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The Greencoat Boy, Victoria

i'm not getting into an argument about what loveleedshatebates has said with regards to my comment but i must point out that what i have posted is not a fake contribution nor did i say at all that everyone who posted something bad was gay, yes the people who left a post were appalled and rightly so, i was, but my point was when you read all the reviews on other sites everyone seemed to be jumping on the bandwagon and adding to it.and finally my comment about "behaviour" being offensive leaves me confused by what is meant by that. so i don't believe that i am wrong in what i posted at all. like i said in my post, thats what i was feeling when i was reading about all this and like everyone else i'm entitled to my say and express myself. i also agree with what tictactoe has posted.

7 Jun 2010 20:51

The Greencoat Boy, Victoria

After reading the last few reviews i have to say that i am appalled that people are saying that this pub is homophobic as this is totally UNTRUE. i am Gay and very proud to be and have been drinking in this pub for many years along with my friends who some of them are also gay. to also request you boycott punch tavern pubs is also discusting as they have some very nice gay pubs and bars that i go to. i know that Punch Taverns is not in any way shape or form homophobic and that they employ Gay staff AND have a lot of gay managers running pubs,bars and night venues, the reason i know this is that i have worked for this company for over 20 years and have ran pubs and bars up and down the country, people read into things then post comments on sites like this just because they want to stir up trouble without getting to know the facts. it is hard enough running a pub as it is but when customers "get out of hand" for what ever reason they are asked to respect others around them and if they don't then they will be asked to leave. but in this case the usual "ace card" is pulled out. "Homophobic" pub. let the police know then post it on sites, very very weak excuse i think.Yes people do have a right to free speach but please remember, KNOW the FACTS first then decide if and when you post something about a place or venue that you know it is the truth as to why they were asked to leave in the first place. this is why we still have this sort of attitude going on around the world because people make assumptions.
whether you are gay or straight and visit venues for what ever reason. drinks,party,meetings, whatever. Behave and have Respect.

6 Jun 2010 13:28

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