy enough to hop on the tube and visit far superior (and safer) pubs like the Antelope or the Selkirk where the beer is better and the food a class above.

My advice (and I do say this with a heavy heart being a local resident) is avoid The Tup like the plague. It's just not worth 3.50 of your hard earned cash.

10 Jun 2010 01:27

Charles Holden, Colliers Wood

In light of the news that Massive Pub Company has gone into receivership, where does this leave the Colliers Tup? Is it going to be taken over by another pub chain, or will the present landlord try and go it alone?
Would appreciate any comments (from regulars or the landlord)?

12 Feb 2008 17:38

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