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Username: beemermike

Age: 61

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New Town Tavern, Colchester must be easily pleased then if you think things are getting better and better in this warn out old street pub which tends to attract a "questionable" group of punters. The phone box outside is still a collection point for the local druggies!

5 Dec 2010 11:18

The Blue Boar, Colchester

New Town Tavern, Pink Panther, Blue Boar....whatever this pub is called these days! Gave it a go again last week but the atmosphere and ambiance remains just the same. Its still a tired old street pub, located in the heart of our community and it continues to attract the same type of clientèle. Clientèle that prevents it becoming a pub for the local community to feel welcome in.

29 Aug 2010 08:01

New Town Tavern, Colchester

Kept away from this pub for a while due to the reputation it developed when it was the Blue Boar and The Pink Panther but went in last weekend to see. Beer was just about okay, service was just about okay but the atmosphere was terrible. There were more people drinking and smoking in what can only be called a "smoking shed" just outside the back door. Only one other guy was actually drinking in the pub....and that was 10pm on a Friday!

20 Jun 2010 07:06

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