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The London Fields, Hackney

Yep, rubbish service - But jesus - What incredible music!!

I think I was at the Balearic night. The guy who puts this on is charming and lovely - and played amazing music from the start of the night - joining us all for cigarettes and chats - so so nice to talk to and even got my friend a taxi after she found out she had to race home because of some issue - He actually paid - WTF? Amazing guy..

Later in the night he was joined by an amazing guest DJ - who I don't know, but I think they're like famous. But, incredible music - the place lifted and had a lovely buzz about it. Really great night out - defo coming back to this and bravo to the DJ's and the guy who put the night on, simply amazing night out - all for dirt cheap.

Cheers guys - just be a bit quicker on the bar and you've nailed it.

17 Sep 2010 21:42

The Lincoln Lounge, Kings Cross

Oh my... What has happened to this lovely bar. Where is Steve lee on my Friday night? Where is the good music? Where is everything it once was? Christ - what a rubbish difference... and what rubbish service from so called manager - Total Irish rudeness!! I only asked for a chair?!! Thank god the lovely young lady is still there.... But that's it.

It's become a hole for old drunk men and women. Most of which are the manager's friends - Ewwwwww!!!

I really miss the great music - I miss all the locals - I miss Steve just being there - He's always been there and his lovely friends from the dance place - IT JUST DOESN'T FEEL RIGHT ANYMORE!!!


I'm off to find where Steve is playing now... I sincerely hope it's in Kings Cross.

The Publishers

17 Sep 2010 21:35

The Mitre, Knaresborough

Hmmm... From the outside and close to the railway this pub looks inviting. However, upon entry the decor is bland, fake modern with no real life. Printed pieces of paper decorate every wall with their best offers of a prime night of music, food and fun... Not exactly inspiring. One chalk board would suffice.

Service - Well, after a nervous start from the bar staff after asking what they recommend - I finally was served a lovely pint of stout - Which tasted great, fresh and a lovely way to finish my day of travelling. The constant stares once I had taken my seat were a little un-welcoming. (I point out - that I was well dressed with no attitude and very polite at all times)

Food - Hmmm... Where do I start. I opted for a basic dish of sausages and mash - purely because I felt this was probably the safest option not knowing anything about this establishment. I was served in good time, the food was hot. However, the mash was maybe a day old if not longer... I've never had to slice/cut mash before. The gravy was welded to the onions and the sausages - which were meant to be the "Sausage of the Day: were unfortunately just bland economy sausages. So, the food was tasteless and very poor. I left 2/3's of my food.

All in all... This should be classed as a second class Harvester pub with good beer and average service. No thrills - No-Nothing to be honest - I left feeling quite empty. Well, actually I left and felt sorry for all the travelling diners who had just joined as I left.

So, go for the beer - not the service nor food.

17 Sep 2010 21:27

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