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Username: bassmanx

Age: 30

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Arch One Bar and Grill, Waterloo

Do not go here unless you are truly desperate, or really are a bottom feeder with no sense of taste.

Used to go here on a fairly regularly basis for dinner and drinks before catching a train home. Being so close to the station, it is convenient for a late night (early morning?) drink.
Food here used to be quite good actually. Sadly the ex protege of Gordon Ramsey does not manage the kitchen any more (although they would love you to believe differently) and the food is now average at best. Keep that in mind if they still go on about about having a great chef.
Last time I visited I ordered lamb chops to eat. Tough as old boots and literally inedible. Sent it back and got a burger. Burgers here used to be good. Not anymore. Go to Burger King instead. No exaggeration. Food= fail.

Beer on tap is Becks or Staropramen. What a Choice! Way too expensive as well. So fails as a pub. Cocktails are average and expensive. Music is way way too loud. Is this a bar, nightclub, restaurant or what?

Worst of all is service. The most disgustingly rude staff you will ever meet in your life. Manager doesnt know how to manage (one manager in particular I should say) and wait staff look like they are working in a mortuary. Door staff who come in the scene at night are thugs in (cheap) suits.

Arch One tries to be a jack of all trades and fails even at that. Really cant recommend it for anything, especially when there are so many bars/restaurants on the Southbank.

12 Jan 2011 03:30

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