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Trafalgar Freehouse, South Wimbledon

I think Beerwulf can't be drinking the same beer as me... The beer is usually excellent - not warm, but cellar temperature, and not the chilled stuff served at many pubs. He is correct about the beer at the Hope being very good, but they still have a bit to go before they can match the consistency of the Traf.

Of course, you can always get a pint near the end of the barrel. On each occasion that I have had such an issue at the Traf, the bar staff have cheerfully replaced it with an alternative and the offending beer has been taken off, the line cleaned and a new beer added. I always let the staff know if my beer isn't quite right. Sometimes, of course it is me and not the beer. The other good thing about the Traf is that they encourage people to try the beer before buying.

This is a pub that doesn't need a beer festival every other week!

I understand that he may not like midweek (or any) music. It is a small pub and it can be busy. Mind you, if it's busy it might stay open!!! I have seen lots of pubs where I have enjoyed a quiet pint and a read close down. I have chatted to Dave, the guvnor, and he says that without the business generated by events such as music, the pub would have closed by now. Sadly, the price of a quiet pint is the occasional noisy night. however...
All of the music events are advertised, both in the pub and on the pubs website, so a small amount of research will pay dividends. I often phone Dave and ask what's on. The quality of music, whilst not always my cup of tea, is usually excellent.

Hoppyal, needs his bumps feeling... Improve the music with Geoff Smith!!!

I love the Traf, the beer is great and so is the entertainment. I'd rather have a busy pub than a closed one.

19 Aug 2010 16:40

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