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Comments by ssprozzy

The Earl of Spencer, Southfields

went with mr lunch for lunch on monday. Slow roasted lamb joint..yum

food as good as ever.

8 Nov 2006 13:56

The Masons Arms, Battersea

Agree with TEEPEE!

USED TO BE the best. Amazing south african chef, beautiful food and some classic 'one off's' such as leaf cutting ant, stir fried grubs, real pork scratchings, It made the place interesting but it is no more.

The staff are now pretty long faced

the 'open burgers' and 'open sandwiches' suck.
the prices have gone up and the decor is poor.

you can still get a fantastic meal out of the place if you choose well!

20 Sep 2006 21:03

Project Orange, Battersea

Loud and very orange

20 Sep 2006 20:53

One Two Six, Battersea

Nothing bad to say. Nothing memorable either.

20 Sep 2006 20:51

The Key, Clapham Junction

good after work bar.

20 Sep 2006 20:45

The Duke of Cambridge, Battersea

for some reason this pub has a reputation for good food. I would avoid it. If you want the best food , go to the Masons Arms down the road. Ok for a pint of youngs.

20 Sep 2006 20:44

The Duck, Battersea

the pizzas are amazing. It should be a pizzaria. NOT A PUB.

20 Sep 2006 20:41

B@1 (Be At One), Battersea

watch out for the candles! ended up setting my jumper on fire in here.....classic! pretty average for drinks, just a nice, non offensive small bar.

20 Sep 2006 20:39

Babel, Clapham Junction

This bar has no soul. No idea what they actually offer someone on a night out. i've been here in the day and evening, given it many chances but have to say 'never going back'

20 Sep 2006 20:30

The Northcote, Clapham Junction

Agree with Dr Will, I would rather sit on the curb with a can of strongbow.

20 Sep 2006 20:28

The Holy Drinker, Battersea

great bar, get there early to find a seat. love the bottled beers selection

20 Sep 2006 20:25

Duke Of York, St John's Wood

good for a quick lunch, not special.

20 Sep 2006 20:24

Iniquity, Battersea

fantastic drinks, very friendly staff, good vibes on the weekend and ok for chilling mid week. you have to try the santa maria! spent 12 hours in here drinking once. Not the best food but the best bar in northcote road.

20 Sep 2006 20:21

The Woodman, Battersea

Love it, Badger rules.
Although it has gotten me in a bit of bother with the staff.
Food is great - Dr Will had a bad meal but i have never been so unlucky.
Tucked away so you wouldn;t stumble upon it but if your in the know its a real delight.

31 Aug 2006 20:19

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