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Cross Keys, Milton Keynes

Never before have I changed my view on a place so rapidly nor so dramatically as I have about this pub.

In my last review I spoke of the good ales and hearty food. Unfortunately I neglected to mention the primordial pond life that frequent this pub and treat the place as their very own branch of the BNP - a party whom they probably don't vote for on account of not being racist enough.

Allow me to elaborate. On my last visit to the pub a remark was made by a bar monkey about "strangers", which I put down to a particularly unfriendly local jealously guarding his precious pub as the last remnant of his pathetically worthless life. It occurred to me however that this might be intended as a clumsy racial slur.

I am not one to wave the race card with abandon. Indeed I find the practice abhorrent and regressive. However upon my second visit to the pub and looking forward to spending some hard earned cash on some decent grub it was abundantly clear to me that the remark was neither a one off nor a result of heightened sensitivity.

Casual racism from locals is not, of course, the direct responsibility of the landlord/landlady. However for remarks of this nature to be permitted in what was admittedly a very empty pub would suggest at best insouciance on the part of the landlord or at worst the active encouragement of an atmosphere in which such ignorance is permitted to flourish.

A shame then, that what could have been a very positive experience of an English country pub has to become the castigation of a backwards environment. When I said in my last review this is how pubs used to be, I didn't mean to refer to attitudes that should have died out with Queen Victoria

So if this sounds like your type of pub, don your best KKK outfit and get down there. You won't be disappointed. But if you live in the 21st century or have any decency, don't bother.

12 Apr 2011 19:50

The Slaters Arms, Kempston

Went there Christmas week 2007 - only just remembered to post a review. Bar was quiet. No true separation between the bar/lounge/restaurant but the open plan has been like that for many years now. What was new was the HUGE plasma screen at one end (complete with PS3 set up and big sofas) and the Nintendo Wii at the other end. Quite novel at the time, though other pubs seem to do this now. The friendly bar manager/owner, was very attentive and when we asked for a real ale that he didn't have on he was happy to put the barrel on and then came back to check with us whether it tasted alright (it was fine) which was a nice touch.

Clientele perhaps doesn't quite match the aspirations that the pub has, but a reasonably enjoyable visit on this occasion nonetheless.

22 Sep 2008 17:29

The Old Swan Inn, Astwood

Excellent pub, variety of well kept, frequently changing guest ales, stowford press cider. Friendly and efficient bar staff. Food is top notch and not too pricey - lunchtime baguettes particularly good value. Pleasant surroundings. A gem of a pub and highly recommended for quiet drink or food.

5 Sep 2007 17:00

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