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Username: bigjmk

Age: 38

Sex: ?

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Halley's Comet, Bradville

Threestarman from the message u inbox me saying u was not bullied you are the bully and calling me a cunt it sounds like u fit right in the place u described anyway like I said in my inbox I hope we can let bygones be bygones cause I don't want u bullying me over the Internet

15 Aug 2015 03:17

Halley's Comet, Bradville

Tthreestarman u super clever man all u are is sad little keyboard warrior u insult people on here knowing u are never gonna see them like I said if u had that attitude when u was in hayleys no wonder u was made to feel not welcome like I said in my message I will leave the keyboard gangster stuff to u but if wish to disc the matter face to face just inbox me will give u my details

15 Aug 2015 02:52

Halley's Comet, Bradville

Threestarman u sound like u had a bad time in this pub but seeing what u write it does not suprise me I bet u was bullied as a kid dont go in pubs if u cant take banter by the sounds of it u are a sad man please name this fella he likes to name others

12 Oct 2013 02:19

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