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Username: cocodyrasta

Age: 41

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Grange, Bermondsey

Decided to pop into this one on the way home; home would have been a better option. Unfortunately delivers all the stereotypes of a Bermondsey pub, without the character.

23 Sep 2012 23:07

The George, Bermondsey

After 6 pints and over 20 spent at this pub, I made the mistake of asking for a glass of water for my mate (who had spent about 15), and with whom I had enjoyed a few brilliant hours of live sport. I wouldn't have bothered asking for water in any other establishment, but having been a weekend regular at this pub for 6 months, I thought that out of respect, my mate and I should try to remain as sober as possible whilst waiting for an 8pm rugby match.

The reply to my request for water: "I'm going to serve people who actually order alcohol, or you can pay for your water." Thinking I must have mis-heard, I told my friend to ask for a glass of water (this was 20 seconds after having paid for 1 pint of Fosters and 1 Stella), but he got the same response.

I was so disappointed and angry that we just left our pints there and went next door (Hartley's), which incidentally was 85p cheaper for a pint of Fosters, and whose bar staff were incredibly accomodating - one of the staff actually took the time to go online to double check the rugby game kickoff time, and eventually printed out confirmation of the match being postponed (thank you again, if you ever read this!).

My advice: Go where the pints are cheaper and where you're actually valued as a customer. even after comitting the ultimate sin of asking for water.

12 Feb 2012 03:19

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