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Username: edwardian_fred

Age: 46

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Trafalgar Freehouse, South Wimbledon

Slerpy: No pub in Croydon or Sutton has ever had a glass deposit system for a beer festival, ever? At all? That bucks the trend in the rest of the UK ... I assume the three different colours on the list you mention would have been to differentiate between inside bar beers, outside bar beers and perhaps ciders. Can't remember exactly, but that still isn't complicated. It just tells you what's available from where - not a tricky concept.

29 Oct 2008 14:06

Trafalgar Freehouse, South Wimbledon

As a satisfied attendee at the Traf beer festival, I'm not sure what Slerpy is going on about. There weren't four different coloured zones for beers. There was the inside bar and the bar in the yard. That's not a maze of complexity. And what's so difficult to understand about the concept of tokens for the outside bar? What's so strange about a (refundable) 2 glass rental charge when that's what virtually every beer festival does? No beers sold out in the first hour: I chose from a full list. I guess one or two might have gone relatively early on the second day, but that's what happens at any beer festival with a lot of visitors. Nobody I met had any problem with the way things were organised: I can only assume Slerpy had either been sampling enthusiastically or has an astonishingly low shambles threshold. Or an agenda.

20 Oct 2008 17:34

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