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The City Arms, Manchester

Popped in this lunchtime, had a Pride of Pendleton (excellent) and the two for £9 burger and chips luchtime special. Hot, tasty and delivered quickly. Attentive staff, good atmosphere. What more do you want?

31 Oct 2013 18:24

The Beaufort Arms, Stoke Gifford

Popped in on a Friday evening with my family on a visit to Brizzle.
Busy with locals, builders swapping stories, women out with their friends for a bite and a chat, local lads on a Friday night out. Staff friendly, as were the locals. Buttcombe bitter in fine fettle, and hot food, quickly served and reasonably priced.
A very good welcoming atmosphere, and a very pleasing find.

11 Jul 2012 12:17

The Harp, Covent Garden

Popped in yesterday at about 11:30. Made sure I was early, as I knew it would probably fill up, as it did.
Downstairs, is small, cosy, and decorated with drawings and paintings of film/stage actors. Has a great atmosphere, a far cry,thankfully, from corporate ye olde pubbe fakes. The Harp has a small upstairs room with some comfy looking armchairs, and tables, but I feel that you`d miss out on the atmosphere if you favoured a little more comfort.
Sadly, it was to be a fleeting visit, so I went for the Dark Star Hophead, which was delightful. Decided to take advantage of the sausage menu, I had Spicy Pork, whilst my son had Wild Boar ?! tucked into a toasted baguette , which were both hot, fresh and tasty. Luckily, we found a table at the back, and tucked in. Meanwhile, the pub filled up, with knowledgeable drinkers, and city types, and the bar staff swelled from one to four, all friendly and efficient. I would love to have spent all afternoon here, as I am sure that I would have made new friends, but I wouild have wound up staggering about Central London, and that just would n`t do.
Great beer, great atmosphere, friendly staff, tasty fresh food, why are n`t all pubs like this? A definate "must visit" when you`re next in the Smoke.

13 Apr 2012 11:37

The Prince of Wales, Birmingham

Just along from the NIA sits the Prince, a small traditional back street Victorian boozer and a rare gem. Visited on a Wednesday night, and it was busy with locals laughing and joking adding to a great atmosphere. Even as an "outsider" I felt at home.
Mad Goose was off, so I went for Tribute, which was good. There was Deuchars and Bombadier as well. One of the locals at the bar turned out to be the guv`nor, who I asume was Steve. He ribbed me about ordering an orange juice, until I explained that I`d already had a pint and was about to face a 70 mile drive, so nodded sagely.
Meals are off, pending a "re-evaluation" and the for sale sign is still on the side of the building so ? . However, the music nights are still going, open mic night on Thursday, and Jazz on Saturday.
I urge you to go when next in Brum. I wish it was my local.
All Hail the Prince.

27 Oct 2011 14:07

Horse & Groom, Clapham

Friday evening visit so the pub was busy, nevertheless, we were shown to a table and given the menu. The young lady who served us was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. The food was home-made and of good quality, and the Abbott Ale was in fine fettle. Nice atmosphere, attractive decor, friendly and attentive staff, reasonable priced menu.
This is a pub that takes time and trouble, and serves an honest menu, rather than overpriced flash nouveau cuisine, becoming increasingly rare. They are introducing breakfasts and on Wednesday nights they are hosting the Bedford Ukelele Club on a weekley basis. Would definately return, probably in the summer when we can take advantage of the lovely garden at the back.

24 Sep 2011 06:37

Swan, Woburn Sands

Monday evening visit in downtown dead Woburn Sands. This looks like an old traditional pub that has been modernised. The bar area was a bit cramped and there were nooks to hide away in. Odd modern hotel-like chrome and glass front door, and the pub decor and restaurant areas didn`t seem to belong to each other, turquoise and chocolate brown, and the reclaimed distressed wood of the seating reminded me of 70s pine. Looked like the money was spent on the restaurant and the remainder was done on the cheap. Adnams Southwold was on the menu.
Busy buzz about the place. Big carpark. Outside smoking area. Nice enough.

23 Sep 2011 12:19

The Black Horse, Woburn

Monday evening visit, friendly bar staff. Patrons around the bar all knew each other but left after a quick drink. Sampled the Olde Trip which was fine. Luton Town`s manager Gary Brabin was holding court with his scouse friends by the window.Small bar area, the remainder devoted to it`s restaurant which has a modern decor and was remarkably busy for a Monday evening. Would return.

23 Sep 2011 12:12

Needle and Awl, Rushden

Corporate retro pub well out of Rushden , so you`ll need a ride to get there. The name and decorations in the pub refer to Rushden`s illustrious boot and shoe making past. Popular with families for the mealdeals and the Wacky Shack/Charlie Chalks type place next door. Large floor area geared more towards dining rather than a drinking pub, hence it lacks any atmosphere. Beer ok but nothing special.

25 Aug 2011 12:06

The Green Dragon, Higham Ferrers

Good selection of ales, younger clientele, nice garden outside. Well regarded Beer Festivals. Live music (of varying competence).

25 Aug 2011 11:59

The Griffin, Higham Ferrers

Elderly and well heeled clientele. They would need to be for the prices!
Nice atmosphere, leather armchairs and roaring fire in the winter kind of place.

25 Aug 2011 11:56

The New Inn, Wymington

Nice pub. Doing curry nights, and Steak nights which are good value for money.
Have been going in here for years and have never had a bad pint of Abbott ever. Nice atmosphere, good food.

25 Aug 2011 11:53

Oakley Arms, Rushden

Now Pettifers pet shop. Good to see the building has been recycled tho`.

25 Aug 2011 11:51

Corner Flag, Rushden

Pub now a Weatherspoons "The Railway Tavern", harking back to when it was "The Railway" before it`s myriad of changes, Arbuckles, Corner Post, Lounge 1 et al. Place is always packed , but my pint of Abbott was suprisingly good, and inexpensive, so thumbs up there. A place you can take "the family" in. Quite keen on dress code, so you`d best scrub up nice.

25 Aug 2011 11:49

The Elephants Head, Camden

Popped in yesterday lunchtime, after recommendation from your good selves for a decent Camden High Street pub. London Pride was on , but went for the Courage Best, which was enjoyable. Friendly and attentive staff, had the chilli con carne which was good. Good atmosphere, proper London pub, and it was busy with a mixture of people , from a pair of punk lesbians to families and Spanish tourists. Camden itself was heaving,I dread to thing what it would be like on Sundays. Lots of "me-too " stalls selling the same t-shirts as you`d find in Covent Garden or Oxford Street . One or two independent shops, but there`s a creeping corporatisation trying to cash in the area`s "alternative" reputation. There`s a Starbucks next to All Saints for example. If you find yourselves yearning for a respite to all this , and need a pint, you ca n`t miss with the Elephants Head.

25 Aug 2011 11:31

The Malt Shovel, Northampton

Monday lunchtime visit, went for the Skinner`s Cornish Knocker. V.nice. The Malt Shovel Tavern has a great reputation for real ale and was the county`s CAMRA pub of the year in 2010.
The decor is as much restored to it`s original as possible, with lots of brew memorabilia, with Phipps NBC to the fore, given that the breweries were formerly over the road, BC (Before Carlsberg).The clientele were varied, a death metal singer at the bar, and mainly some ol` locals, some tucking in to the somewhat pricey fare. Nontheless, a nice atmosphere, and I got talking to some locals about Ratliffe Stout and whether it as ever sold on draught,(anyone know??) The staff were friendly, there was another eating area towards the back which lead to an ample patio area outside. The pub has regular gig nights, mainly blooz on a Wednesday night. They have a good range of guest ales, and currently support the Great Oakley Brewery by featuring them as regular ales. I shall return to sample them. The pub`s reputation is upheld. Go visit.

15 Aug 2011 14:21

, Digbeth

Forgot the rating......9.

17 Feb 2011 17:26

, Digbeth

What to do when daughter is at The Institute, have an evening to kill, and am 70 miles from home? Luckily this is Digbeth and is the home of The Anchor, a few hundred yards canter up Rea Street.
I feared that I might be disappointed, but struck lucky and found myself enjoying an evening in the sort of place our grandfathers took for granted.
George was on duty and served myself and another couple of locals in a relaxed and friendly manner. For a change, I went for Hobson`s Mild, but there was a dizzying array of real ales to choose from, and on another occasion , I shall be back to try them. The layout, with its snug, and back room added to it`s charm.
The pub became busier as the evening wore on and a barmaid arrived to assist George. The football was on the TV, and on a Big Screen out the back, but the clientele were not here for this specifically, and chatted with their companions and played pool, exploring new ales and using the shot glasses for a sample. More locals arrived, everyone except myself seemed to be about 5ft 5 (is this a Digbeth thing??) Another group arrived, a member of which was.....a woman, and seemed to be planning some sort of protest event for the weekend, they had to be told each other`s names. Need to know basis?
I love The Anchor, the only thing in the minus column was that they stopped serving food at 6, so I had to settle for crisps, but it`s a small thing. The place is a living example of social history.
Next time i`m in Brum, I shall certainly re-visit, preferably with friends, one of whom is a designated driver!

17 Feb 2011 17:25

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