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Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

Had the worst Sunday Roast of my life at this pub. We both had Roast Beef and at over 11 without vegetables, we were expecting something at least "good". We were served a plate of gristle, fat and chewy meat which was rare and slimy. The roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings had clearly come from the freezer - really bad given the meal price. I sent almost all my meat back as I couldn't eat it.

But what I was most angry at was the way I was treated once I complained. When I complained about the meat texture I was told that that was the way they served it and the gristle - well, no one else had complained! I said I was only prepared to pay for half but they said no, I could have a free pudding. Given what I had just eaten, I didn't want a pudding so I asked to see the chef but he refused to come and talk to me. In the end we got a free drink but it meant we had still spent over 30 for an awful meal. I really wish I had stood my ground but I just wanted to get out of that awful place. I felt really ripped off, angry and upset. If I'm honest, I thought they were banking on anyone there at the weekend being a tourist - in the week, this pub is usually full of office workers and the food I've had then is much better. However, after the AWFUL food I had at the weekend and more importantly, the way they treated me, I would never eat there again. It's not acceptable to rip people off, just because you think they are tourists. In my eyes, this pub showed it's true colours. And no I'm not the owner of a rival pub.


19 Oct 2010 21:51

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