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The Staddy, Plymouth

My motivation for writing this review is for people to think before booking The Staddy for a party or event. Of course a venue's main concern is to make money but they sell the place to you, at your cost. First and foremost, we were told that we could decorate the large room (we were given a good sales pitch as to why the biggest room was the best...) from 11.30 on the day for the evening event. What really happened? We purchased lots of decorations and were never told that in fact the room had been booked for another party prior to ours. Then we were informed (and this was only because I'd rung up!) that all customers are told that they can decorate from 11.30 unless another party was booked. We were not told this at all, and it screwed our day up big time because of all the arrangements we had made, the way we had planned the day and the guests arriving and the extravagant decorations we had got. Felt rather conned by sales patter to say the least. To appease us, we were told we could blow our helium balloons up in the corridor! It was hard to decorate the room (very high ceilings, the wood also did not lend itself to taking drawing pins easily and blue tak wasn't strong enough) and we were told that the manager could decorate the whole room in three quarters of an hour...hmmm, I don't think so! She did help us with the balloons, and it took her longer to do just them than the whole room! I think BS springs to mind! The room was freezing cold, the DJ (that they have) was rubbish (he didn't play the playlist, more his own arrangement) and it was a day full of stress. I had to change in a freezing bathroom. I was putting on my make up when guests were arriving. Guests had to dance to keep warm! So on the positive, they were good enough to help us with the decs (but only because they had not communicated with us in the first place!) and they did put out the food for us (though we paid £50 for them to do that) and the staff were friendly, even the one that was full of crap! Negatives are too many; really poor communication, led to all sorts of problems (I even had to bring the party girl with me while I decorated!) terrible DJ, room hard to decorate, venue too out of the way (she tried to say it was five minutes from the town centre...just add another twenty and you are closer...if you can find it!) very cold in the room and simply put, they want your money...a lot!! Find another venue.

17 Nov 2014 17:30

The White Thorn Inn, Shaugh Prior

This pub is unexpectedly scruffy for a village pub. The food is only adequate and the staff looked stressed. The boards along the way to the pub have the wrong distances written on them to encourage walkers to stroll up the hill to the pub, when it is further then they think! The landlord seems too full of himself and blames his staff (female) when something goes wrong! It is apparent he doesn't treat his staff well but overall the pub is fine if you only want a swift half. The beer garden is big and pleasant but even that doesn't make up for the negative atmosphere inside and the fact that the pub is obviously run by a disorganised and ignorant landlord and landlady. I would pass it by if I were you!

23 Apr 2009 16:07

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