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Username: alyb

Age: 46

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Quinn's, Camden

I used to love this pub, yes the bar staff could be "eccentric" to say the least but the unbelievably rude treatment witnessed today has made it my last drink here.
Out with a small group of friends and one of our party doesn't drink and ordered a soda and lime instead. Bar staff tried to charge her 2.60 for this on the basis that they are not there to serve water.
Soon the old lady who runs the pub came over to our table and continued to berate my friend for not drinking - basically stating that if she didn't want to drink, she should leave as she was taking the place of more valued customers. I pointed the discrepancy in pricing, having only been charged 70p for the same drink in the first round, to which she responded that they are not supposed to serve soda and therefore make up their own prices when asked.
The last straw was when she then reprimanded the poor barman in front of everyone.
By this stage we all decided to leave - so in place of them not serving one soft drink, they lost a full table of customers who probably would have settled there drinking all night!

17 Sep 2008 22:06

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