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Comments by oojaksoo

The Hobbit, Southampton

by far my favorite pub in Southampton, great live acts, good beer, so much going on and Caribbean food in the beer garden what more could you ask for, staff are a good laugh, many weird drink concoctions the fellowship anybody? , like previous people have said not the cleanest and best looking place in the world but has plenty of character and will be back soon!

6 Jun 2011 13:22

Seymours, Southampton

Went here for the first time in a while the other week to watch champions league final, drinks not the cheapest in town unless you go on certain days, but nice pint and friendly staff, manager seems to be quite front of house which is nice to see.

6 Jun 2011 13:07

The Avondale House, Southampton

Good food, cheap drink, good place to watch sport, nice friendly atmosphere with the opportunity to beat your friends at fifa . Just generally a good place all round if your a student and will be visiting many more times!

6 Jun 2011 13:03

Yates, Southampton

Good enough place to have a few cheap drinks and food when passing by, beer isn't the greatest and attract a fair few of Southampton's finest :/ . I thought it would be a good place to watch sport seeing as it has many tv's located around but, putting on music straight after matches have finished and at half time tends to get quite annoying, for me good enough place to start the night but not to finish or to keep coming back to!.

6 Jun 2011 12:59

The Boot, Weymouth

Would never really go to a pub like this, but was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it, small pub with a very good atmosphere and great live acts, I am a lager drinker but had a try of the cheddar valley and never looked back, great pint and a perfect place to go to for a decent pint of ale if thats what you like!

6 Jun 2011 12:52

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