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The William the Conqueror, Manor Park

Best boozer in manor park, mind you there is only three. Just don't use the pool table

12 Jul 2010 22:28

O'Neill's, Ilford

Went here at the weekend for a change as it's been nearly 6 months since the last time I ventured past their doors and to be honest it has actually changed in here- FOR THE WORSE !
The service is diabolical, only half a dozen people in the bar and the two bar staff couldn't cope, well they could if they stopped talking to one another and served the customers.

Come on oneils you can do better than this

12 Jul 2010 22:20

The Earl Of Essex, Manor Park

Such a lovely place years ago, but then again most pubs were.
It's had an endless string of "Guv's" not fit to wipe my axx. Run a pub these jokers couldn't run a BATH !! But there is hope cos there's this bloke who's been around for years, walks up & down the Romford Rd with carrier bags, toes gone out of his shoes and often sleeps on the bench outside the Library(you know the sort of bloke)well he could do a better job of running than these clown's !
And wait till you see the latest arrival who seems to have an effliction against England, all things English and if you speak English well you've got no chance cos you might be classed as a man made substance derived from Polymer Beads(PLASTIC) of someone who's been out in the sun too long and their skin tone has changed slightly(TAN).
On to the Beer, what can I say........"Pint of Gut Rot please" and" Can I have that extra flat, no head".
Those of you lucky enough never to have had stomach cramps get some of the Foster's Super Chilled(Ha,Ha) down you then you'll now all about it

23 Jan 2007 14:28

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