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Username: copperken

Age: 50

Sex: male

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The Famous Railway Tavern Brewing Co, Brightlingsea

I think someone on here is on some strong medication. This pub is disgusting, filthy and falling down. It looks like squatters have broken in and set up a bar. The locals are like something out of Royston Vasey (A league of gentlemen). The poor barman looked like he was about to shoot himself, stood solemnly under the bare light bulb hanging over the bar. The 2 beers on were drinkable but nothing exciting. From what i know ale in here certainly is NOT brewed by the landlord anymore nor 'out the back'. Several years ago sure but not now. Thank god. Shocked this place hasn't been closed by health and safety. I wiped my feet on the way out, never to return.

15 Dec 2012 17:45

The Playhouse, Colchester

Fantastic building, just a shame about everything else. This is the place all the youngsters go to get drunk on cheap drinks before going on to the more expensive clubs in the evenings. But you do have your day crowd, 7 old men 6 of which have pissed themselves and the dole crowd in there tracksuit bottoms and Nike trainers, oh and not forgetting the overweight women with their children in prams. The food is....... well you get what you pay for, and this place is CHEAP. I'd say its worth going in for a look at the building but stick to the shorts as god knows when they cleaned their lines.

15 Dec 2012 12:09

The Ale House, Colchester

Been in here a couple of times now and its always dead. Had a few good and a few bad pints, they seem to have a lot of ale on but no customers to buy it. They're always happy to change it if the barrel has past its best and are very apologetic. No food but the do have a dart board now and the staff are friendly (overly so at times). Nice clean toilets (this might be from lack of use) and a covered smoking area. Not a bad pub just maybe in the wrong place. Disappointing.

15 Dec 2012 11:40

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