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The Albany, Thames Ditton

Popped in late this afternoon to check out location and menu for a future Sunday lunch. Refurb looks good, and bar staff were friendly. We sat outside for a while but as the wind was quite chilly, we went back inside to finish our drinks. After 3 minutes at a table the head waiter came up and asked us whether we were going to order food. We said we were not so he asked that I, my 7-month pregant wife and 3 1/2 year old son go back out in the cold to finish our drinks. Needless to say, would never ever go back there. The place was full of 'footballer's wives' and wannabe MILFs, so I guess it wasn't for us anyway.

1 Apr 2007 17:49

The Fairmile, Cobham

My brother went there last week, and said that the food was terrible, service bad and tables filthy. But he did say that they had the playground outside for kids.

2 Apr 2006 11:28

The Dog and Fox, Wimbledon Village

Was there last week, and was amazed at how chavvy the place was.

22 Dec 2005 22:56

The Brewery Tap, Wimbledon Village

Popped in recently for a pint with the wife. It was so loud in there that although she was sitting across the table, I couldn't hear a word she was saying. Hence, a fantastic place to take your wife for a pint.

26 Oct 2005 21:53

The Lamb and Flag, Oxford

For lager has San Miguel on tap. A pleasant change from the Oxford standard choice of Stella "Wife Beater" Artois and fizzy Fosters.

26 Oct 2005 21:37

The Angel and Greyhound, Oxford

Popped in the other lunchtime for a couple of pints and some food. Barman was very friendly and chatty. Food was fine.

26 Oct 2005 21:31

The Black Swan, Martyr's Green

Used to be a great pub. Popular with bikers. Went recently only to find that it's close to derelict. Heard a rumour that the owner was doing time at Her Majesty's. Twas a Sunday lunchtime and there was no food on offer apart from a Hund n Zweibel van in the car park. Garden was overgrown and in need of serious attention. A bit like the pub.

27 Sep 2005 00:25

The Hand In Hand, Wimbledon Common

For sure, the summer evenings at the Hand In Hand circa 1985 were legendary. Sadly, the pub has lost a lot of its charm since then. Now caters almost entirely for the middle class 40+ set and has extortionate prices to suit. Don't expect change from a tenner for a three person round! But when all's said and done, the pub still can't be beat for a fine summer's night on the green.

27 Sep 2005 00:19

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