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The White Hart, Crystal Palace

It is a great shame, but I have just been disappointed too many times with this pub. I find the staff excessively laid back, with an arrogant indifferent attitude, and not professionally service minded. I reckon they have somehow become complacent and too lucky for their own good.

I came there on New Years eve and wanted to buy a bottle of Champagne for four friends at 23:40 only to be told that the staff had taken a break and there was no more servings till after 00:00. No Champagne, no wine no nothing. ? Could you imagine this kind of service and attitude in a trendy funloving bar/pub in Barcelona, Copenhagen or Berlin!? No. The times I have eaten there, we have had to wait up to 40min.only to be served the incorrect dishes with a careless shrug. But, saying that IF you really like staff with lots of piercing, tattoos and dirty finger nails/hands, then you will love this place. I am not going there again: lots of other & far better venues in Crystal Palace. Best of luck to any new management - anytime soon!

31 Jul 2013 21:17

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